12 Best eCommerce & Shopify Quiz Makers (My Review) for 2024

Quizzes can be a really awesome acquisition strategy for Shopify and eCommerce stores. However, they can sometimes be a bit complex to build. Luckily, there are some affordable and really awesome quiz apps and software solutions out there, which I share in this reviews guide.

11 Best eCommerce & Shopify Inventory Management Software (My Review) for 2024

For any store, you need to establish a good operations system for managing your inventory. Years ago, software for inventory was terrible (clunky, etc.), but fortunately, new software solutions over the years have come out and are becoming much easier to use. I’m sharing some of the best I’ve used and have seen first-hand that you need to check out if you’re actively looking (or wanting to make a change).

10 Best Digital Downloads Apps for Shopify I like (2024)

For anyone considering running digital products on their store (awesome monetisation strategy, by the way, especially if you’re an influencer/creator or a store looking to unlock another revenue stream), then I’ve collated some of the top Shopify Digital download apps that I’ve personally researched and reviewed, and I share some of the key reasons/features of why you should explore them.

10 Best Social Login Shopify Apps I Like (2024)

To create a seamless experience for customers/visitors to create accounts (or log in) with your Shopify store, I’ve got some good options for you. I’ve curated some of the top social login app options that have great features to help you provide a great UX.

11 Best Shopify Affiliate Apps (Review) I Like (2024)

One of the more profitable marketing initiatives you can do with your Shopify store is having an affiliate program. Although setting up an initiative like this can take quite a bit of time (particularly if you’re fairly new to doing an affiliate program), however, luckily enough, there are some amazing app options on the market with years of helping brands scale their affiliates/ambassadors, which I have collated for you in this guide.

14 Best eCommerce & Shopify Retargeting Apps for Better ROI (2024)

It’s never been a more challenging in the current landscape to scale high ROI/ROAS ad accounts and ensure that with every dollar you’re putting in, you’re maximising your chances of receiving a return. These retargeting apps for eCommerce/Shopify merchants are good options to consider for more efficient advertising efforts to improve ROI/ROAS.

11 Best (Free & Paid) Direct Mail & Postcard Marketing Apps for Brands (2024)

Looking for the most cost-effective solutions as a brand to send direct mail and personalised postcards at scale? To help you out, I’ve curated the top providers that I’ve seen in action that look awesome, and that happen to be cost-effective, even for brands on a leaner budget.