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⭐ Plus, bonus marketing resources for SaaS startups ⚡
👋 Hi, I’m Dan! A passionate growth marketer from down under. 🇦🇺🦘

Welcome, and nice to meet you! It's great to see so many visitors on my site from around the world. 🌏

I love growth & I'm here to help you grow. It’s my mission to help share some of my knowledge in marketing, my thoughts on software and tools, inspiration, ideas, strategies, and more. All of this in the effort to help and inspire you with ideas for your ecommerce/D2C brand or startup. I hope you enjoy my site. 😊

My mission: Helping you become better Marketers 😍

🔥 The purpose of me building this website is ultimately to help you become better marketers. 🔥

One of the key frameworks I refer to in when it comes to building my marketing skillset is the T-Shaped model. I share what it means below.

Whether you're a marketer, startup founder, maker or don't even work in tech or marketing at all... I want to help you strive to become a better marketer.

Regardless of your experience level in marketing, I'm confident you will at the very least get one golden takeaway you can get from my content which you can apply to your business.

The goal of my content I will be producing will be to help you:

⚡ Become stronger in a skillset you want to improve in
⚡ Make better decisions around hiring
⚡ Become more confident in sharing & implementing new strategies to your manager or boss
⚡ Help gain customers for your side project or gaining traction for your startup
⚡ Have fun reading it

⚡ What is Growth Marketing? ⚡

For me personally, Growth marketing is all about having a constant internal burning desire & hungry mindset for all things growth and have the ability to execute fast through rigorous testing & optimisation across all touch points of the customer journey.

I touch on the importance of mindset especially as I believe this is what sets great marketers apart from average marketers. I've seen this in hiring marketers or working with them before.

On top of that, process around experimentation and good knowledge of product & data is key.

💡 What is a T-Shaped Marketer? 🤔

In its simplest definition, it's about broadening your skills across a number of marketing disciplines, whilst having deep knowledge and expertise in a handful of them.

It's nearly impossible to be an expert across all marketing skills & channels. If these people exist, you should hire them ASAP, as they are unicorns (sarcasm). 🦄😉

However, I find it's a useful framework I use to set myself benchmarks and identify gaps I want to improve in.

⚡Content I will be writing & sharing with you all 😍

One thing I love is writing awesome long-form resource articles. I like to call these my "content experiences". More guides launching soon.
Software reviews and tool guides
I've used lots of tools over my marketing career and I will be sharing the best tools across categories worth looking into, with detailed tips & tricks.
SaaS Growth Strategies
I've got a few years experience working on and with SaaS companies including having an app I co-founded acquired.I will be sharing key tactics of what works and doesn't from my experience & other top startups.
eCommerce Strategies
eCommerce is one of my favourite types of businesses to work on. From top of funnel to bottom of the funnel and advocacy and referral, I will be sharing various strategies and tactics to spur growth for your brand.
Inspiration library and examples
I will be auditing and sharing some of the top websites, landing pages, ads, and many more examples. Learn what makes them convert, and much more.
Analytics, Metrics & KPI's
I'm certainly a numbers person and there's a good chance if you're on this blog you are also. I will be sharing detailed how-to guides and content around analytics across all types of businesses.
Automation & Workflows
Who doesn't love automation? As marketers and founders there are always smarter & more efficient ways we can do tasks & mundane projects. More to come.
& lots
Of course, there are a lot more channels, topics & themes which I will be releasing over time.

⚡Who I'm trying to help 💻

💡 Startup founders & eCommerce Owners 😎

My goal is to help empower founders make better decisions for growth. I want to help founders and business owners develop their own strategies and unique ideas that get cut through for their business. I'll be sharing in-depth content appropriate from starting out to scaling up.

📈 Marketers who want to up their game 🤓

I'm here to also educate new and existing marketers who are are looking for new ways to improve specific channels, creative ideas, techniques & more to unlock better performance and growth. My aim is to provide takeaways and new learnings which can lead to results.

🌱 Those wanting to learn more about marketing 😍

Looking to build a business business or grow a side project? Or wanting to transition into a marketing role? Perhaps you're still at university and want to try get a marketing job? My guides on various channels and resources will help you be equipped with new ideas and techniques.

📖 ️Some marketing links to check out

Some of my most popular resources.

My Marketing

New content sent out every few weeks on the best across marketing for SaaS, D2C & B2B. Always jam-packed full of awesome resources.

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Guide to Outsourcing your Marketing

I created a huge resource guide on how to outsource your marketing efforts so you can build repeatable and scalable systems that helps you become more efficient.

Read the 5000+ word guide

👋 ️What I can offer & help with

I provide a numbers of services for growth marketing that may interest you. Ask me anything marketing related and more than happy to chat and provide guidance. 😊

Consulting & Advisory
I provide consulting & advisory services for a few companies across SaaS, & eCommerce.
I don't usually work with many clients since I'm in current engagements but always up for exploring ways of working together with advisory.
Read more into my philosophy of being a good consultant & my services.
Love to find out more
Growth Audit
A service I often do with companies I work with is perform in-depth audits.
I've had lots of exposure working with SaaS companies (including my own) and have developed robust growth strategies and execution/roll-out plans based on audit findings.
It's one of the more enjoyable services I offer.
I'm looking for an audit
Say hi & get to know me 👋
I share more about my past experiences, goals and things I like personally.
You can contact me about anything marketing related. I am busy but always do my best to get back to questions whenever I get the chance.
I'm excited for you to learn with me and join the journey with this content resource. Let's help each other grow.
Would like to say hi to Dan