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Interested in an audit for your SaaS business? I provide SaaS Marketing Audits for a range of startup companies.

What is a Growth Marketing Audit?

A Growth Marketing Audit is essentially a deep dive, or as I often say "a look under the hood", across your marketing channels and initiatives to look for performance and optimisation opportunities.

👉 How can you improve your CAC for channel X?
👉 We struggle to get more active customers from Channel X - how can we increase %?
👉 Our content isn't converting into more leads or demo bookings - what can we do to improve?

These above examples are just .1% of what we can look into detail and uncover for your business.

Data is often the primary driver of audits. Although it's not just focused on analytics. Audits can include existing processes such as automation flows, your growth strategy both short and long term, your framework for running experiments, dashboards, personas & more.

What underpins a strategy and makes an audit effective is understanding your customer journey in detail and your entire funnel.

⭐ Awareness
⭐ Interest
⭐ Conversion/Acquisition
⭐ Retention
⭐ Referral/Advocacy

Below I share my more into my key services for audits I've done and do for currently working with SaaS businesses.

Main Channels for SaaS I do Audits in

💬 When it comes to Audits, these are the primary areas I focus on. With any business, some areas require more in-depth attention than others.

📈 Growth Strategy
👉 Audits don't always have to be channel-specific. Many times I have provided audits and oversight to existing strategy documents of startups.
👉 The meaning of strategy and what strategy "looks like" varies depending on the leadership of the organisation. My role is to help provide clarity and accountability.
👉 Usually the result of a strategy audit involves working on refining existing short and longer term strategies, or developing one with a clean slate.
📝 Competitor & business analysis
👉 Typically alongside growth strategy audits, I do in-depth research into competitors and general business sector analysis.
👉 I use a combination of a detailed SWOT analysis, strategic group analysis, journey mapping, key channel analysis and more.
👉 To be transparent, I'm not a business analysis guru. I do analyses based off a marketer's perspective. If you want something super detailed, it's best to engage with business strategist.
🔢 Analytics
👉 I love numbers and analytics. Everything should be an assumption unless backed up with data. Not just data, but good data which is well setup in the first place.
👉 An analytics audit with me ranges from product analytics to marketing analytics. So in SaaS terms, from using tools such as Amplitude for product analytics to Google Analytics for marketing.
👉 These audits coincide with a lot of the audits I do below. Many of them can become super detailed and can uncover a lot of golden insights.
💰 PPC & Paid Ads Audit
👉 This is one of my most popular audits I often engage in. I've certainly seen plenty of interesting Google Ads & Facebook Ads accounts in my time.
👉 By no means am I the best Google Ads & Facebook Ads marketer in the world, but typically lots of accounts are missing a lot of the foundational work and usually don't have any strategy to them.
👉 With all paid channels I do a deep dive into the analytics, setup, creative, landing pages & strategic account optimisations.
🌱 SEO & Content Marketing
👉 I'm not a technical SEO expert but I am technical enough to know key insights and use powerful tools to highlight insights.
👉 My key strength is developing a strong content marketing strategy that aligns with a good SEO foundation.
👉 If you're looking for someone to crawl lots of pages and do a detailed backlink analysis, lots of redirects, etc. I'm not your guy (and got plenty of people I can point into the right direction). For content marketing, such as building content hubs, I'm your guy.
🔥 UX & CRO
👉 Developing awesome experiences with a CRO mindset is one of the hardest things to achieve. Designing beautiful and simple experiences is not easy.
👉 I do a deep dive into your analytics such as user flow pathways, exit pages, events, what pages drive the most value & more.
👉 Everyone now has access to website builders such as Webflow, Wordpress, Squarepace. Many websites are starting to look the same fancy design but do lack good UX and CRO. We will work together looking at other competitors in the space and how we can create better experiences.
📩 Emails & Funnels
👉 I'm sure you know what lead generation funnels are. They can range from two-step to multi-funnels which can involve lots of steps, ads, integrations & automation such as email marketing.
👉 I will help you review and improve your lead generation and nurturing funnels.
👉 We will do a deep review of your existing CRM, lead scoring (if you have this setup), segmentations, automation events & much more. I love this stuff. :)
😍 Activation & Retention
👉 Improving your activation and retention rates in SaaS will determine your success against other options similar to yours in the marketplace.
👉 I've found many SaaS startups overlook the importance of activation in particular. They know it's important, but often gets pushed back. There's things we can do outside of product.
👉 Together we will do a detailed review of existing strategies and work on ideation and plans for implementing experiements.
⚡ Other channels
👉 There are lots of other aspects to SaaS which I haven't mentioned here, but these are the main audits I do.
👉 I am happy to explore audits for:

- Brand messaging
- Campaigns with other paid channels
- Automation workflows
- Campaign project management

If there's anything I haven't mentioned, just feel free to get in touch and ask. I'm always up for a challenge. :)

When does it make sense to get an audit?

It's a good question which I have been asked many times before.

My answer is essentially anytime you think you're experiencing bottlenecks channels, underperforming metrics or perhaps struggling to scale campaigns.

Every company can improve their marketing, we all know that. It's typically when it's a build up of frustration with results or a variety of psychological triggers causing you to feel performance could be better.

You can do audits when you're in the idea stage of your business, trying to find product-market fit or when you're in the scale stage of your business.

Then audits can be focused on top acquisition channels to then all the way to the bottom and referral.

What should I expect from an audit? Is it worth the investment?

Another good question I do get asked. Usually audits are in the form of detailed report and/or presentations.

They should include lots of screenshots, data, recommendations and examples of what's happening and how it can be improved.

From an investment point of view, it really depends on what's being audited.

I've worked on audits ranging from a couple of thousand to the tens of thousands of dollars. They can get quite expensive due to the load of time required. It also depends on the level of complexity, data and size of business.

What I can say though (without being bias) is that audits are worth the investment. The opportunity cost of not doing audits could cost you key milestones being missed.

Why can't I just use my own marketing team or employee?

I mean of course you can do this, but do they have time? How can you avoid any bias?

Firstly, doing good audits takes a lot of time. If you've ever done them before, you know what I'm talking about. So, there's a big opportunity cost around what your team could be working on rather than looking back over periods.

Secondly and more importantly, it's much more effective to get an audit from outside of your team. Someone who is experienced and can provide a non-bias approach and recommendations for what you can improve is a better use of your budget.

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FAQ’s on how Audits work with me

How much is it to do an Audit with you?

I'm reasonably affordable. I've mentioned this above but really depends on the complexity and size of the business. Either way, I make sure there's a reasonable cost investment that is justified. I do pride myself on delivering awesome value.

What size are the businesses you have done audits for?

I've worked on businesses with a team of 5 people to then larger corporate clients. I personally like to work with smaller startups to scale ups. I like working with larger organisations, but typically I do need to bring in reinforcements as required depending on the length and complexity of the audit.

Do you focus on just a few channels rather than everything?

Of course it comes down to what you need audited after we chat. I mention above all the channels I can focus on and do focus on currently. For areas I don't know, there's always someone I can recommend or include in on the project with me.

Can you help implement some of your findings from the audit?

Yes I can. Most of the time I stay with the client to see recommendations implemented. Usually after an audit as I stay on to help formulate the strategy or assist internal teams.