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Interested in working with me? Below I share some of my process, what I believe makes a good consultant, skilled areas & more info. 😊

How I consult & advise with Companies

When it comes to consulting & advisory work, this is what you get with me:

Flexibility (within reason) - I believe great consultants need to have good understanding of flexibility and the ability to adapt fast. Things change fast and every business is different - culture, people, processes/workflows... you name it. I pride myself on being flexible and adapt to situations when engaging with companies.

Communication - This is key. I've had broken down relationships with companies I worked for and worked with, purely due to poor communication. It can easily be avoided with good processes in place. There's no excuse in this current climate not to communicate ;).

Mindset - A big part of growth marketing is having being open minded. I've worked with personnel who have had closed mindsets, not open to trying things or just stubborn in their own way. I can tell you it never works well. I learnt this early in my career when I managed employees and dealt with partner companies. Working with those who have an open mind and have a desire to experimentation and learning always win in the end I've found.

Transparency - I pride myself on transparency. No one gets anywhere with not being open upfront about a challenge or situation. As a growth marketer, I do have a strong skillset in a lot of areas but naturally I'm weaker in others (e.g. data science or deep analytics). I always play this to my strength as I let the client know. Where my strengths comes in is the ability to learn and come up with a solution to the situation. If I can't learn fast enough, I have the strong ability to find the right person to help execute. Great marketers never run from difficult problems, they just need to be smart on who executes.

Immerse myself - I'm careful with the certain clients I bring on. If I feel I'm about to go over capacity, I usually have to let the opportunity go. When you work with me, you've got me focused on helping your business. For transparency, I usually work with around 3-4 clients at a time. Each of them have various hourly commitments I provide per month. Some are small whilst others require more time.

Prioritisation - One of the biggest challenges with marketing and working with a business hungry for growth is around what to prioritise. The list is endless in terms of initiatives you could be working on. This is the same challenge for companies I work for or even working on personal projects. I face it all the time. That's why when working with me, we will have a framework for understanding how we prioritise experiments, campaigns, projects and more. This helps alleviate anxiety and becoming focused on strong execution.

Everything is measurable - Whilst not all initiatives need to be (or should be) ROI focused, there's still requirement around the discipline of time and resources allocated to a task, campaign or initiative. Whilst for example paid ads we can set up hypothesis and KPI's, we can do similar for output focused tasks which are harder to measure. I will show you if we work together.

Moving fast & learning - Not all campaigns, experiments or tasks work out with an ideal outcome. Welcome to the world of growth marketing (or as I often say, welcome to my life 😂😂). It's important to move fast but with care and calculated decisions. Pondering or trying to 'perfect' doesn't cut it most of the time unless you are a major corporate brand. it's okay to fail, we learn better for next time.

Become obsolete - I believe great consultants become obsolete in certain or even most areas you engage with them. You're probably thinking, "Why do you mention this Dan?". Well, the goal is to really help the business hit key milestones, build processes and workflows and then hire the right people. If you're growing and hitting your goals, you're going to want to hire someone in the team to focus and perform specific roles, right? It makes complete sense and that to me is the goal. We want to scale and grow. This is when in some areas I can become obsolete. That's totally cool! However, for any business that grows and has dreams, naturally more problems come up where I can help.

No "Standard" packages - Similar to what I mention above, my goal is to keep clients on and build a long term relationship, but not a service or relationship with just the same monthly retainer like all other agencies do. Firstly, I'm not an agency and I also don't think this model works or even fair sometimes. Agencies are great, don't get me wrong, but they're not perfect for every business. I focus on value and derive the amount within a retainer on what's actually required that will provide value.

I've got great contacts - If I'm stretched with projects or deadlines, I know lots of great marketers who specialise in their certain channels. In fact for a lot of project work, I do bring on someone or multiple other marketers to join me. It really just comes down to the time required and key metrics to hit.

Let's have fun & Education - I take my job seriously but I also make sure to have fun with clients I work with. Obviously building rapport on a personal level helps build trust between the business and myself fast. Something I also enjoy is that I love educating people with marketing. It's who I am naturally.

If you've got any questions about the above let me know. 😀

My process for doing consulting & advisory

💬 Below is my typical process for engaging with clients. I'm not strict on following this process below as every business is different. In addition, the process changes depending on whether I'm actively consulting or in an advisory position for the business.

Intro Call
A lot of new business I engage with does come from referrals. For those that enquire, I always organise a call to understand more about the business as a whole, goals for the future and current resources & strategy.
Research & Determine "Fit"
Post intro call, I do a good research analysis to determine whether or not I can help the business reach the desired goals. Some industries I have great confidence in and some others I need to determine if it's a good fir for me and the business.
Notify business & do In-depth Audit
After researching and determining the criteria for me to be confident I can provide a lot of value, I then move into auditing the business by doing in-depth competitor/business analysis, as well as existing strategy and marketing channel audits (e.g. Facebook Ads Audit, etc).
Present Findings & Strategies
Audits typically take 1-2 weeks on average (depends on size of business). I develop a presentation report which I then go through with the business. This session is to present gaps and opportunities, as well as gain feedback and further context on past & current initiatives.
Develop Growth Marketing Strategy
The next steps after the call sharing my findings & report & assuming the client is excited to work further together, I then move into developing the overall growth marketing strategy. This on average is a 4 week process. It's time consuming as a lot of work goes into it.
Present Strategy & Gain feedback
After the period of time developing the strategy, I then present with the business. Usually, I have already started engaging with the team on channel specific initiatives whilst I have been developing the strategy. This is an open and collaborative session to gain feedback and determine what should be as focus initiatives both short and longer term.
Develop roll-out plan with Goals & KPI's
Everyone is excited and pumped after the strategy meeting, now it's now about prioritising the key initiatives in the coming weeks/months and then longer term strategies. I have my own form of ICE (a framework for ideas/tactics) which I then score with members of the business. Then, I share in a formalised document with a metrics & KPI's spreadsheet.
Managed agreed services/channels for execution
Whilst official engagement has begun, what channels and services I manage really depends on the situation of the business and existing resources. Some channels I solely manage or others I will assist the existing individual.

Channels & Services I offer

💬 As stated above in my process, no Startup or eCommerce businesses are the same.

I look at growth holistically. Naturally with any business, I will be exploring solutions & working together with you to gather more information about how we can optimise and improve across all these channels and areas in marketing.

These are some of my strengths below. 👇

I find a lot of the time that many companies don't have a good understanding of marketing strategy or simply have pockets with key foundations. You can't build a growth machine without a solid foundation.
One of the major offerings is building a growth marketing strategy for your business.
A strategy can be built for both short and long term. My usual approach is that I build strategies that are shorter term (3-6 months) as you need to be fluid with changes.
I believe one of the key drivers to growth are amazing processes and workflows.
The beautiful thing about technology now in 2021 is the option and array of tools to build automation.
I can help you build key automations across email marketing, social media, data analytics, integrations & more. I'm well skilled with Zapier and Automate.io.
Facebook Ads is one of my strong skillsets. I've been doing Facebook Ads for about 5+ years now and have had some great results for both SaaS startups, eCommerce and Lead Generation.
As I'm sure you know, the world of Facebook Ads moves fast. I can do everything from building campaigns, ads, copywriting & more.
One of the key services I help with is building a robust creative strategy. Doing ads well on this platform is all about the creative & copy.
I really like Google Ads and they can be awesome if you know how to structure them for success based on the funnel journey.
Similar to Facebook Ads, I've been working with numerous clients across a variety of industries in building and scaling accounts for optimal results.
Effective Google Ads comes down to a good strategy. Developing a machine that you can nurture leads across the full customer journey can seriously help with scaling. We can do ads whether it be Search, Banner Ads, YouTube or other placements.
There's no point in scaling advertising efforts if you have a poor UX or poor conversion rate.
No more than ever with more competition across all industries, you need to have an amazing user experience for your visitors.
However, UX or CRO is simply not just putting up some pop-up banners. It's an art form. We will work together on a strong rollout plan on UX & CRO priorities to optimise and increase our chances of more conversions.
Content UX is all about creating experiences that people love reading and consuming. In many ways, it's what I'm doing with this site.
Producing great quality content is a minimum but now it's about optimising for CRO, engagement and share ability.
It's now about how you can stand out. How can we improve engagement for your blog? How can we create better structures? How can we create content that people is memorable, people return back to and are actually excited and proud to share it? You will see what I do with this site. :)
Great copywriting is the lifeblood of any successful marketing campaign. Great copywriting really does perform well from an ROI perspective.
Copywriting isn't simply just for ads, it's required across your website, landing pages, emails... all channels in fact.
How you communicate with the customer on a human level whilst keep language simple and effective is the objective. I'm here to help you achieve this.
Email marketing is one of your most profitable channels. If it's underperforming, then it really needs to be fixed as you're missing out on easy revenue.
Where I see a lot of business fail comes down to email automation through good segmentation. It's all about personalisation and it's true across B2B & B2C.
We can work together on email customer journey mapping, email copy, design & more to ensure we derive as much as we can with every single email.
Understanding your analytics and metrics ultimately helps you setup realistic and achievable goals and KPI's.
Too many times I've worked with startups and eCommerce businesses who don't have foundational knowledge of key metrics to measure success.
Understanding revenue and some metrics of your bottom line is one thing, but there are many other metrics by channel which are crucial to know to make better data-informed decisions.
I don't believe in obsessing what your competitors are doing, but it's important to keep an eye on them.
We can track many things such as pricing, SEO (backlinks, organic, etc), Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Social Media & more.
Whether you're in B2B, SaaS or eCommerce, we will setup automated reports and use a variety of tools to keep an eye on key movements.
One of the key areas I often see with many companies in general is a lack of understanding, activity and strategy when it comes to community and advocacy.
A key example is remarketing for nurturing & promoting content to existing customers effectively to ignite referrals.
Community can build a serious "moat" for many businesses. You just need to look at some of the top Silicon Valley startups to see why.
Another opportunity missed by a lot of businesses is the ability to distrubute content organically in various forms.
Distribution isn't solely just sharing content on your existing channels, but can mean turning some of your content in PDF's, eBooks, LinkedIn post, etc.
All content when it comes to distribution should be original, but the ideas of content should come from an amazing piece of content you have already produced.
Great marketers in my opinion know when they can be confident in producing targets through specific channels and knowing when to outsource.
I've helped a lot of startups and eCommerce businesses in particular with hiring specialists in certain areas.
In many cases, I've often acted as a "CMO" where I bring in the right talent together. This is often with smaller companies looking to expand. With larger organisations, I work with existing resources.
I get energy when I share creatives tactics and strategies that get cut through.
When working with me, we will always have time and continually build out a big list of ideas across specific channels to achieve growth in certain areas.
I have a framework which we will follow to help generate ideas and prioritise them based on resources and roll out of execution. It's a lot of fun and make sure all personnel across teams get involved. It's not always just marketers. :)
What I have mentioned are just some of the areas I focus on. Although there are others.
If there's something you can't see here that you need help in, get in touch anyway as there's a good chance I know someone who may be able to.
Any questions with any of the services, just get in touch with me below and happy to answer them.
Want to work together?
Contact me 😊

Some things I get asked often

How many years experience in growth marketing do you have?

I've got over 7 years experience in some sort of marketing role. Started out marketing as part of a startup which I founded alongside my business partners and was responsible for all things marketing & growth. I then became a growth marketer through consulting with a few companies across a variety of industries a few years back.

What does a monthly engagement or retainer look like?

I don't do standardised monthly retainers for long periods of time which many agencies do. I mention this above when I chat about what you get with me as a consultant. The price really comes down to what's required and customised to your needs. All I can say is that I'm more affordable than agencies and many other consultants.

Do you specialise with any particular industry?

I am stronger in some industries compared to others. I've done lots of work in health and education, whilst also previously managed businesses across D2C, travel, hospitality, finance, accounting & more.

I prefer to work with B2B SaaS brands & eCommerce.

Are there any contracts?

There are no lock-in contracts when working with me. I do, however, have a terms of agreement.

Do you have serve any clients outside of Australia?

Yes I certainly do. Most of my clients are Australian but I do accept overseas companies. A big factor is timezones so we just find a way to make it work where it's fair around communication.

What sort of advisory capacity do you provide?

It really varies depending on the objectives and resources of the company.

A typical advisory engagement means a 60-min call once per week for a flat montly fee. I then help out with minimal tasks if required and within reason.

The main difference between consulting and advisory with me is that consulting I'm a bit more hands on where as advisory I play a more strategic advisory role.

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