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12 Best eCommerce & Shopify Quiz Makers (My Review) That Drives Conversions for 2024

Quizzes can be a really awesome acquisition strategy for Shopify and eCommerce stores. However, they can sometimes be a bit complex to build. Luckily, there are some affordable and really awesome quiz apps and software solutions out there, which I share in this reviews guide.
May 13, 2023
Dan Siepen
January 2, 2024
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Author: Dan Siepen (Founder & Editor)
I've been a Growth Marketer for 8+ years (eCommerce/DTC 6+ years), and love developing strategies and executing channels for eCommerce/Shopify brands. I've used hundreds (and hundreds) of software tools to help execute on key strategies for eCommerce growth, and I'm here to help highlight which tools, software and apps can help you scale your store.
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We all know what a quiz is, and good chance you’ve seen them used by other brands. 

Having worked with a few eCommerce brands over the years, I can personally advocate that quizzes are really great for stores for three primary key reasons and benefits: 

  • Email/data collection from visitors to nurture them into customers
  • Personalisation (particularly via email automation) and;
  • Good first-touch acquisition experience via paid ads (has resulted in some low-CAC campaigns).

Personally, I’ve found it a great strategy for remarketing campaigns and top of funnel, whereby providing an easy-way to highlight value and education upfront in exchange for an email (and any other details you want to collect). 

What are some of the best quiz experiences I’ve seen (which brands have used for years as part of their acquisition strategy)?

There are many brands who use quizzes for acquisition - in fact, I put this mega guide together on the best eCommerce quiz examples, which many of the stores utilising the below apps.

Okay, so now you may have seen the top examples in the above guide or seen others around when researching (or have used personally yourself as a customer), what types of apps are they using? 

Well, I’m going to be showing you the top options in this guide I really like. However, before you do, make sure to look out for these specific features.

What are the key quiz maker features you need to look out for?

If you’ve seen any of my other software review guides, I like to include a bit of a small checklist to use as a baseline for research when going through each software option. 

I took into account all the below factors when going through them. Here are some of those factors I looked out for when exploring these options (which will hopefully be helpful for you): 

  • What does the UI design look like? Can you easily add your own branding?
  • What integrations are available for customer data? For example, is there an integration with Klaviyo (where all your leads can sync into an automated email sequence)? If not, is Zapier an option to feed through customer data?
  • Is the platform more suited for beginners or advanced marketers? Can you setup advanced logic and automations?
  • Can you create custom quizzes based on a visitors/customers’ answers? If so, what does that UI design experience look like?
  • What analytics and A/B split-testing capabilities does it have?
  • Is the tool ‘AI-powered?’ - If so, what does this actually mean? (Many claim to be AI-powered, but it’s more of a marketing gimmick). 

By no means is this a full criteria list, and good chance you’ll have further specific requirements you’re looking for. However, hopefully the above criteria checklist will help you. :) 

Time for you to explore the top quiz apps I recommend. Enjoy!

1. Quizell

Quizell provides businesses of all niches with user-friendly product recommendation quizzes for their websites to help customers pick the right product of their choice for increased sales and engagement. 

(All image Credits: Quizell)

Why I like it & pros

  • Quizell allows you to use its professionally-built, ready-to-use templates, which helps you spin up a quiz fast. Or, you can also create your templates from scratch using the user-intuitive design tools. 
  • It lets you match questions to your recommended products in real time without needing any coding to ensure you lead the customers to the right product for better conversions. 
  • As soon as you launch a quiz on your site, you can start tracking useful metrics from the dashboard and learn about your customers’ preferences and choices through their answers to boost engagement and conversion rates. 
  • What I really like about this quiz builder is that you can create product recommendation quizzes in any language to reach your international audience most effectively and generate more sales. 
  • While avoiding the one-size-fits-all approach, every quiz provides customers with several different outcomes that match their preferences and needs, so they have multiple relevant options to choose from. 

Top customers that use Quizell 

  • Motorcycle Riders Hub
  • Marketing Launch
  • Deux par Deux
  • Elth
  • MBK Remodel

Integrations they offer

  • Klaviyo
  • Omnisend
  • Shopify
  • Stripe
  • Zapier
  • BigCommerce


Yep there's an awesome free plan that you can test out first or you can take advantage of the three paid plans. Lite, plus, and pro plans come with a price tag of $13, $43, and $175 per month, respectively. 

2. Octane AI

Octane AI is a zero-party data marketing software for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants. It’s designed around customer insights, so you can create engaging experiences and personalise the shopping journey for increased revenue.  

(All image Credits: Octane AI)

Why I like it & pros

  • Octane AI has an incredible customer service team of experts and professionals who can answer your queries or help you via chat, email, text, and even Zoom. 
  • This platform allows you to collect customer insights by asking them relevant questions, so you can know what they are worried about and learn better about them and their preferences.
  • Its valuable dashboard gives you insights into valuable metrics like completion rate, conversion rate, and revenue to understand your marketing strategies better and improve them. 
  • Using customer data and AI, you can recommend the most relevant products to your customers, showcase them relevant content and reviews, and even answer questions that may be hindering them from converting. 
  • You can send customised emails to each of your customers and target personalised campaigns and flows to boost your profit margins. 
  • The drag-and-drop editor makes it a breeze for you to create quizzes of your choice without any coding, and you can even take advantage of the custom CSS for full control over designs. 

Top customers that use Octane AI

  • Glamnetic
  • Magic Spoon
  • Jones Road
  • Caraway
  • Cake

Integrations they offer

  • Shopify
  • Klaviyo
  • Google Analytics
  • Zapier
  • Alloy


There are two main options as paid plans, namely, octane and octane plus. You have to pay based on your annual revenue in USD. The more your store revenue, the more you have to pay.

For stores earning less than $1 million in annual revenue, octane, and octane plus costs $50 and $200 per month, respectively. You can leverage a 14-day free trial period. 

3. Quiz Kit 

Quiz Kit allows businesses in different industries like health/beauty, fashion, and food/beverage to launch a zero-party dataset in a matter of minutes with free templates and provide a unique and compelling shopping experience to every customer.

(All image Credits: Quiz Kit)

Why I like it & pros

  • Quiz Kit uses advanced logic to help you easily setup certain flows and give users a custom experience in terms of their answers/results they see (which in turn will hopefully improve conversion rates). For instance, provide recommendations based on a specific answer, recommend products on each answer, etc.
  • This platform lets you personalise your results template however you like, so you can bring your ideas to life and convert more site visitors into paying customers. 
  • The platform has really awesome A/B split-testing capabilities, where you can compare and test your quiz designs to find out which generates the most sales and profits while saving you time and money. 
  • You can directly email your customers their specific results. In addition, having access to super insightful analytics and reports help you tailor your strategies accordingly. 

Top customers that use QuizKit

  • Versed
  • Ouai
  • Hero
  • Bulletproof
  • Bobbie

Integrations they offer

  • Recharge
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Analytics
  • Klaviyo
  • Mailchimp 


Quiz Kit offers four different paid plans – starter at $19/month, basic at $59/month, middle at $129/month, and advanced at $249/month. 

If you require a custom quiz build, you can avail yourself of the enterprise custom plan.

4. Quizify 

Quizify is engineered with AI that lets you build amazing gamified quizzes in just a few minutes to engage your audience and improve your website SEO with well-optimised quizzes.

(All image Credits: Quizify)

Why I like it & pros

  • Quizify provides you with a variety of templates that you can build and teak according to your preferences and goals, and they are suitable for teachers, families, lead generation, businesses, creators, students, and more.  
  • You can take advantage of its AI quiz generator, QuizGPT, to create engaging gamified quizzes quickly and include media like animations, images, videos, and audio. 
  • This quiz builder allows you to integrate personalised quizzes into your website or app with the help of SDK, API, or plugin. You can also generate unique personalised links and even send invitation emails to share quizzes with others. 
  • Furthermore, you can generate shareable reports as well as send data to your most-used tools for comprehensive analysis.   

Top customers that use Quizify

  • Adobe
  • Examedi
  • Cleverit
  • Accenture
  • TiendaDA


Along with a 100% free plan, you can opt for three paid plans. The quiz GPT plan is priced at $29 per month, landing page at $39 per month, and quiz GPT + landing page at $59 per month. 

5. Prehook

Prehook makes it easier for businesses to create interactive quizzes and amazing experiences for their customers in order to generate more leads, personalise the shopping experience, and escalate profit margins. 

(All image Credits: Prehook)

Why I like it & pros

  • Prehook allows you to discover what your customers are looking for to facilitate you in getting the right recommendation, message, and offer through your quizzes and boost conversions.
  • Prehook gives you access to all the valuable customer insights, and you can send them to your CRM to create customised segments and campaigns to grow your audience faster and convert more email leads. 
  • Its conditional logic and recall feature lets you create customised messages at scale and make your quizzes more interactive and conversational to humanise your brand and draw your customers closer.
  • You can build, integrate, and publish your quiz on your website without needing any coding to make sure you can quickly take advantage of it and expand your business. 

Top customers that use Prehook

  • The Spoiled Mama
  • 7Days Snacks
  • Bace Health
  • Vitafive
  • She's Birdie
  • Daria Day

Integrations they offer

  • Attentive 
  • Postscript
  • Klaviyo
  • Omnisend


There’s a pretty good 14-day trial to give it a test run. Then, then if you’re seeing the value, you can upgrade to - The basic plan costs $45 per month, standard costs $95 per month, and pro $195 per month.  

6. Digioh

Digioh is more than just a Shopify quiz app that helps you gather zero-party data and boost customer acquisition and revenue with personalised quizzes. You can take help from its team of developers, designers, and strategists to successfully launch quizzes. 

(All image Credits: Digioh)

Why I like it & pros

  • This app allows you to choose the result type you want to display for your quiz. You can either show one result, several recommendations, product bundles, or a numerical score. 
  • You can drive more sales by adding the add-to-cart buttons on the product recommendation results page and ensuring site visitors can add their recommended products with one click. 
  • This platform lets you catch your customers’ attention by showing them targeted pop-up teasers based on product category, onsite behaviour, device, cookie values, and more and increases quiz completion rates. 
  • In addition to targeting the audience on your Shopify site, you can also retarget quiz-takers off your website by passing quiz clicks to social media ad platforms as well as Google Ads on the basis of their answers.
  • Its quiz reporting tool makes it a breeze for you to discover trends in customer preferences, understand where users leave your quiz, and make data-informed decisions. 

Top customers that use Digioh 

  • Arizona
  • Bedgear
  • CNET
  • Haute Hijab
  • Jaxxon

Integrations they offer

  • WordPress
  • Google Analytics
  • Zapier
  • Klaviyo
  • Shopify


You can grow your Shopify store with its only plan that starts at $499 per month. For enterprise, gotta get in touch with the Digioh sales team.

7. Heyflow

Heyflow facilitates you in creating, designing, and integrating engaging flows without needing any code, so you can convert leads, signups, and traffic into profit margins and scale your business.  

(All image Credits: Heyflow)

Why I like it & pros

  • Heyflow makes it convenient for you to create flows quickly using the beautifully-designed templates, or you can create one from scratch with the user-friendly drag-and-drop blocks. 
  • This app gives you complete freedom as to how you design your forms. You can edit fonts, colours, and spacing and choose from more than 42,000 icons to personalise more effectively. 
  • Its forms are 100% optimised for mobile users and are completely responsive, and they work on every screen without you having to fret about complicated breaking points. 
  • You can quickly publish your flow and embed it on your site. As soon as you connect your apps and services, you will instantly see responses from your customers. 
  • Copy/paste your tracking ID into this software in order to start receiving valuable insights, so you can quickly optimise for conversions. 
  • This platform strictly complies with the regulations of the EU, and all its features are developed by keeping in mind the highest security standards.

Top customers that use Heyflow

  • McMakler
  • LVM Versicherung
  • UP42
  • BCG Digital Ventures

Integrations they offer

  • Asana
  • Slack
  • Zapier
  • Google Sheets
  • Pipedrive


Heyflow has four paid plans that come with a 14-day free trial. The basic plan is priced at $33/month, pro at $99/month, agency at $318/month, and business at $249/month. 

8. Jebbit 

Jebbit enables businesses to create stunning interactive experiences for their customers, from product recommendations, quizzes, surveys, and polls to trivia, that capture zero-party data through every channel and boost engagement. 

(All image Credits: Jebbit)

Why I like it & pros

  • Jebbit strictly adheres to the latest data security measures, including CCPA, to prevent any troubles down the road that can jeopardise your business. 
  • This tool lets you either access its library of over 50 ready-to-use professionally-designed templates or build engaging and fun quizzes, trivia quizzes, surveys, and personality quizzes without any coding.
  • Once your quizzes are ready to launch, you can launch them wherever you want, from your official website, mobile apps, packaging, and partner or retailer sites to any of your social media pages to leverage the benefits to their full potential.


  • You can get real-time insights through its analytics and reporting feature that allows you to better understand your customers’ behaviour and preferences and how you can optimise for more engagement and overall performance. 

Top customers that use Jebbit

  • Pepsico
  • Loreal
  • NFL
  • Unilever 
  • NARS

Integrations they offer

  • Hubspot
  • SAP
  • Salesforce
  • Klaviyo
  • Mailchimp
  • Shopify


Along with a 100% free plan, Jebbit gives you access to two paid plans – starter at $39/month and essentials at $199/month. Whereas the enterprise plan is a custom plan.  

9. Tolstoy

Tolstoy collects data and gives personalised recommendations with enticing and converting video quizzes, so you can stand out among other brands and instantly boost your sales revenue. 

(All image Credits: Tolstoy)

Why I like it & pros

  • Tolstoy uses conditional logic (if/then statements) that allows you to get into interactive conversations with your customers while they follow a route that takes them to the best and most relevant products. 
  • You can boost sales with a data-driven strategy by keeping an eye on the analytics that tells you about unique impressions, revenue, and average order value. You can also understand your customers better by collecting responses from them and getting immediate insights. 
  • This tool lets you give personalised recommendations and video demos to your customers, so they can quickly purchase without any doubts while you keep product returns to a minimum. 
  • The video quizzes are ideal for onsite and offsite to facilitate you in generating traffic from every possible source while engaging your customers through widgets, landing pages, emails, or SMS campaigns. 

Top customers that use Tolstoy

  • Tini Lux
  • Thirdlove 
  • Suckerz
  • Culture Kings
  • LSKD

Integrations they offer

  • Wix
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Outreach
  • LinkedIn


Tolstoy also offers a completely free plan and trial period. The two paid plans are pro and business, which are priced at $19 and $299 per month, respectively. Whereas the enterprise plan is a custom plan. 

10. Tangent 

Tangent is a zero-party data software that allows you to create custom experiences with the help of AI-powered quizzes, product recommendations, and personalised marketing campaigns to generate more sales. 

(All image Credits: Tangent)

Why I like it & pros

  • Tangent uses AI technology that captures over 50 data points with your customers’ selfies, which can be incredibly useful in the beauty and fashion industry, along with preference-based questions to help you understand their profile better.
  • Its API collects your customers’ responses, such as their likes and dislikes, and classifies them into different segments to create their personas, which can help you personalise newsletters and offers and boost brand loyalty. 
  • You can directly ask your customers questions and know their preferences through quizzes without compromising their experience and segment all the data collected into various categories to help you optimise your marketing campaigns. 
  • This platform complies with GDPR and CCPA for your peace of mind and only collects data in order to enhance your shoppers’ experience while valuing their privacy. 

Top customers that use Tangent

  • Olaplex
  • Nykaa
  • Gressa
  • Amazing Cosmetics
  • Neemli Naturals


You can leverage a 100% free plan offered by Tangent. It has four paid plans – starter, growth, advanced, and enterprise. It hasn’t disclosed the pricing upfront, so you will need to hit up the Tangent sales team. 

11. Perfect Product Finder 

Perfect Product Finder is a Shopify plugin that recommends products to your customers to quickly and easily find the right product of their choice without having to waste browsing through the store, as it's recommendations based on things they like.

(All image Credits: Perfect Product Finder)

Why I like it & pros

  • Perfect Product Finder lets you make intuitive flows in a breeze through the user-friendly Shopify dashboard with a drag-and-drop builder, and you don’t even need any coding to set up selling flows. 
  • Unlike other tools, you don’t need to buy a certain expensive plan to create an unlimited number of flows and questions to help your business succeed. 
  • The smart results page labels products to let customers know how closely they match their preferences, and they can also add products directly to the cart to ensure there’s no delay in conversion. 
  • This software comes with smart revenue insights and analytics that give you a crystal clear overview of your performance, so you can adapt your strategies accordingly. 
  • Its email capture feature enables you to gather zero-party data and understand your customers’ preferences and behaviour better, which you can add to every flow. 

Integrations they offer

  • Klaviyo
  • Mailchimp
  • Yotpo
  • Product Reviews


This app has a 100% free basic plan. The only growth paid plan costs $19.99 per month, and you can also try it out for free for 14 days.  

12. Easysize

Easysize is an AI-powered size recommendation tool that makes it easier for brands around to globe to help their customers find the right size and fit for clothing and shoes and improve user experience and satisfaction. 

(All image Credits: EasySize)

Why I like it & pros

  • Easysize asks shoppers simple questions rather than asking them to upload their picture or give body measurements to make it hassle-free for them to shop for the right size product and minimise returns.

  • This tool learns your customers’ size and always provides them with personalised and the right size and fit recommendations to minimise cart abandonment rates and boost sales. 
  • Unlike your official size charts, this software looks for the right size on the basis of returns, orders, and your customer’s preferences to enhance their shopping experience with you.
  • This easy-to-use tool provides you complete freedom over how you personalise the fit quiz to make sure it matches your branding and shop design as well as your preferences. 

Top customers that use EasySize

  • Ash & Erie
  • Labfresh
  • Saysky
  • La Machine
  • Lagatta
  • Filling Pieces

Integrations they offer

  • WooCommerce 
  • Magento 
  • Shopify 


Easysize offers three paid plans. The pricing for starter, pro, and premium plans starts from $600, $1800, and $4,000 per year, respectively. If you want to give it a test run first, you can opt into the 14 day trial for starter and pro plans.

⚡ Frequently Asked Questions ⚡

Which quiz Shopify apps do you recommend for beginners?

I personally recommend these three apps which I think provide a really good experience for beginners (and which are easy to use). They are - Quizkit, Quizell, and Prehook. All have great features and good UX.

Out of the quiz apps you’ve mentioned, which has the best features and that is good value for money?

I believe many of the quiz apps I’ve listed are really good with features, but if I had to choose based on which ones provide the best value for money from my experience, they would be - Octane AI (AI capabilities and awesome customisation settings), Quizkit (beautiful UI, A/B split-testing and analytics features), and Tolstoy (which has video capabilities - really cool). All of them do have similar baseline features, but as I’ve pointed out int he brackets, they have some really great USPs. I recommend testing and checking each of them out.

Do any of these tools have AI capabilities for custom quiz experiences?

Yes they certainly do, and now with the new wave of generative AI capabilities, a lot of these tools will start to bring out new features. The top AI-built quiz apps I’ve included in this guide which are awesome are Octane AI, Quizify and Easysize (great for fashion brands).

Do any of the quiz tools help you develop a custom cart based on a personas’ answers?

Yep which is awesome! Most of these Shopify quiz maker apps provide the ability to do custom carts based on someone’s answers. Although, it depends on how ‘custom’ you want to make your experience. Some of them do have APIs or technical documentation, in case you want to design a truly custom experience (will certainly need a developer). Having said that, most of these tools have a pretty good UI which doesn’t really require extra design customisation (although, that decision is up to you).

Which eCommerce quiz maker has the best free plan?

The Shopify quiz maker with an awesome free plan for early-testing of a quiz-based strategy for your store is ‘Perfect Product Finder’. Really easy sign up and installation process, and great UI (clean design).

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