Bit more about me & contact

Brief background on me 😍

Hi 👋 I'm Dan & I'm from Australia. 🇦🇺🦘

I first got into marketing as part of the founding team of a startup which turned into a successful company. Fresh and buzzing out of uni in my 20's, I went straight into the deep end in startup land. I learnt a lot about marketing. Everything across the funnel and customer journey.

Being part of a startup evolved my skillset quickly. I developed a lot of critical skills not just in marketing but becoming a skilled leader and person as a whole.

Hustle, patience, sacrifice, passion, drive, handling pressures, good habits & many others.

Fast forward to 2023, I've done a lot thus far.

⚡ I was part of building a successful $ multi-million startup.
⚡ Spent millions $$$ on running paid ads and funnels
⚡ I had a startup I co-founded acquired.
⚡ I built a community of growth hackers to become one of Australia's leading group of marketers.
⚡ I've been featured in top publications

I've got a lot in my career to still achieve.

My new goals now and into the future in marketing & startups are;

🏆 Build this growth marketing blog to be one of the best in the world
🏆 Consult and advise amazing companies on great missions
🏆 Become a stronger T-shaped marketer
🏆 Co-found a new startup and raise $$$
🏆 Build a social enterprise startup
🏆 Solve exciting problems with cool people

Although a lot of my life revolves around startups & marketing, I do love a lot of other things.

Here is favourite things I really love:

🌏 Travel is amazing! I've lucky enough to have travelled across the US & Europe but I've still got so much more to explore in these regions & the rest of the world! I hope to be a digital nomad in the future and explore more destinations.

🎶 I average around 2-3 hours per day on Spotify. Music helps me with so many aspects with life. I'm sure it does the same for you too. I listen to everything from soft house, pop, electronic, rock, R&B. Whatever sounds good.

💪 I like to exercise and go to the gym (although been failing miserably in this department lately). All comes down to setting realistic and achievable goals. I was really into athletics when I was young (competed at a high level) and used to be a fitness nut. Now I've been getting back with a new spur of motivation. I'll be sharing why and how it helps with my work.

📚 I consume articles in business and like I do drinking water... and I drink a lot of water haha. I also do like listening to quite a few audiobooks. Funnily enough I've never been a huge book reader. I'm just not one of those people who can read for days and days. I get distracted too easily. Actionable guides & digestible content is my thing.

Some extra things I love:

🍳 Cooking
⚽ Sports
🏞️ Nature walks & hiking
🎥 Movies
🏕️ Camping
🏖️ Beach

Some key milestones of my marketing journey

Got into University
Got into unveristy to start my bachelor’s degree in business in marketing & business law.
Joined a startup
I joined my first startup all the way back when I was 20 years old. It was the beginning of being involved in startups.
First job was founding a scaling startup
I turned 22 and had an exciting opportunity develop. I was part of the team that founded a top education school in technology. We scaled across top locations in Australia and taught 1000's of students.
Finished my degree
I finished my degree whilst also building my startup. It was intense but a lot of fun.
Ran fun marketing events
I started running marketing events in Sydney which attracted some of the best marketers from the US, here in Aus and others from around the world to speak at. I did it for a few years. :)
Got into Consulting & Advisory
I started consulting with a few companies with marketing. Worked with a large range of companies and industries. The start of a real passion I like.
Co-founded a new startup
Built a new startup with a close friend of mine. We founded a forecasting app in the accounting space. We later sold it in 2021. 😊
2020 - Today
Head of Growth, Advise , Consult+ Write
I now lead growth for a health focused startup whilst advising and consulting for some startups.

Many more exciting things to come. 😍

Say hi, happy to answer questions 😊

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