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24 Best Facebook Ads Automation Tools For Scaling in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Successfully scaling Facebook Ads that produce awesome ROAS/ROI performance is becoming more of a challenge than ever (compared to previous years). As the world of ad networks progresses (and constantly changes), as well as factors in the current paid media climate around more competition, rising costs (CPMs), and depletion of audience targeting options, performance/growth marketers and brands have to quickly adapt their workflows and processes to “feed” the ad machines to quickly test, optimise and scale performance. Luckily, new paid media automation and Facebook Ad AI platforms have now made it easier to target, split-test, automate, report data, attribute performance, and also produce more creatives (videos + imagery). So if you’re looking for a solution to help you manage and scale your Facebook Ads performance, you’re going to love researching and checking out these automation solutions.
January 28, 2023
Dan Siepen
January 2, 2024
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Author: Dan Siepen (Founder & Editor)
I've been a Growth Marketer for 8+ years (eCommerce/DTC 6+ years), and love developing strategies and executing channels for eCommerce/Shopify brands. I've used hundreds (and hundreds) of software tools to help execute on key strategies for eCommerce growth, and I'm here to help highlight which tools, software and apps can help you scale your store.
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As a performance growth marketer who’s done Facebook Ads for years, advertisers like me know how competitive and more expensive it’s becoming across pretty much every vertical and category that you can think of on the ads platform.

If you don’t do paid advertising day-to-day (i.e. not in the trenches), or you’re a founder/brand owner who’s reading this (or you’re a key decision-maker), you know (and hear of) the pain of ad performance fluctuations.

I can tell you right now that it’s tough and becoming more challenging to create predictable scalability with Facebook Ads. I say this primarily due to the reasons around competition and rising CPM costs. 

Having said that, like with any channel, if you don’t adapt to the fast-changing landscape of paid media, you will get left behind by other brands and marketers who learn and adapt fast. 

The good news is that you can improve performance with a ‘secret weapon’ that many advertisers are taking advantage of (which you can also take advantage of right now).

The secret weapon that I’m talking about here, which helps improve performance for scaling (and is something that many advertisers around the world use), is automation and AI tools for Facebook advertising campaigns.

So, why and how can Facebook automation tools which are AI-powered help with improving performance for scaling?

The reasons are pretty awesome, and you’ll see in a second how many of these platforms and tools can help your paid media strategy. 

  • Budget controls - AI can help with reducing and increasing budgets automatically based on criteria and performance KPIs you set. Managing this in real-time and setting up rules manually within the Facebook ads manager is a lot of work, so having a tool that helps create these action triggers in seconds saves a lot of time. 
  • Audience creation and segmentation - many of these platforms can help with automatic audience creation, which you normally have to do manually with the Facebook ad manager (which takes up a lot of time and effort).
  • Targeting - The great thing that many of these tools do is leveraging automation when it comes to targeting. Yes, many of these platforms can automatically target and manoeuvre around based on how ad sets are going across the whole funnel. 
  • Creative (video and images) - some of these platforms can help create Facebook Ads at scale through the power of AI creative. As creative plays such a big role in testing and scaling accounts, you’ll be able to create multiple variants really quickly and launch across your ad sets and campaigns. The cost of paying for a software solution is a fraction compared to paying for a graphic designer (especially if you’re on a tight budget). 
  • Tracking and Analytics - having to do manual reporting takes up a lot of time, especially when you want to highlight granular data to clients. Many of these paid media AI platforms can make reporting performance faster. You can also easily build customisable dashboards which clients can see in real-time (if you want to provide that option), or if you head up performance marketing for a startup, you can easily share internally with the team. Some even do Slack notifications as well with daily/weekly updates. 
  • Attribution - As many of us know in the advertising world, the new iOS 14 updates have certainly made things more tricky for effectively tracking ad data that is reliable. Some of these platforms have some awesome features around improving attribution reporting, which means more reliable pixel data, which then leads to better decisions around how to manage and drive campaigns for scale. 

For assessing which Facebook ad automation tool is best for your business as part of your ads stack, what are the key factors that you should consider? (Quick checklist).

Just like with any software research I do, it’s always good to have a small checklist of key questions and items you should be looking for to make faster decisions about which software to test so you don’t end up wasting your time. 

In the case of automation and AI tools for paid media ads for channels like Facebook, you need to understand what the key goal/objective is as part of your paid media strategy. The reason why you need to understand your goals/objectives well is that, naturally, some automation platforms are more skewed in terms of strengths for certain areas (e.g. creative output, budget control, reporting, etc.) over others. 

Here are some questions I wrote down (coming from an experienced advertiser) when I was writing this guide for Facebook ad tools (which I’m sure will help make researching each of these solutions faster and easier).  

  • What other social ad channels can you integrate with aside from Facebook Ads? Do they have Instagram, Google Ads, Snapchat Ads, or even TikTok Ads available?
  • What AI features do they have built into the tool? Do they have AI copywriting within the ad creation workflow? AI creative production capabilities? 
  • Do they have beginner-friendly resources, as well as advanced resources, to help with tactics around how to utilise (and get the most out of) the platform for ad success?
  • Whether a creative-specific tool or an advanced suite of automation capabilities within a single platform, do any of them provide templates to accelerate workflows? Can you create your own customised automation templates?
  • How do they overcome the challenges of iOS 14 and attribution reporting? Note: not applicable to all platforms, but the larger platforms are certainly worth checking how they do it (and what potential installation is required).
  • When it comes to insights and analytics, how detailed do they go? Do they provide insights into specific creatives, ad sets, ad copy and headlines?
  • For advanced and experienced Facebook advertisers, can you create customised rules across budgets, audiences, and targeting?
  • What does pricing look like - is it “scale as you spend more” pricing or standard monthly pricing?
  • Can you set up alerts for performance updates? For example, alerts when ROAS is down or spikes in budgets? Can you receive alters via email and/or Slack?
  • For marketing agencies and consultancies, is there a white-labelling solution for reporting available?

By all means, these are just some that I had written down as a mini-checklist for myself to benchmark each of the tools against each other. 

Naturally, some features will matter to you and your business over others. Plus, you may have more specific requirements, which I haven’t mentioned. 

Either way, many of the Facebook automation platforms I go into detail about have a really strong suite of features and capabilities which I know you’re going to be excited about testing out. 

I hope you enjoy this guide to awesome automation/AI tools for Facebook Ads (plus other ad networks), and feel free to reach out to me about any of them if you’ve got questions. 

1. Adwisely

With headquarters in Los Angeles, USA, Adwisely offers a simple, affordable, and effective online ad automation solution for eCommerce businesses with a team of professionals to help stores and brands scale their paid marketing initiatives without hassle.

As part of their product suite, Adwisely even launched many efficient ad tactics to help users with ideas for their ads strategy, such as special offers, customer acquisition, and cross-sells. Moreover, it’s received high praise and has been featured on Fortune, Insider, and Crunchbase.  

Pros & features I really like

  • Adwisely saves you time and effort with its unique features and layout by letting you create a ‘full-funnel experience’ of valuable Facebook ads as the user engages with a business's website/app. 
  • What is epic about Adwisely is that you can automatically set up and integrate the app within 10 minutes and have ads live - yep that’s right, the whole process from installing the app to publishing the ad. 
  • To suit a variety of your business advertising needs and preferences, this tool allows you to set up ads based on a number of placements such as messenger inbox, Facebook stories, desktop right column, Facebook instant articles, and mobile newsfeed. 
  • You can opt for numerous ready-to-use campaign templates to facilitate you in overcoming the creative barrier and creating a campaign in just a few clicks. 
  • This software guarantees a high ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) by developing highly efficient ads by retrieving data from more than 5,000 online stores to make your investment worthwhile. 


It has three plans – basic, standard, and advanced that offer different features. The basic, standard and advanced plans are priced at $99, $249, and $499 per month, respectively. The best thing is that you can give it a test run and see how things can completely free for 14 days!

2. Hyros

Now Hyros may be a platform you haven’t heard of before unless you’re deeper in the paid media space, but this is actually one of my favourite Facebook Ad management software solutions that has really great tracking and attribution capabilities. 

The platform is founded by Alex Becker, who has awesome content and videos I’ve really enjoyed over the years on YouTube. He’s a pretty awesome advertiser/funnel builder and definitely recommend checking out his stuff. 

I wouldn’t say it’s “more advanced” over other platforms per se, but typically I’ve found Hyros to be a popular option for media buyers and advertisers who have setup complex funnels or doing serious revenue volumes in eCommerce. 

It’s great for pretty much all types of digital businesses, especially for those relying on lead gen (like booking calls as it has call tracking), info/booking funnels, and of course, eComm.

Oh, and they have other integrations with other ad networks, including Google Ads and TikTok Ads. 

Pros & features I really like

  • When it comes to tracking, Hyros uses a method called “print tracking”, which can provide up to 50% when it comes to attribution. There are many other Facebook ad tools in the space that say they can provide up to 30%, so this is pretty good for those who really want to hone in on attribution. 
  • For those running lead gen funnels and who have a key focus/KPI on delivering more call bookings, then you’re going to love the capabilities around call tracking that Hyros has. You can integrate with other funnels builders, like Clickfunnels and Everwebinar (plus others), that can help you track end-to-end, from the first click, to calls, to then eventually sales. 
  • Additionally, Hyros has awesome capabilities around email tracking, where you can track attribution around email performance and LTV. 
  • Then the final thing I’d say that is really impressive when it comes to tracking and analytics is the in-depth insights on customer LTV. 


For the capabilities it provides, it’s worth the investment if you’re serious about scaling ad performance. You need to head to the pricing page and book a call with one of their sales members, as pricing depends on the amount of revenue/spend. The lowest tier starts from around $199 p/m for the paid ads suite. There are two other options, including an agency plan, as well as a ‘non-paid ads’ option, where you can track organic attribution, which starts at $99 p/m for up to $50k revenue tracked. 

3. Cactivate

To help businesses grow their ROAS, Cactivate boasts Customer Acquisition Technology (CAT) that has been AI trained based on over $100 million in ads spend. Whether a business has a daily budget of $50 or $10,000, it accommodates its needs, from campaign management and ad insights to strategies. 

Pros & features I really like

  • This tool’s streamlined flow facilitates creating a campaign in a matter of minutes, and the AI manages and optimises your ads as soon as your campaign is live to save you the hassle. 
  • To tell you how well your ads are performing, Cactivate lets you monitor and track crucial metrics and trends. 
  • It analyses and updates you with the key elements of the top performers of your ads, so you can maximise your ROAS. 
  • It gives you insights into the total daily budgets of your ads to eliminate the need of guesswork and automatically distributes budgets for your convenience. 


It has two plans, i.e., All-In-One Facebook Ad Management and Full-Service, which are developed based on the pay-as-you-go model. It charges 4.9% of spend billed per 30 days for both plans and an additional $99 for the Full-Service plan. 

You can try the All-In-One Facebook Ad Management plan for free for 14 days and request a demo for the Full-Service plan. 

4. Adscook

Founded in 2018 with headquarters in California, USA, Adscook helps marketers create, automate, and evaluate their ads more efficiently and easily by leveraging the easy-to-use interface and advanced features like AI copy generator, funnel analysis widget, limitless A/B tests, and multi-account dashboard with reporting. 

Pros & features I really like

  • Adscook allows you to maintain social proof and, at the same time, find all your previous ads on one page and run them again to leverage past performance for social engagement. 
  • In order to generate thousands of stunning and relevant ad images without much effort, all you have to do is select a product category and upload a relevant product image.
  • You can set conditions to act on the basis of goals as well as trends using an easy interface to control your costs and stay profitable in the long run. 
  • The real-time funnel analysis significantly helps in identifying which touchpoints, such as purchases, add-to-cart, and view products, in each funnel step need improvement to boost your ROI.   


The best thing about this tool is that you have to pay based on your spend limit. The higher your spend limit, the more will be the price of your plan. Before you dive in deeper, it’s good to try Adscook out with the free trial period of 30 days they offer before fully-committing.

5. Hunch Ads

A really awesome platform that combines the power of analytics, tracking, reporting, and optimisation, as well as producing creative scaling options, is Hunch Ads

I only came across this advertising tool a few months back and recommended it, and I have heard some awesome reviews and thoughts on it. 

Pros & features I really like

  • As part of the creative suite, you can design both video and images within the platform and produce multiple variants from your original designs to split-test across ad sets and campaigns to see which performs better. 
  • What really sets Hunch Ads apart from the others when it comes to creative capabilities is that you can even build “personalised videos/images” based on the customer journey, meaning you can develop creative based on dynamic remarketing. Usually, this would take some time to get sorted, but there are dynamic templates available to make this process and workflow easier (which is pretty damn awesome). And yes, you can use the internal templates for both video and imagery, which have the right dimensions that take into account all the specifications of ad placements across all the platforms (super handy). 
  • Like with many of the other solutions, you can see omnichannel reporting across all the ads and how it’s translating into results. From there, you can quickly make optimisations to help improve areas where performance may be lacking. Ad channels and integrations include the likes of YouTube ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, as well as Snapchat Ads.


There is a form on the pricing page that has some key questions to fill out to determine what the right custom pricing is for your business. Custom pricing is dependent on media spend per month, current performance stats, plus what particular features you’re looking to get from Hunch.

6. Cometly

Established in 2021, Cometly helps Facebook advertisers boost their ROAS by tracking, analysing, and optimising their ad campaigns and leveraging innovative features, all in one place, which provides them with better ad attribution and detailed insights for valuable decision-making. 

Pros & features I really like

  • Cometly provides accurate data through its ads manager, so you can scale your winning ads and invest your money in the right place by making changes to budgets and turning the ads on/off in a cinch. 
  • You can invite teammates and assign them roles by giving them permission to take specific actions, so you can work together more efficiently as a team and scale your ads. 
  • Its AI can make changes to your ads on the basis of rules set by you, such as turning an ad on/off or increasing/decreasing budgets to save you time, and it even recommends changes based on what it discovers. 
  • Using advanced fingerprint tracking technology, this software bypasses cookie and ad blockers as well as all iOS14 updates to ensure nothing limits your attribution. 


What’s great about this tool is that it has a free plan for up to $3k per month ad spend. The paid plans are starter at $50 per month, pro at $125 per month, and the business plan features custom pricing and advanced features. 


Set up in 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey, WASK aims to help advertisers spend less on marketing expenses and reach a greater number of customers. 

Therefore, it makes tracking and managing Facebook ads a breeze and more efficient from one user-intuitive platform with features such as budget management, scheduler, automatic reporting, and performance comparison. 

Pros & features I really like

  • Not only Facebook, but you can also connect your Instagram, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn ads accounts with a single click to manage and keep track of them through one intuitive dashboard.
  • This tool allows you to take advantage of the drag-and-drop editor to curate a professional-looking ad image in a matter of minutes using free themes, emojis, fonts, background colours, and much more.
  • The scheduler feature lets you create an ad in advance and schedule it to post on a specific date, so you are always on track with your ads. 
  • To eliminate guesswork and boost ad conversion rate, this platform automatically identifies and targets your potential audience based on the performance of your published ads.   


This Facebook ads automation software comes with three different plans that are tailored depending on the type of business and rev. size of business. Basic, premium, and professional plans are priced at $19, $49, and $89 per month, and all come with a 15-day free trial.  

8. Revealbot

Set up in 2016 in New York, USA, Revealbot is a professional digital ads automation software not only for Facebook but also TikTok, Google, and Snapchat. 

It’s a pretty awesome platform that I’ve used for many years across a variety of high-spend clients/startups, which helps facilitates marketers in creating a plethora of ads at once, auto-managing them with rules, and getting detailed reports for effective results. 

It’s a little more on the “advanced side”, but it’s damn awesome and I definitely recommend Revelabot to many marketing friends of mine. 

Pros & features I really like

  • Revealbot allows you to create custom metrics from scratch or leverage the library of hundreds of pre-defined metrics to make automation easier for you. 
  • You can build and schedule custom reports with line charts, KPIs, and pie charts using a drag-and-drop editor to keep your team members and clients in the loop.
  • The pre-set settings let you reuse the campaign templates in a cinch to help you save time and hassle. 
  • You can leverage the automatic post-boosting feature to set conditions for triggers based on engagement rate and impressions, define parameters to ensure you’re in control of the budget, run time, and audience, and get notifications when your best-performing posts turn into ads.


Revealbot has pro and enterprise plans. The pro plan comes with a 14-day free trial and includes all the features. The starting price is $83 per month for up to $10k monthly spend, and it increases with your spend over time. 

On the other hand, the enterprise plan has custom pricing and is ideal for teams and large organisations. 

9. Stiddle

With headquarters in California, USA, Stiddle is powered by AI that outperforms ad competition efficiently by automating the Facebook ads funnel for better and faster campaign results to maximise profitability and revenue. It’s been featured in Forbes, Fox, and NBC.

Pros & features I really like

  • Stiddle helps you reach your ad in front of the right people by allowing you to target pre-built AI audiences relevant to your niche and retarget audiences who showed the most interest in your ads. 
  • Its integration with Canva lets you create the most attention-grabbing ad images without much effort, and you can even utilise ready-to-use eye-catching ad graphics. 
  • You can customise the analytics dashboard according to prioritise which metrics matter most for automated reporting and delated insights that you want to view in real-time (or in quick fashion when you enter the app). In addition, you can easily print the reports and share them with your team to stay on the right path.
  • Its simple interface displays all your Facebook accounts on one page and consistently keeps syncing them to make it easier for you to switch between different accounts. 


This ad automation platform comes with three different plans to accommodate various advertising needs. Starter, growth, and pro plans will cost you $49, $99, and $149 per month, respectively. 

What’s great is that you can try any of the plans for free for 7 days!

10. Madgicx

Founded in 2018, Madgicx is an autonomous ad optimisation tool (one of my absolute favourites) that empowers advertisers and businesses by saving their ad costs, time and process of running ads (testing and auto-scaling) better than humanly possible with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

I’m a raving fan of Madgicx, and it is certainly a top player in the paid media space. Really great for all levels, especially for those who are juniors or those starting out with ads management. 

Pros & features I really like

  • Madgicx provides insights into the ad copy and tells the overall performance on the basis of the number of emojis, word count, and the kinds of emojis that performed well to drive engagement.  
  • Its AI Copywriter evaluates the performance of your recent ads and writes converting copy in a matter of seconds to save you from brainstorming and non-stop revisions. 
  • It allows you to find and target the most profitable audiences by assessing the best-performing demographics, such as top locations, age, and gender. Moreover, it can also automatically schedule your ads based on when they will drive conversions. 
  • The auto-comment feature boosts engagement rate and ad visibility by replying to the comments. Even better, it adds direct links to your page in the comment section to make navigation easier. 


Madgicx lets you manually add your monthly ad spend and provides you with the cost per month. Its one and only ‘All-in-One AI’ suite plan features everything you need to drive exceptional ROAS. 

However, the starting price for $500 monthly spend when using the platform is $55/month. It will naturally increase in price when you want to scale spend. The good news is that you can also leverage the 7-day free trial to test out the platform’s features before committing.


Based in Paris, gives all kinds of businesses an unfair advantage with the power of highly-trained artificial intelligence that generates converting ad creatives in a matter of seconds.

Pros & features I really like

  • Understanding your brand colours and font, this software’s unique AI creates seamless creatives that best suit your branding to generate exceptional results.
  • It generates click-boosting copy with the help of AI that feels like you’ve hired a professional copywriter to save you from the dreadful parts of writing, so you can better focus on your business operations.  
  • For untroubled collaborations with your team and better productivity, you can invite up to 25 users and let them generate beautiful creatives together. 
  • As soon as you connect your account with this tool, you will be able to view the top 10 performing ads, and it will evaluate them for you to facilitate you in better learning from them.


For starters, this software offers four plans. The starter plan is priced at $29/month, premium at $59/month, ultimate at $99/month, and scale-up at $149/month. These plans are also available for professionals to meet larger businesses’ needs.  

12. AdEspresso

Established in 2012, AdEspresso is an intuitive Facebook ads management and optimisation tool that helps marketers create, manage, and analyse their ads along with collaborating with their teams and clients to make sure their campaigns deliver real effective results. 

Pros & features I really like

  • Rather than cluttering the analytics dashboard with unnecessary metrics, this AdEspresso’s analytics only displays a few valuable metrics, like clicks, impressions, cost per click, and conversion rate, along with an easy-to-interpret diagram and column to help you monitor and track your campaigns. 
  • It makes reporting a breeze by letting advertisers generate PDF reports using a drag-and-drop editor to add the most relevant metrics in the form of graphs or charts and simply download them. 
  • This software makes campaign approvals hassle-free by allowing you to send a white-label email or an email link to your client or customer, so they can quickly approve your campaign, and you can publish instantly. 
  • You can target users who visited your site but didn’t purchase anything by displaying the same ad again and ‘luring’ them into buying with the help of a simple retargeting feature. 


This platform features three plans – starter at $49 per month, plus at $99 per month, and enterprise at $259 per month, which come with a 14-day trial period!

13. Hawke AI

Formed in 2015 by digital marketers for digital marketers, Hawke AI came up with a data-driven and performance-based tool that monitors performance and provides insights into the marketing efforts of businesses to help them improve marketing results. 

Pros & features I really like

  • Hawke AI allows you to set monthly budget limits, and as your campaigns go over or under budget, it instantly alerts you. Moreover, with the help of a trend analysis graph, you can always keep an eye on the negative trends before they impact your campaign. 
  • It uses anonymised data across its entire user set to help you compare your monthly or yearly results with the industry averages, so you can get ahead of your competitors. 
  • As soon as you integrate your accounts with this platform, it immediately shows you the entire data for different accounts on one page to help you optimise your digital paid advertising efforts. 
  • You get time-saving and valuable suggestions from its AI to facilitate you in refining the performance of your PPC budgeting strategy by considering your historical performance. 


Hawke AI offers 3 plans – Entrepreneur, Advertiser, and Agency. The prices for the plans start from $89 p/m. However, the agency plan requires you to book a demo to assess if it fits your agency’s needs.  You can also give it a test run and see the real value of Hawke AI thanks to the trial period of 14 days.

14. Magnetiq

Magnetiq helps advertisers achieve their marketing goals more effectively by facilitating their marketing journey with a variety of features, such as pre-set audiences and keyword planner, which boost your ad campaigns in a cinch. 

Pros & features I really like

  • The pre-set audiences feature allows you to target prospective buyers based on their interests, gender, and age while boosting conversions. 
  • The great thing about Magnetiq is that it’s equipped with more than 1000 stunning stock images prepared by designers to help you choose the best one for your brand and customise it with a user-friendly editor. 
  • All your campaigns’ performance can be viewed on a single panel with easy-to-interpret and simple graphs and charts. Moreover, it also provides you with AI suggestions based on your campaign data with insights that you can implement with the aim of improvement in results.
  • You can leverage the AI budget suggestions feature, which recommends the minimum budget, so you can achieve your campaign goal efficiently while saving money and time.


This software offers 3 paid plans. The starter plan comes with basic features and costs $19/month. The premium plan offers extra features and allows you to try it out for a month for only $1, and the price thereafter is $49/month!

Lastly, the pro plan is equipped with all the advanced features and comes with a price tag of $99/month. 

15. Adext

Headquartered in California, USA, Adext enhances your social media performance within a matter of minutes with the help of best-in-class Artificial Intelligence. Simply sign up, connect your account with this tool, and leave the rest to its undefeated AI. 

Pros & features I really like

  • As you connect your Facebook ad account with Adext (or any other ad network account), it extracts, evaluates, and predicts ad groups on the basis of your marketing data while keeping it protected and secure. 
  • When you launch your ad campaign, it starts finding and targeting your best-performing audiences to boost your conversions. 
  • Its AI keeps learning by reinforcement to keep retargeting your ideal audience while you can optimise your budget, performance, and results. 
  • What’s great is that you can customise your dashboard to stay on track with your goals by selecting relevant KPIs, like conversions, ROAS, clicks, impressions, CPC, and CTR, most relevant to you.


Adext offers 4 different paid plans – starter at $16.59, venture at $99, and core at $299 per month. As the plans progress, you get special features and advanced customer support. Furthermore, the enterprise plan is a custom plan with custom pricing.  

16. Funnel

Founded in 2014 with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Funnel curates and harmonises data in real-time to keep marketers up-to-date with accurate and real social media channel insights to ensure they can make better marketing decisions. 

Pros & features I really like

  • To take your ads social media strategy up a notch in terms of detailed analytics and reporting, Funnel lets you connect more than 500 marketing apps, from Google Analytics, TikTok, Klaviyo, and Shopify to Ahrefs, to collect your marketing data in one place without coding.
  • You can easily import any kind of data, such as budgets and targets, from Excel and Google Sheets to boost your marketing performance without the hassle.  
  • Funnel allows you to create your own rules for data segmentation on the basis of your particular needs and, at the same time, create custom metrics for increased conversion rates and leads. 
  • Its omnichannel overview helps you keep an eye on all your data from different sources and accounts on one page for better decision-making. 


It has three different plans for marketers. Essentials, plus, and enterprise plans start from $399, $999, and $1999 monthly, which are billed annually. The same prices are offered for agencies namely agency small, medium, and large plans.

17. Adyogi

Established in 2014 with an aim to simplify digital marketing, Adyogi helps marketers create all kinds of Facebook ads without trouble while maximising profits. It takes care of everything from ad creation, automation, and optimisation to detailed Facebook insights. 

Pros & features I really like

  • Adyogi lets you systematically create different ad types with a user-friendly interface and a range of image and video ads with templates for added convenience.
  • Rather than having to manually resize your product pictures for various dynamic ad placements according to Facebook guidelines, this tool automatically syncs with the catalogue to eliminate repetitive and tedious tasks.
  • The automatic optimisation feature targets only the most relevant audience and frequently optimises budget based on performance to make your investment worthwhile. 
  • You get to view all the important metrics, such as add to cart, ROAS, CPM, and AOV, on one page with comparisons of yesterday’s and today’s performance to keep you on track.


Adyogi fees are based on the monthly spend. For instance, for monthly spending less than $3k, you will be required to pay $450, which keeps increasing with your ad budget limit.

To create a plan specific to your business needs, you will have to book a demo with its team of experts.

18. Driftrock

Founded in 2014 in London, Driftrock is a lead generation software that makes marketing more effective for digital marketers. It facilitates capturing, managing, tracking, and converting leads to boost ROI. 

Pros & features I really like

  • Driftrock allows you to sync your CRM records with Facebook Custom Audiences to target a familiar audience and increase the number of conversions without much effort.
  • Weather-triggered ads let you set conditions based on the weather, such as sunny, temperature, or thunderstorms, and trigger ads accordingly to market just at the right moment. 
  • The data breakdown feature helps you learn more about your customers and leads, like their location, so you can optimise your campaigns suitably. 
  • Its reporting feature gives you powerful and valuable insights with a variety of metrics, graphs, and charts to make your investment worth it.


This platform has a free plan with the most basic features and up to 100 leads per month. The paid plans are basic, pro, and enterprise, which cost $49, $249, and $1950 (starting price) per month, respectively. 

It’s important to note that the prices increase with the number of leads per month.

19. Connectio

On a mission to help business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs leverage Facebook ads to their full potential, Connectio was born. It automates and optimises Facebook campaigns with an array of solutions, from retargeting to connecting leads. 

Pros & features I really like

  • You can easily connect your Facebook Lead Ads with any CRM or autoresponder with the help of this tool to automate the process of capturing leads from your Facebook Lead Ads and create your subscriber list quickly.
  • This tool allows you to sync the activities between your Facebook ads and mailing list subscribers and build targeted custom audiences to maximise profits. 
  • Its cutting-edge technology finds targeted audiences that your competitors may not be able to do so and lets you add interests to your ad manager with one tap to maximise your ROI. 
  • Integrating the power of automation and Facebook’s data, this platform identifies your best-performing posts and turns them into ads on autopilot, which saves you time and money.


Connectio hasn’t mentioned its pricing on their site, and you will have to contact its team for pricing details. What is good though is that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee! 

20. RedTrack

Formed in 2018, RedTrack helps marketers turn insights into actions with the help of real-time data, alerts, and automation and tracking features to maximise ROAS. Moreover, you can scale with partners, connect channels, and attribute sales. 

Pros & features I really like

  • RedTrack lets you change budgets or bids and pause campaigns based on several automation rules like scale rules, stop & go rules, and schedule rules to minimise manual work and boost sales. 
  • It independently collects data from ad platforms for consistent and accurate reports and insights to make sure you invest in the right campaigns and channels.
  • Even after your ad campaign ends, you will be able to evaluate post-conversion events to track subsequent revenue and make informed decisions accordingly in the future. 
  • With the help of the Conversion Path report, you can view the entire customer journey before they decide to invest in your brand to measure the impact of various channels and better understand buyers’ journeys. 


RedTrack offers 4 different plans for affiliates and advertisers and a custom plan for agencies. For affiliates, the advanced, team, and enterprise plan is priced at $124, $208, and $624 per month, respectively. The good thing about the custom plan is that it lets you develop pricing that is tailored to your spend, features you want out of RedTrack, and goals.

For advertisers, the prices for these plans are almost the same. Moreover, you can leverage the 14-day free trial for any plan. 

21. SharpSpring Ads

Set up in 2012 in Georgia, USA, SharpSpring Ads makes Facebook retargeting hassle-free and more efficient for businesses of all sizes. Its easy-to-use dashboard allows marketers to launch a campaign in a matter of minutes and increase sales revenue. 

Pros & features I really like

  • SharpSpring boasts an amazing and world-class customer support team willing to help whenever needed to ensure you achieve your marketing goals in a breeze. 
  • Its customisable dashboard provides a detailed overview of your account’s performance and instantly highlights metrics that may be of concern. 
  • You can receive reports for a certain period with the drop-down menu, such as last week or last 30 days, to always stay up-to-date with your ads’ performance. 
  • SharpSpring and Facebook use anonymous cookies when running ads to make sure your data isn’t exchanged and is completely protected. 


You are not bound by any fixed monthly fees or even set-up fees with this software, as it charges on a CPM basis. You can set your own campaign budget and spend as you like! 

22. Blend AI

Established in 2020 with headquarters in Sydney, Australia, Blend AI makes online advertising easy for everyone with its simple yet powerful features. You can produce beautiful ads, manage audiences, measure results, and retarget for exceptional ROAS. 

Pros & features I really like

  • Blend AI natively connects to eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce to let you measure your ads’ impact on your sales revenue. 
  • It creates a product feed by integrating your store’s inventory with Facebook. It even provides you with the best sales strategies according to your current inventory to help you instantly make sales. 
  • One version of your ad can be easily published across other platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to save you the hassle. 
  • It automatically retargets, allocates your budget, and constantly monitors your campaign performance, so you don’t have to work hard to maximise return.  


Pricing varies according to your monthly spend. With a monthly ad budget of $1000, you will be required to pay $100 per month and so on. 

23. Mailchimp Facebook Ads

Based in Atlanta, USA, Mailchimp is a leading all-in-one marketing platform for businesses. With its Facebook Ads feature, you can create ads that your relevant audience will love with high-end capabilities. 

Pros & features I really like

  • Mailchimp, as many of us know, offers a variety of eCommerce integrations, from Shopify and BigCommerce to WooCommerce, that allows you to connect your store and track the impact of your Facebook campaigns on your overall revenue, which then, in turn, helps you make smarter decisions. 
  • You can design attention-grabbing ads in a matter of minutes with handy tools and step-by-step guidance for added convenience.
  • When your potential customers visit your site without buying anything, you can retarget them and lure them into revisiting your site by displaying your ads again on their feeds. 
  • You can keep an eye on important metrics like sales and likes with the help of easy-to-interpret reports to adjust your paid media marketing strategy accordingly. 


In addition to a 100% free plan, you can avail of the essentials, standard, and premium plans, which are priced at $13, $20, and $350 per month, respectively. 

It’s vital to keep in mind that Mailchimp ad pricing starts at $5 per day. 

24. Klaviyo Facebook Ads

With headquarters in Massachusetts, USA, the Klaviyo Facebook Ads integration feature uses real-time data to facilitate advertisers in easily targeting the most relevant audiences from their email flows/campaigns, finding new customers to target, and emitting certain customers from particular target audience groups. 

What I find quite amazing is that so many eCommerce brands aren’t properly leveraging Klaviyo audiences and using the audience segments as part of their Facebook ad campaigns, so I definitely recommend looking further into this if you’re currently using Klaviyo and not properly using this feature. 

Pros & features I really like

  • To help you reach your most promising prospects, the Klaviyo Facebook Ads integration uses your current customer data to learn their behaviours and interests, where you can then automatically create various granular audience segments. On top of that, you can then in the ads manager build lookalike audiences based off Klaviyo audience data (it’s pretty awesome). 
  • You can automatically target prospective customers who didn’t engage with your ad or didn’t buy anything at that present time, which you can then set up further targeting campaigns and audiences to try convert them over time. Additionally, you can automatically stop showing ads to recent paying customers to ensure you’re efficient with your budget (so you can maximise your spending towards attracting new customers).
  • It lets you display product-specific ads to customers based on their recent relevant purchases to grab their attention and ensure they convert. 
  • With the help of real-time data, it automatically keeps updating your audiences, so you don’t have to waste time on spreadsheets. 


The pricing of Klaviyo’s plans is based on the number of contacts. With up to 250 contacts, you can leverage the free plan with the most basic features. 

From 251 and onwards, you can opt from one of the two plans (email and email & SMS) based on your business needs. For 251-500 contacts, the email plan is priced at $20/month, and the email & SMS plan costs $35/month.

⚡ Frequently Asked Questions ⚡

What are the best Facebook ads automation tools that provide features that are great for both beginners and experienced advertisers?

Many of the Facebook automation software providers I’ve explained in this guide have some incredible features, but some are more skewed towards experienced marketers and advertisers in terms of experience and setup. Hence, many aren’t necessarily super-friendly for those who may be starting out with social ads and automation for the first time. When it comes to choosing the right marketing tools for a particular objective, a piece of advice I share with clients and startups is to try find a solution that can take you from beginner to advanced over time. In other words, what software can take you from a basic level, which you can then grow into and stick with over time as you scale. Regarding choosing Facebook automation software solutions that can provide basic features and more advanced options (which allow you to grow with over time) include Madgicx, Adscook, Adext and WASK. I’ve found each of these provides a great UX for all advertising levels, and they also have great supporting resources for those eager to learn how they can improve ad performance. Additionally, each of them do more than just Facebook Ads, but also the likes Google Ads, Snapchat Ads, plus other social media accounts and channels.

Have you recently tested a new Facebook automation tool that you liked which is good for DTC and eCommerce brands?

All of the Facebook marketing tools I’ve talked about can be applicable for all types of DTC and eCommerce companies, but there is one I tried out recently that I really liked and enjoyed using, that eCommerce marketers should check out. That platform is called Adwisely. Installing and getting the software running takes, in all honestly, around 10 minutes (it’s very seamless to get going). You can do everything quite easily, such as setting up automated rules for complete control over budgets, detailed audience targeting, performance reporting, and loads more. Additionally, the user interface is also easy to navigate around and is just a pleasant experience to use. Definitely recommend for social media managers or marketers who don’t have extensive years of experience with Facebook advertising or don’t know the advanced rules or targeting options in the Facebook ads manager.

Which tools have you had experience with that helps create ads at scale (and why it’s important for brands to take advantage of)?

Developing creatives is, without a doubt, one of the most time-intensive initiatives, which can also be very expensive to produce at scale when it comes to Facebook advertising. Yet, creatives, now more than ever in the advertising landscape, play such a vital role in determining the success of a Facebook Ads strategy. Not to mention, there is a lot of testing (in fact, it’s continuous) when it comes to ad creative and it becomes expensive when you want/need to spit out multiple variants of images and videos quickly and more efficiently without sacrificing more budget. In my opinion, the startup or brand that can produce the most creatives and has automated workflows in place (or at least semi-automated) when it comes to creative production will have a strong chance of performing well and achieving awesome growth via ads in their industry/category. The good news (especially for brands on a lower budget) is that it’s becoming easier, thanks to the fast-moving world of AI. It’s now never been a better time for advertisers and brands to take advantage of new AI creative tools that can help with creating ads at scale. The top recommendations which I’ve been using for the past few months (even across multiple ad networks), are, Adscook, Magnetiq, and another tool called Hunch Ads. All of them are pretty easy to use, and I certainly recommend you give them a try (each of them have a free tier or free trial available). These aren’t the only ones out there either, so definitely do some research and keep an eye out for new players who come into this space (exciting times).

In your opinion, which social ads automation software providers that you've spoken about are best for agencies managing multiple clients?

Essentially all of the tools I’ve highlighted in this resource can be used by agencies, but some are more suited for agencies than others. Having explored features, as well as knowing a few agency owners myself, the platforms many agency owners have told me about and have chosen as their preferred options are Revealbot, Madgicx, Hawke AI, Red Track, and AdEspresso. Plus, you can explore some of the case studies on these various sites which highlight agency client success.

Which Facebook Ad automation tool offers white labelling for reporting and client communications?

There are a few Facebook ad tools that provide white labelling in the market, which is great for performance marketing consultants and agencies. Two of the best ones that I’ve spoken about in this guide is AdEspresso and Madgicx. Both are super easy to create PDF reports which you can send to clients with all the key data on how your ads are performing.

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