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My Latest Articles

May 29, 2021
11 Key Design Tips for eCommerce Emails
A lot of missed opportunities I've found when working with eCommerce companies and their existing emails. I provide 11 core tips that I think all emails across your marketing journey should have. Even the slightest improvements can lead to really sweet results.
May 29, 2021
14+ Best Practices for eCommerce Checkout Pages
You can't scale an eCommerce store if you have poor conversion rates. I go into details about optimising your checkout pages with actionable recommendations you can implement. Some are easy and some do require extra time, especially if custom development.
May 29, 2021
9 Creative B2B Lead Capture Growth Hacks
It's now getting harder to capture good quality leads on your website as lots of B2B businesses continue to do the same strategies their competitors do. I outline 9 creative ways to do collect email & other forms of data from customers. Great offer and great creative leads to good lead quality results.
May 29, 2021
11 B2B SaaS Content Marketing Strategies That Work
I share top strategies that work for producing content for B2B companies to succeed. I included in each strategy that I provided some quick ideas and examples. I also touch on ensuring the importance of developing content based on the customer journey.