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11 Best Drink & Beverages Brand Examples on TikTok in 2024

For those in the drinks/beverages industry and looking to take their TikTok growth game to the next level, then you’re in luck, as I’ve found some of the top brands doing a stellar job when it comes to growth and content creation on the platform.
Dan Siepen
November 19, 2023

There are some amazing drink and beverage brands that are doing a splendid job when it comes to content creation and creative ways to engage audiences and scale their follower base via TikTok. 

When it comes to executing successful eCommerce TikTok strategies, you’ve got to consider everything from the hooks, music selection, latest video cut trends, and many more. 

And what’s the best way to learn? Well, looking at some of the top brands and what they’re doing. 

So, if you’re in the drinks/beverages industry and need some inspo when it comes to this channel, then you’re going to love these brand examples. 

Author note: When it comes to the goal of doing these brand example guides, I highlight some key takeaways of things that I notice and quite like. 
Obviously, there’s a lot more to uncover and analyse when you go through them, I’m just here to curate and round up reasons why I’m a fan. 
Plus (how did I find these?) - quickly, all of these drink/beverage brands can be easily discovered by searching via TikTok’s ads library (there’s more you can come across, too!). 

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Quick heads up - if you’re looking for some extra inspiration around what some of the best stores look like, check out my guide to the top drinks and beverages eCommerce websites guide.

1. Liquid Death

Liquid Death are one of the fastest growing DTC brands around who have an epic content game across their socials. They sell natural mountain water, which quenches your thirst and served in ice-cold, infinitely recyclable cans.

They have a massive following on TikTok with over 4.5M followers and 19M likes (damn!).

High-level key takeaways of Liquid Death’s content/profile:

  • They have a Linktree link in the bio, which helps it house all revenue-generating links for their audience and any new visitors the profile gets.
  • The most watched video (4.5M views) gets super creative by sharing ‘keyboard warrior’ comments with a musical theme. 
  • The majority of Liquid’s content comprises of funny videos relevant to the brand. 
  • Instead of filming selfies-style videos, a lot of content includes rear-facing camera videos. 

2. Bae Juice 

Bae Juice is 100% Korean pear juice that helps reduce nasty hangover symptoms from big nights out, through detoxification of alcohol (handy for those who like to head out).

Bae Juice’s profile has more than 55K likes across their video content.

High-level key takeaways of Bae Juice’s content/profile:

  • They put their bio to great use by not only sharing a TikTok-specific discount code, but also a branded hashtag.
  • Their content plan from the looks of things focuses on POVs and challenges with a mix of humorous content.
  • The brand takes advantage of UGC-lead startegy and shares lots of videos from creators on its feed.
  • They use a few relevant hashtags for each video (and not over do it to spam which many brands tend to over do).

3. Balter Brewing Co.

Balter Brewing Co., one of my fav beer brands here in Australia, doesn’t have a massive following on TikTok, but I quite like the content they share and worth checking out. 

High-level key takeaways of Balter Brewing’s content/profile:

  • Most videos are geared towards taking the audience behind the scenes from the factory to various product photoshoots.
  • The captions are well-written and engaging with emojis and many well-researched hashtags. 
  • They do a lot of up-close product shots that are high-resolution, with the goal of showcasing the consistency and texture of the beer. 

4. Super Coffee 

Super Coffee makes scrumptious, indulgent products, from keto-friendly coffee to energy drinks, using zero added sugar.

Big fan of the content they produce. 

Their TikTok channel is quickly growing, with over 55K followers and 3.5M likes.

High-level key takeaways of Super Coffee’s content/profile:

  • Its most-watched video (with over 3.9M views) interviews individuals for a free coffee in exchange for teaching something informative related to coffee.
  • The brand knows the power of text layout and puts it to good use in most of its videos. 
  • From informative videos to POVs and coffee recipes, you can find a mix of entertaining and educational content. 

5. Free AF

Free AF boasts a range of premium, ready-to-drink, non-alcoholic cocktails to normalise alcohol-free lifestyles by giving sober individuals a delicious and sophisticated option. 

Their TikTok account has more than 12K likes. 

High-level key takeaways of Free AF’s content/profile:

  • Their videos are mostly related to being sober, alcohol-free drink recipes, and showing celebs who don’t drink alcohol. 
  • Free AF’s videos are always colourful/bright in nature which helps capture the eyes from aimlessly scrolling.
  • They use a bunch of relevant, well-researched hashtags to help get more reach.
  • In addition to voice-overs on the videos, they also use trending sounds. 

6. Red Bull

Red Bull (as we all know well), is well-known around the globe among top athletes, students, and essentially all of us, for its energy drinks. 

But as we know, we know them well due to their incredible marketing initiatives, from viral brand campaigns, to stunts, to being sponsors of major sporting events and teams. 

And of course, their TikTok game is awesome - so awesome they have over 10M followers and 195M likes. 

High-level key takeaways of RedBull’s content/profile:

  • Promoting its drinks for various athletes, they’ve created various playlists geared towards different sports, from skating and basketball to cliff diving.
  • They’ve clearly mention their branded hashtag in the bio to catch the eye of profile visitors to get involved and create UGC content.
  • Most of the video content is based on sharing all the thrilling and adventurous sports, with many videos boasting over a million views (and essentially all of them doing 100k+ views). 

7. Pique

Pique offers simple yet innovative formulations like green, black, and herbal teas crafted from nature and perfected with science for a healthier and more beautiful you.

Their profile is growing rapidly with over 8M likes and 230K followers.

High-level key takeaways of Pique’s content/profile:

  • They utilise playlists which include gut health, hormone health, skincare, wellness tips, and recipes for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Most of its videos are quite aesthetically pleasing/engaging in the way the drinks are presented. 
  • The most watched video has over 1M views, which promotes its matcha drink while showing how it helps fight acne.

8. Golde

Golde helps make individuals feel their best by making superfood for everybody, across health and beauty, including selling face masks and smoothie boosters to latte blends.

Golde’s profile has some really great content, and they’re doing a fantastic job with over 410K likes.

High-level key takeaways of Golde’s content/profile:

  • The CTA used in the bio works helps direct its profile visitors to the relevant site/landing page for shopping.
  • Its captions come with a few relevant hashtags as well as emojis that give a ‘human touch’ to the brand.
  • Their content categories include educational videos, as well as mouth-watering recipes using Golde products.

9. Lipton Ice Tea

Lipton Ice Tea sells ice tea branded products around the globe with a range including herbal, fruit, green, black, and matcha teas in various forms.

Really like their TikTok marketing strategy, and the results show - it boasts over 2M likes with over 390K followers.

High-level key takeaways of Lipton’s content/profile:

  • Be it summer or fall, Lipton keeps its TikTok game strong with relevant content revolved around their ice tea - in fact, you basically see their Lipton ice tea bottles in every single thumbnail (and within the video content).
  • Their recent Halloween videos have done a spectacular job in terms of videos ane engagement, with almost every video approaching 4M views, providing décor ideas and recipes. (Note - these could have been boosted)
  • They look like they do a very good job of keeping on top of the TikTok trends (I can tell from viral music and edits). Gotta give it to their marketing team - awesome work!

10. Chamberlain Coffee

Founded by Emma Chamberlain, Chamberlain Coffee aims to provide high-quality, delicious beverages, including coffee bags, matcha, cold brew, and chai.

They’ve done an epic job with their account, with results of 430K+ followers and 8M+ likes.

High-level key takeaways of Chamberlain’s content/profile:

  • The brand uses the link space in the bio to direct TikTok users to the site to join the new product launch waitlist (taken at the time I took this screenshot). 
  • Chamberlain’s TikTok account has tons of recipes that are well-shot and -edited to keep them straightforward and interesting.
  • All videos come with relevant, and on-brand hashtags. 

11. Boxed Water

Boxed Water offers a sustainable alternative to plastic water bottles that’s kinder to the environment, and they’re mission to help give back into planting trees for forests - so good!

Not only a massive fan of their vision for a sustainable future, but also a big fan of their content across socials. 

Their channel is growing fast with over 96K followers and 760K likes. 

High-level key takeaways of Boxed Water’s content/profile:

  • The link space in the bio has a Linktree link that takes users’ to various CTAs, including links such as recent campaigns, ‘why’ Boxed water, case studies, stockists, and case studies.
  • Their videos raise environmental concerns in a light and ‘casual’ way. They even show all the eco-friendly activities they’re involved in (like planting trees!).
  • The most-viewed video has over 3.5M views, raising awareness about how plastic bottles harm the environment.
Note: All these examples are publicly accessible, and I’ve been collecting them as part of my personal swipe file for my own learnings and inspiration. When I share these examples and publish them, they're available as is on the date I publish a guide. Some information, such as ads, page designs, links to resources, prices or anything I mention related across these resources may/will change, so do let me know if you can’t access a resource, or something isn’t correct. Just get in contact with me as I want to make sure things are fresh as they can be. Thanks for reading and enjoy. 😊
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