Your guide to building a startup outsourcing team & Fiverr

You can’t build a successful startup or business without scalable processes & systems. This is why you should engage with building a VA virtual team to help you execute key marketing initiatives.

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Intro to Fiverr

I’ve been super impressed how Fiverr has evolved and grown over the years. 

Improved platform UX, improved talent pool, more jobs and better outcomes from jobs has made outsourcing a breeze.

Taking a look back in time, originally the marketplace was just about gigs that people would do for $5. 

It quickly grew to 1million+ gigs in 2012 and has experienced rapid growth ever since, listing in 2019. It’s now one of the most visited sites in the world. 

I joined Fiverr back in 2015 and have been a huge supporter of the platform ever since. 
In 2015 I was part of the founding team of a fast-paced startup which was quite intensive. Not purely because it was just a startup business, but because it required a lot of customer service and time in-person with students (it was a school). 

That’s when I knew how important building automation, systems, workflows and mundane tasks were crucial for outsourcing.

Why I love Fiverr

There’s many mixed reviews of those who have experienced the marketplace that you may have come across.

For me personally, I’ve been a big fan since I signed up for an account in 2015. 

Here’s 3 key reasons why it's great for talent: 

⚡ It’s easy to find good talent
⚡ It’s cost-effective 
⚡ Speed + Pace of freelancers 

However, it’s these key factors that I attribute to my success with outsourcing and working with Fiverr: 

👉 I know what to look for in good talent
👉 I have solid structure in place for communication & project management
👉 My scopes/instructions are always detailed

These six major reasons above have played an instrumental role in making good decisions with hires and getting critical tasks completed faster. 

Again, it’s about building systems and processes.

I’m going to share with you below through tips, steps & resources to help you build a network of awesome talent that you can use for your startup.

Hiring Outsource Professionals for your Startup

Why building & managing your outsource team can be great for scaling startups & eCommerce companies.

I honestly believe and attest to the fact that building and managing virtual teams can be one of the best decisions startups can invest in. 

Whilst we’re in the day and age where remote work has become widely adopted for companies due to Covid-19, outsourcing has been a practice that has been adopted by many companies from small businesses, startups & larger corporations. 

Over the years, I’ve seen, heard and experienced the good and the bad. 

I’m going to share some tips & lessons below to consider and look out for.

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The Benefits of Outsourcing

⚡ #1 - Opportunity cost of time, energy & attention

If you run a business or are experiencing strong growth for your startup right now, then you know how chaotic things can be. 

You need to be working “on” the business rather than being “in” the business. As much as you can ideally. 

Any tasks that are required that are of lower value that are time-consuming and/or highly repetitive, this is where outsourcing these tasks are perfect. 

You can of course alleviate any mundane or repetitive tasks through automation workflows. Trust me, I love and use automation whenever I can. However, there’s always going to be a level of human element required for these various workflows. 

That’s why focusing on processes involving tools & human quality control can be really powerful. 

You save time & energy focusing on strategy & the growth of your business, whilst mundane and time-consuming tasks are done by someone who’s cost-effective and an expert in that task.

⚡ #2 - Increased efficiency - "economics of scale".

As you continue with building & managing your virtual team, over time you will see more tasks being completed faster whilst keeping costs low.

This isn’t applied to every project you outsource, but naturally any freelancers or talent you work with for a specific task, over time they will improve their skills and understanding of your business. 

As an example, I’ve worked with a couple of designers for a long time over various clients and have managed to keep any cost increases minimal with them (even though they’ve increased their prices for their own clients) whilst being able to produce more quality designs faster for more clients. 

Loyalty pays off when you find and invest in the right talent.

⚡ #3 - Project costings vs In-house

Once you know how to hire the right talent for your tasks and projects, then it can be very rewarding for your bottom line in the long run. 

Whilst in-house teams can never be truly replaced (and they never will), knowing how to hire talent for specific tasks can really help manage costs and get time consuming tasks done. 

It’s about understanding how you can build strong capabilities for your startup or business faster. 

If you work for a startup, you know how hard it is to find the right talent, particularly in the early phases. Not to mention, it’s a time consuming task itself finding the right skill sets and culture-fit. 

So, next time you have some key tasks needing to be done, ask yourself: “Could we look at someone executing this through outsourcing?”.

⚡ #4 - Competitive Advantage - Resourceful & Processes

I strongly believe that the best startups and eCommerce companies, especially if they’re in the early stages or scale stage of their business, do best when they know how to be resourceful and have solid workflows and processes in place.
Similar to benefit #2, if you can become more efficient over time using a combination of automation workflows, processes and external people who are specifically focused on their key skill area, then naturally you reduce wastage, become more cost-efficient and ultimately produce more output. 

Sure, your competitors would be using some virtual assistants for their tasks, but that doesn’t mean they’re efficient. 

It takes time but I can say investing in building an outsource team can seriously pay dividends into the medium to long term.

Tips on finding & building a great team

💡  Tip 1: Understand what’s possible to outsource

👉 Look at your existing tasks & processes. 

👉 Ask yourself these questions;
“Could I save money by outsourcing this particular task?”
“Will someone on my internal team take on this task… is it worth their time or is their time best spent on bigger/challenging tasks”?

👉Explore categories to know what’s possible.

💡  Tip 2: Explore Profiles

👉 Explore the marketplace to see other customer successes with ideal skills you’re looking for.

👉 Look at feedback by customers which may provide some hints. I share a detailed overview of what to look for in profiles which you can check out below.

💡  Tip 3: Build out clear project scopes 

👉 Make sure to have a breakdown for your projects with costs projections and strict timelines.

👉 Your scopes need to be clear which ultimately helps you better qualify candidates for the job. 

👉 “Loose” scopes don’t set up the success for your internal teams nor external hires.

💡  Tip 4: Consider Time Zones

👉 Time zones are important to consider as most likely you will be using workers from all over the world or geographic locations with different time zones.

👉 My piece of advice would be to try to work with those who are based in countries within a similar region, especially as you scale your team.

How to manage a successful outsourcing team

Structure & process both internal & external

 ⭐  Tip 1: Assign a dedicated team lead

You will need to sign a team lead who in many ways will be acting as the project manager. 
From my experience, assigning specific team members to deal solely with their dedicated virtual talent doesn’t always work efficiently. 

This only works if you’re using a cross-team collaboration and/or project management tool where the dedicated team lead can keep an eye on communication, timeline of tasks, requirements, due dates, etc. 

A team lead also doesn’t require someone to be full-time. It simply means someone needs to control and be accountable for the processes in place to ensure efficiency. It doesn’t require this person to come from a project management background either. 

It should be however, be someone who has good organisational skills, strong communication skills and empathy. Empathy as a skill especially when things don’t go according to plan. 

 ⭐  Tip 2: Use dedicated tools

You can’t run virtual teams or external consultants without having a dedicated tech stack in place. 
Many use Google Sheets I’ve found working with some companies. This is totally fine but often find this can get quite messy as you scale. 

My recommendations of favourite tools that are good for project management and communication to look into include: 

- Notion 
- Asana
- Trello

I’ve had good experience with each of them so drop me a note if you have any questions. :)

 ⭐  Tip 3: Ensure you build out documentation and standard procedures

This is where I often see virtual teams breakdown. 

Full-functioning remote teams can experience interruption when an existing core team member leaves or someone new joins the team. 

Training up anyone who is new to a process can be time consuming. 

Why is it often new team members fail? It’s usually because there’s a lack of documentation, training guides or even procedures in place when dealing with external talent.

That’s why it’s very important to develop documentation and even training guides which can really help alleviate the burden of focusing too much on specific individuals. 

Whilst I know (trust me) that documentation can be very boring (not to mention lots of people forget to do it), I definitely recommend using a tool like Loom to do recorded videos. Super easy to use and speeds up the process greatly. 

Documentation is boring but it’s certainly required to make this work.

Communication with external talent & teams

 ⭐  Tip 4: Communication is key and do it regularly

Virtual talent relies on good communication. 

More so than regular internal teams, virtual workers need structure and effective feedback mechanisms to ensure they’re motivated and keep doing a job well. 

I highly recommend doing daily stand ups or at least do them every few days. Even for around 5-10 mins if there’s no specific agenda. 

This ensures everyone stays on key tasks being completed on time. The opportunity cost of not investing in quick stand-ups can create future bottlenecks and delays in tasks and projects.

⭐  Tip 5: Provide & receive feedback in a constructive manner 

Everyone deals with feedback differently. 

Whenever it comes to feedback, it’s good to have a structure in place that works for both parties. 

Most people you will work with overseas enjoy receiving feedback as they want to make sure they do a good job for you.

In addition, it’s important for the workers to feel they can also provide feedback. Ask them questions like, “How can I make your job easier?”

This I’ve found to be super important, particularly in the early stages. It helps build trust fast.

My key recommendation to remember when working with overseas teams is making sure to share the small wins. This does help with keeping motivation and spirits high. 

⭐  Tip 6: Invest in training

You truly build high performing teams when you show you’re willing to invest in them as individuals. 

Investing in their professional skills ultimately helps them do a better job. In turn, your workers become more loyal. 

There are plethora of training programs online that don’t require significant funds.

Your Detailed Guide to Fiverr

There are hundreds of guides on how to use this marketplace if you're a freelancer, but there aren't many guides that illustrate and delve into detail about how you can build an outsource dream team using the platform. I'm going to show you below.

How does it Work?

How the platform works is simple. There's two ways to engage with potential talent for your job:

1. Find candidates through their profile and request a job
2. Post a request of your brief - candidates will then enquire to you

Below I share how to effectively find the right talent.

If you're a business or corporate, there are a couple of other options that may work for you.

Seller Ratings & Different Packpages

Something you won't see with the other marketplaces out there is something called Seller ratings.

It's a rating that freelancers on the platform receive based on their monthly activity and performance.

These are the ratings to look out for;

- New Seller - speaks for itself.
- Level 1 - 60+ days active & at least 10 orders with at least 4.7 stars
- Level 2 - 120+ days active & at least 50 orders with at least 4.7 stars
- Top-rated - 180+ days & 100+ orders with at least 4.7 stars

You can find all the other criteria for sellers here. It's good info to know as someone who is hiring.

Platform UX & Experience - High-level Breakdown

Searching for Talent

If you can’t find a job or freelancer to outsource, I’m not too sure where else you’re going to be able to find good talent for your tasks. 

There are an abundance of categories of jobs to choose from. I mean, just look at this image below. 

This is just the “Graphic & Design” category alone. 

All the categories involved in running a business are available to you right in front of yours eyes.

Your whole team is essentially waiting for you to be hired. You can build a serious outsourcing workforce which is lean and cost-effective.

Fiverr does a very good job with their UX as they make it easy for founders and business owners like myself who quickly need to find the task and submit a brief. 

The goal for me is to not hang on the platform for hours trying to find the right category, task or freelancer, it’s crucial for me to get stuff done quickly and move onto other important priorities. I’m sure if you’re reading this you would feel the same way.

You can hire anyone from writing ads for your Google Ads & Facebook Ads campaigns, gifs, video animations, managing your social media accounts, customer service… you name it. The list goes on. 

What happens when you click on a category?

Exploring the category pages is easy, especially on mobile. 

With a “category tree” design, you can easily find all the tasks relating to that main category with beautiful images relating to sub categories. 

Also, there are links to video help if you need it. 

What happens once you click a sub category?

Now, this is where the power of the platform comes in. Finding the right talent for your jobs. 

For this example, I’ve chosen “Business Cards & Stationery”.

As you can see, you will instantly see options for freelancers without any filters or criteria.

Automatically before you do a filter, you will see some “Recommended” freelancers worth considering. 

How can we narrow down some freelancers who could be the right fit?

Just like we do with looking up accommodation using sites like Airbnb or, we can use filters to help us improve our chances to find appropriate talent faster.

Key Filters

On the left hand side you will find 4 key filters which are dropdowns;
- Service Options - Narrows into business card and/or stationery, file format + service included.
- Seller Details - Level of skill, location + language.
- Budget - Min to Max. budget
- Delivery Time - Express, 3 days, 7 days and custom

Within each of these dropdowns, you will quickly see there are quite a few options to filter. Check out this image below.

The beautiful part of the UX is the marketplace uses dynamic search filtering once you select your filters, which makes it faster to see if you're filtering down to the desired people you're looking for.

Extra Filters

In addition to these key baseline filters, on the right hand side you will find filters which toggle including; 

- Pro Services - Vetted freelancers
- Local Sellers - From your country
- Online Sellers - Live as you’re searching

Using these filters can really target your specific requirements for your desired person which you can do in a matter of seconds. 

Sort Results

Once you select your key filters and criteria, you can then “sort” by: 

- Recommended
- Best Sellers
- Newest Arrivals

This is really helpful if you still have 500+ results after you’ve used your best filters.

When it comes to profiles, there are a few things to take into account to decide if they are a suitable candidate worth hiring. 

For this example, I am going to use a profile of a candidate I used to create an infographic.

I list 10 steps and key factors to look out for when looking for a candidate: 

⭐ #1 - What level of Seller are they?

As we can see on this profile, we can see they are level 2.

Being a level 2 seller means they’ve been on the platform for a while, so it was a good sign when I first saw this profile.
⭐ #2 - Do they have nice imagery of their work?

Clearly on this profile they have an amazing portfolio and images of their work. This was an obvious standout to me in terms of the quality I could receive.

When selecting through profiles, especially if they are a designer, they should be using high-quality imagery and an array of their work with other clients. 

⭐ #3 - How many favourites does the profile have?

In the top right hand corner of the profile page, you will see a ‘heart icon’ with a number next to it.

It means visitors of this profile have added this freelancer to their list (s). This is another signal that this is a popular freelancer for hire. 

⭐ #4 - Ratings & Reviews

This speaks for itself. We know the power of what reviews can reveal to us.

This profile has over 6000+ reviews averaging 4.9 - just insane!
Something to consider: Can you rely on reviews and lots of ratings alone? My suggestion is to not only take this into account as a success factor. There are many other amazing freelancers across lots of categories I’ve used before with good ratings but only about 30+ reviews. They were amazing in terms of what they produced so don’t just go after freelancers with thousands of reviews.

In addition, you can see they have another “29 orders in Queue” at that present time when I took the screenshot. It clearly shows that this candidate is in demand and popular. This can be a good thing & not so good thing. 

If they have a lot of projects in the Queue, then potentially your project may be delayed. Whilst freelancers pride themselves on time, if you’re pressing for a deadline for your project, you should keep this in mind. 

⭐ #5 (Bonus) - Repeat buyers

What you don’t always see on profiles is this message below - “Buyers keep returning”.

Now this is definitely a big signal, on top of the reviews and ratings, that customers are paying for more gigs with this designer. 

You almost can’t get better social proof. 

⭐ #6 - Gig Overview + Testimonial 

As we decide to scroll down the page, we will see more information about what they can offer. 

Typically, this is where they share explicit details of:
- What they can produce
- How they work
- Features of a regular gig
- What you will get as deliverables (once task is finished)
- Numbers of revisions
& more

Every profile can state different things in their profiles. The above of what this profile mentions and personally what I would suggest, would be to take these above points into account. 

⭐ #7 - Info about the Seller

As we continue to scroll, we come across “About the Seller”. 

What sort of information does a good candidate share: 

- Location - Important depending on your search.
- Member Since - Good sign they know how the process works (same time I joined too funnily enough with this example).
- Average response - Good sign they have good customer service with any questions or queries.
- Last Delivery -  when they last finished a job.

You can also see that this profile also shares a bit about themselves. This isn’t the same as the Gig overview as we mentioned above. 

This is more in regards for those wanting to share a bit more about their overall experience with that skill.

⭐ #8 - Package offers

Now is the exciting part. You’re now exploring profiles and quickly getting to know which profiles are good candidates for you to work with. 

In the “Compare Packages” section, you will typically see 3 main packaged services they provide:

- Basic 
- Standard
- Premium

For me personally, I’ve never (I don’t think anyway) selected the basic package. For many profiles, it’s usually the minimum of a freelancer’s potential. 

It can be a good option for testing the waters, but in many cases based on some of the factors of what makes a good profile as we’ve discussed above, you should have more confidence in what result you can expect. 

⭐ #9 - FAQ’s & Detailed reviews

The last couple of items as we scroll down are the Frequently Asked Questions and detailed reviews left by customers.

I always suggest reading the FAQ’s of any profile. Many of them are standard practice but for any of the categories and tasks that you choose, there are always specific requirements worth checking or clarifying.

This saves both time for yourself and the person doing your tasks. 

Two key things here I’ve highlighted under the FAQ’s are rating breakdowns and “Show only reviews with images”. This again adds that extra layer of proof that this person should perform well.

⭐ #10 - Customising your final package

You’re now in the final stages before confirming that you’re working with your ideal candidate. 

However, there’s a step in finalising before placing your order.

On top of the standardised packages, you can add “extras” which are single items which you can pay for. Typically these are:

- Faster delivery
- Extra files
- Extra word count
- & other factors

These “extras” are chosen by the freelancers, so you will see a variety of “extras” from profile to profile.

Key takeaway's for candidate profiles

Here are some key takeaways to consider a summary.

✅ Be prepared with a clear brief of what you're looking for.
✅ Use lists to "save" ideal candidates as you scroll through profiles
✅ Make sure to take into account the factors of what makes a good profile
✅ Don't choose someone solely on amount of reviews - there are lots of amazing talent waiting to be discovered

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🏅Fiverr Pro

What is the pro version?

Fiverr Pro is a vetted selection of the best freelancers that are available. In fact, it’s the top 1%. 
Freelancers have to go through a detailed and rigorous process to apply and get confirmed as part of the program. 

How do you know a candidate is a vetted pro?

You will see this on their profile below.

So, how is the Pro program different to just hiring directly on the marketplace?

The main difference comes down to working with top-quality talent faster as well as VIP support from customer service. 

As you can see on the landing page, those who use the Pro program are typically well-known corporate brands such as Paypal, Payoneer, New York Yankees & many more. 

Benefits of using vetted pro’s: 

- Years of experience
- Worked on top-tier clients
- Not wasting time testing talent
- Great customer care 24/7

Of course working with verified pro’s means you’re paying a premium. 

If you’re an established startup or a scale-up wanting to ensure not to waste time finding the best talent, then definitely check out Pro. 

🏆 Fiverr Business

Who is business for and how does it work?

The offering is focused on companies wanting to build a team of freelancers with the help of a dedicated customer success team member. 

Essentially, being part of the business program ensures you get a dedicated manager helping you find, vet and select candidates required for the job. 

This is great for busy marketers and corporate/startup teams who don’t have time to hand-select talent. 
The account manager will also manage the various projects so they can make sure you get your desired outcome based on your brief and requirements. 

All you need to do is create the brief and determine the quality you’re after and your account manager will handle the rest. 

What’s the cost?

Normally, it’s $149 USD per year. However if you’re a new business, then it’s $0 for your first year. Pretty good offering.

What’s the difference between Pro and Business?

The main difference is: 

- Pro - you are in control of selecting the right talent for the job.
- Business - you receive an account manager who can find the right talent for the job for you for a small fee. 

If you’re a corporate client, the business program would be suitable. 

The opportunity cost of spending time finding the right talent, especially if you have a lot of tasks & jobs required, far outweighs the $149 fee.

💬 Round up of 7 primary benefits & features 💪

I’ve explained now in detail some of the key features of using the platform to search for the right candidates for your job, but what are some of the real benefits that can make a difference to your business?

There are other key freelancing marketplace players in the market, yet I still come back for tasks required by some of my clients & startups I work with.

Let’s get into the benefits.

Benefit #1 - Explore a plethora of jobs, categories with an easy UX

I’ve already talked about in detail.
Aside from the volume of jobs & ease of use, you have the opportunity to build a cross-functional remote team, all within in the one platform.

It's pretty neat when you think about it.

Benefit #2 - Building long-term relationships

If you’re relatively new, then you should be across the primary role of the product by reading this guide. 

You create your brief, find & save candidates to your lists, then you post a job request or choose one desired candidate you prefer with a select package.

You receive or choose candidates and then begin your job.

Then you may be finished with a task (hopefully satisfied) and decide to move on to try another freelancer. 

Over the years whether it be reviews on profiles or within forums, is that many founders and businesses use lots of different freelancers for various tasks. Of course, that’s all well and good. You’re free to do whatever you choose.

In my eyes with outsourcing in general, the real benefit comes from building longer term relationships.

It goes with the point I stated above - you literally could build your whole outsourcing team all within one platform. 

From my experience I’ve had great success with building longer term relationships, especially around marketing & growth channels.

For example: 

- Graphic designer - I use a graphic designer a few hours a week to help create Facebook & Instagram Ads. They also help me with some email designs and infographics.
- Copywriter - Whilst I am a copywriter myself, sometimes I lack time so a few hours a month I have a dedicated copywriter to help me with client work. 
- Analytics & Reporting - I don’t mind reporting but it can seriously be time consuming. I have someone who helps create reports fast and is reliable. 

I am planning on building out some other functions soon to help with a couple of startups I am helping. In fact, they’re now using the product for other tasks and requirements for their business. 

Key takeaway: Build long term relationships for consistent success.

Benefit #3 - Fairly Fast Delivery

One of the key USP's of the product is the ability to see within the packages and reviews of how quickly freelancer’s can complete jobs. 

You don’t see this with many other marketplaces.

Typically speaking, jobs that are quickly finished (e.g. 1 day) usually are the starter packages. Hence, more difficult or specialised tasks, usually falls under higher packages as it may require more days or more revisions.

Key Takeaway: Fast & reliable task delivery. In addition, know what's realistic for your required within a given time period.

Benefit #4 - Great communication

Over the years the one thing I have been really happy to experience with the platform is that every person I have worked and partnered with has great communication. Fast and effective. 

What is a testament to many of the freelancers I’ve worked with is that if there are any delays, I always get a nice message as a friendly heads up that it may take an extra day or perhaps longer. As a customer, that’s completely fine. 

I pride myself on good communication and just transparency around the updates in tasks. 

I much rather tasks be late and be notified via message than work with someone who may be really talented and doesn’t communicate. This may not be everyone’s point of view but I think honesty and transparency matters. 

Key Takeaway: Don’t be too hard on freelancers who may be late with their gigs. Reward talent you like that have good communication even if tasks are late. I often find these people are more loyal and it has helped me with future discounted rates.

Benefit #5 - Transparency & detailed profiles

We’ve touched on transparency around communication, but what about when finding and engaging with talent?

When it comes to scouting talent, that’s where the power of profiles come into play. You can quickly see whether or not they’re a great prospect. You can instantly see:

- Reviews & Testimonials
- Gigs completed
- Images of work
- “Saved” on various lists
- Detailed profile

Having this level of transparency makes it more effective for decisions around hiring. 

Key takeaway: Don’t just go for those who only have 5 stars. Make sure to check profiles that they have many written testimonials and proven work. Some may have fake reviews to get their volume of star ratings up.

Benefit #6 - Community Forum

An awesome initiative by Fiverr is they have also built a really engaging community forum for both sellers and buyers. 

There are lots of discussions & topics which you can filter by:

- Categories
- “Top”
- “Latest”
- Tips
- & many more. 

It’s a great resource for finding tips and ways of getting the most out of the service.

Check out the Tips for Buyers forum.

Key Takeaway: The forum really does help with extra information of what to look out for and what to avoid.

Benefit #7 - Blog & YouTube Channel

Another benefit is their awesome content channels across their blog & YouTube channel.

I’m sure many of you are past the starting your business stage, so I definitely recommend reading their “Scale your Business” section. 

Some awesome articles I’ve read over time with some solid tips and takeaways. 

You can also find some solid video content on their YouTube account.

These are the main 7 benefits of using the marketplace as a service to find and work with talent. If you've got any questions relating to my experience, then please feel free to get in touch as happy to answer them. :)

Outsourcing Resources

I've found some amazing resources in regards to successful outsourcing and building epic remote virtual teams. More awesome resources to be added over time. I hope you enjoy these below.


Using Fiverr to grow your business

Awesome video by Stefan James (Project Life Mastery) who shares some of his key tips and "gigs" which you can engage with to open up more time to concentrate on growing your business.

⚡ Good video to watch ⚡
Extensive Video Review of Fiverr

This video by Sean Cannel is a great insight into how to pick and hire the best freelancers on Fiverr.

It's definitely one of the better video reviews I've seen with great detail.

⚡ Watch the review⚡
Agency Clients - 

Really good video by Jeff Sauer on 7 key tips when scaling your agency with the power of hiring good talent for projects.

It's a good video to watch if you're running an agency or consultancy whether it be marketing, design or another field. Really effective tips and principles to keep in mind.

⚡ Know the key tips⚡
Hiring your first creative freelancer

This is a really awesome video by one of my favourite creators and entrepreneurs Chris Do (Founder of The Futur).

Chris shares a lot of content, with a particular focus around design & creative.

Many of you would be looking for designers to do work, so I recommend watching this video.

As a heads up, it is 60 mins long but he shares some really good thoughts and tips.

⚡ The video for hiring creatives⚡
Tight budget? Outsource key marketing tasks

We've mentioned it a few times before already but finding people who can complete your required tasks cheaply is one of the most effective ways to get your tasks done fast.

In this awesome video by Neil Patel, he shares how you can outsource some of your marketing to generate more output for less budget.

⚡ Do Marketing Cheaply⚡
Your first virtual assistant hire

Chris Whaling is a top YouTuber who shares in this video on how to hire your first VA.

He then goes into detail about how to build a team of VA's through following a process for finding great candidates, to knowing what to offload in terms of tasks and how to make it a scaleable and repeatable process.

⚡ Get your first VA Hire⚡

Books & Guides

4-Hour Workweek

This book is by famous author Tim Ferris has to be one of my GOAT books I've read.

If you haven't read it, you should.

Tim goes into detail and shares examples of how to find and delegate tasks to people so you can regain back your time and do more of what you love.

I really like the book based on the foundations and examples he shares.

⚡ Learn more about book⚡

A really good book most likely you haven't heard of before is called Smartsourcing authored by Thomas Koulopoulos.

Thomas is an experienced businessman with years of experience working with global companies to help drive innovation.

The book shares details of how companies can work with service providers to create systems and reduce costs.

The book is a bit older now (written in 2006) but many principles in the book are applicable today.

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