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19 Best Free & Paid Push Notification Services for 2024

Looking at incorporating push notifications as part of your product and marketing engagement strategy? I share a detailed guide to some of the best services and providers out in the market that are applicable for SaaS, marketplaces, eCommerce companies and DTC.
July 25, 2022
Dan Siepen
January 2, 2024
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Author: Dan Siepen (Founder & Editor)
I've been a Growth Marketer for 8+ years (eCommerce/DTC 6+ years), and love developing strategies and executing channels for eCommerce/Shopify brands. I've used hundreds (and hundreds) of software tools to help execute on key strategies for eCommerce growth, and I'm here to help highlight which tools, software and apps can help you scale your store.
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We all experience push notifications daily with many of our favourite apps and software programs. 

Whether it be ordering takeaway food through Uber Eats, completing tasks before the due date in Asana, or even when you receive a new important email in Gmail, the best companies in the world incorporate push notifications as part of their product & growth strategies.

Why is this the case? Well, I’m sure that if you’re reading this, we can all agree push notifications are great for boosting engagement with users and customers. I mean, it works on you and I, right? 

The fact that you’ve come across this post means that you’re researching which platform is best suited for your SaaS product business, mobile app, or eCommerce store.

Well, I’ve got the answers for you below with this list of the best push notification services I’ve either used or had exposure too, or that have been recommended to me from other marketing friends of mine. 

What are the best push notification providers that are feature-rich? What do I need to factor in to make the right choice for my business?

Before we dive in, it’s important to have a small ‘checklist’ of key considerations and questions to ask yourself (and your product/growth team) before investing in a particular platform.

Here are some suggestions that I also personally use as criteria before deciding on a particular solution: 

  • What’s the installation process like? What resources are required to scope and implement into the product?
  • Do they do web push notifications? Mobile phone personalised notifications? Wearables?
  • Do they have existing integrations that make it easy to work with my other tools?
  • Which platforms have a good user experience? What’s easy for you or your non-technical marketers to quickly create, design and implement campaigns?
  • What do analytics and user segmentation look like? How detailed can you go?
  • Are there A/B split testing options? Can you easily track conversions once events are set up?
  • Can you send drip campaigns automatically?

Depending on your business requirements, you probably have many more questions and key items you’re looking for. Either way, I hope these suggestions help.

Okay, let's dive into my recommendations. Enjoy.

1. Push Alert 

Push Alert is a great marketing, automation, and engagement platform that aims to increase your business reach and revenue using push notification. Since it is web-based, it helps you keep in touch with users even without a mobile app. 

Push Alert is used by over 30,000 businesses worldwide including CNN, BioTech USA, Vodafone, and Top Cashback, and is compatible with all major browsers and devices.

Pros and benefits:

  • It has multiple engagement uses that basically cut down the need to use other software
  • It lets you access all of the features using just web, thereby removing the need to invest in app development
  • Helps you enhance customer relationships, provide a better overall experience, and increase your return on investment
  • The user interface is very easy to navigate and integrate with your website

Cool awesome features:

  • Convert visitors to subscribers using just one click subscription, which works on both mobile devices and desktops
  • Lets you target visitors and audiences depending on their demographics and other categorisations, including keywords inputted, the device used, URL visited, location, and the number of times they visited a certain page. You can set as many limitations and custom segments as you wish
  • Has A/B testing that will help you figure out the best combination of media, title, and message in order to get your point across and attract customers, thereby improving your push notification strategy
  • Provides in-depth analysis and metrics such as number of impressions, click-through rate, and delivery rate across different audiences and demographics, devices, and browsers
  • Allows customisation of notification boxes and supports different languages for your push notifications


Push Alert has a free version that lets you send notifications to up to 3,000 subscribers. Then there’s the basic plan priced from $12 to $75 per month, depending on how many subscribers you’re working with. This plan allows you to include a CTA in the push notifications, pre-schedule messages, and get detailed analytics. Then there’s the premium plan priced at $39 to $225 depending on the size of your market, with drip campaigns, automated A/B testing, timezone scheduling, and event-based triggered notifications.

2. Intercom 

Intercom brands itself as a modern communications solution that is used at all points of the sales funnel engagement, marketing, sales, and support. It basically streamlines communications between a business and its market, as it provides features that will enable a brand to engage customers at various touch points.

The software is currently being used by over 25,000 businesses, including Amazon, Udemy, Shopify, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Pros and benefits:

  • An all-in-one communications tool that rids of the need to pay for or download other messaging and engagement solutions
  • It helps provide a personalised experience to customers at scale, depending on your company’s needs and requirements
  • Supports multi-channel campaigns, thereby allowing you to connect to customers wherever they are
  • It will ultimately help you make the most of every engagement touchpoint, which will effectively increase your reach and conversions

Cool awesome features:

  • Lets you send singular or collective messages on different channels and platforms, depending on your goals and market. This covers customer onboarding, announcements, surveys, and abandoned cart re-engagement via push notifications, web messages, chatbots, banners, and emails
  • Allows the building of a very customised workflow with different trigger points and target parameters for pre-set messages and templates
  • Has bots that allow you to greet customers with personalised messaging as soon as they visit your website and then segment and distribute succeeding interactions to different team members 
  • Offers split testing that would help you decide which messaging, and the campaign would work best for your audience
  • It can be integrated with your tech stacks such as Shopify, Marketo, Stripe, and Salesflow, thereby letting you sync data and workflows better


Intercom has a unique pricing model wherein they charge depending on how many team members will be using the software and how many people are reached. For instance, the starter plan starts at $79 per month, which allows for 2 team members and 1,000 people reached monthly. Additional team members will cost $19 each and every additional 1,000 people reached will cost $50 more. 

3. One Signal 

One Signal is a well-known communications software specialising in push notifications, including SMS, email, and in-app solutions. It also includes tools that may be required for proper business communication, including testing and analytics, and thus brands itself as everything you are looking for to connect with customers in one tool.

It is currently trusted by nearly 2 million businesses, including, USA Today Sports, Tribune Publishing, and Upwork, and was awarded as the top messaging platform on G2.

Pros and benefits:

  • An all-in-one communications solution that uses different messaging and notification methods
  • It can be set up within 15 minutes and is very easy to use
  • It offers the API keys of the software for developers and can be coded in any language

Cool awesome features:

  • Delivers different types of mobile push notifications, including promos and updates, username mentions, transaction alerts, and personalised messages on iOS, Huawei, and Android phones
  • Works with browser notifications that appear just as push would on mobile, without requiring personal information from customers. These can be triggered whenever you publish new posts on your website or when customers forget an item in the cart
  • Allows the creation of dynamic workflows that have pre-built SDKs, automation, delayed push permission prompts, and customisable notification bells 
  • Offers in-app notifications (if you do have an app) using powerful personalised messaging to defined segments or according to triggers based on user behaviour. You can easily customise messages using drag and drop so that you're in-app notifications will look native to your platform


A free plan allows unlimited subscribers, but it only comes with limited personalisation and one in-app message. The growth plan at $9 a month allows for advanced in-app messaging and list uploads, the professional plan at $99 a month allows for advanced personalisation and CSV exports. The enterprise plan will be charged at a customised rate and will include custom segments and tags.

4. Notificare 

Notificare aims to deliver one-to-one unique experiences to consumers. It is one tool that would help you reach your different customer segments in different ways.

Further, it is ISO/IEC27001 certified, GDPR compliance, with rock solid APIs. It is used by companies like Blokker, Rode Kruis, and Altissia and has won at the podium EMERCE 100 for four years in a row.

Pros and benefits:

  • Leans into conversational and interactive methods to engage customers
  • Has 24/7 customer service support should you encounter any issues
  • Incredibly easy to use and offers a lot of opportunities within the software

Cool awesome features:

  • It lets you provide web and app push notifications from one platform, with an in-app messaging centre for your own brand
  • Has advanced audience target selection lets you segment customers according to their location, interests, platforms, behaviour, and interests. You can even target customers based on the notifications they have already opened from your brand or the succeeding actions they took
  • Allows team collaboration for when creating message templates, as other team members can come in and edit and make comments
  • Measures the success of your messages so you can see the messages that performed the best, complete with s trend line so you can gauge your trajectory
  • Runs campaigns using any language and can localise all text, media, and actions as the software also considers dialects and lexical variations


The startup plan costs $29 a month and gives you access to push notifications, email, and SMS capabilities, suitable for markets not greater than 25,000 people. The online plan for 50,000 users comes in at $199 a month and lets you work with 20 geo zones. The enterprise plan for over 250,000 people is priced at $819 a month with unlimited geo zones and a dedicated customer success manager.

5. Pushcrew (now VMO)

Pushcrew, now known as VWO Engage, is a dedicated web push notification platform that lets you send out messages for nearly every circumstance and customer behavioural pattern. It is integrated with the VWO ecosystem and works well with the other software on the platform.

Pros and benefits:

  • Innately compatible with VWO platform applications such as VWO insights and VWO testing
  • Dedicated to push notifications, so you won’t have to feel confused about other options that are not relevant to you
  • Can get you up to 4x the click-through rate of email campaigns

Cool awesome features:

  • Sends messages directly to the browsers of your audience and has a notification strategist that would help you optimise your push campaigns
  • Lets you organise behaviour-based trigger campaigns, which will send personalised notifications to your users if they abandon a cart, miss a deal, or click through a notification without any further action
  • If you are running multiple websites, VWO Engage lets you run all the push notifications for these websites through a single account, and you can even share access with your team and limit their privileges depending on their role
  • You can choose to decide whether to send real-time or prescheduled notifications, with an expiry limit and countdown for deals and promotions that are time bound


VWO Engage has a 30-day free trial, and then pricing will depend on your company size and needs. You would need to request a demo in the company to get a quotation.

6. Countly 

Countly is a famous and well-reputed company that primarily helps companies keep track of their customer behaviour, product performance, and sales across your brand’s web, mobile, and desktop applications. Yes, this includes the performance of your push notifications, with over 15 SDKs available.

The software is used by brands such as Coca-Cola, Panasonic, Outbank, and Allianz.

Pros and benefits:

  • It provides you with highly accurate analytics without compromising your data privacy
  • It lets you understand not just the performance of your push notifications but also your conversion status and application measures
  • Provides you with data that impact all levels of your business, thereby allowing you to make highly informed and calculated decisions

Cool awesome features:

  • It let you create your own plugins if you want to add more specific functions to your Countly platform, such as marketing capabilities and further analytics. This then rids you of the build vs buy dilemma
  • Tracks single customer sessions and behaviour, including custom event activity, server crashes, and funnel completions. Using this information, you can then tag each customer profile with key values and properties
  • Sends push notifications that are tightly integrated with your user analytics to ensure that they will lead to better retention and conversion


Countly has two versions of its software: The enterprise edition and the community edition. The community edition is free and provides you with limited access to user analytics and push notifications. Meanwhile, the enterprise edition has access to all the functionalities of the software, and the price will be tailored depending on your company's needs.

7. Air Ship 

Air Ship is a mobile marketing and push notification software that powers commercial messages through all engagement channels, including mobile, SMS, email, and app. It has everything businesses need to optimise their customer’s mobile app journeys.

The brand highlights the delivery of MAX, which stands for mobile app experiences, to bring better business results. It is used by companies like Shell, Chipotle, and NBC Sports.

Pros and benefits:

  • It’s basically an all-in-one solution for mobile app communications between businesses and consumers
  • Tested and proven to increase sales and transactions done via mobile
  • Caters to different business industries and can address the varying needs of each area

Cool awesome features:

  • Creates powerful app experiences based on consumer preferences, with personalised and in-the-moment interactions that would drive customers back to use your app
  • You can reach users who have your mobile app via push notifications. And if they do decide to opt-out of push notifications, you still have the option for interactive in-app messages that won’t feel intrusive to the consumer
  • Has a message centre for your customers, where they can go anytime and access information that is personalised to them
  • Allows you to make customised visual changes to your messages, such as the colour and location of call-to-action buttons across different devices


Airship pricing will depend on the size of your company and your functionality requirements so that you could request custom mobile pricing on their website.

8. Pushbots 

Pushbots is a push notification solution that works for the web, app, and mobile. It considers itself a multi-campaign wizard that is highly easy to use and run, whether it’s used for ads, engagement, conversion, or subscriptions.

Pros and benefits:

  • It has an SDK that can be set up and installed by programmers in less than ten minutes
  • It lets you focus on other business needs and sales as it frees you of the need to spend so much time on messaging and engagement
  • Highly scalable as it supports most devices and all major SDKs

Cool awesome features:

  • Provides an overview of your app users, such as their geographic location, languages they speak, and whether they have already installed your latest app update
  • It lets you send targeted content to a specific set of users, depending on the demographic or segment you’re going for
  • It gives you the optimal time to send out notifications to your users using artificial intelligence. A predictive model will state the best time to notify each customer, depending on their time zone and individual behaviour
  • It has a query builder that lets you see the users who were active the last thirty days or which users signed up on which specific day


Pushbots has a free plan that lets you send an unlimited number of push notifications to up to 1,000 customers. Then there’s a lite plan at $29 a month that allows for up to 5,000 subscribers, a basic plan at $49 a month that allows for up to 60,000 subscribers, a plus plan at $129 a month that allows for up to 150,000 subscribers, and an ultimate plan at $249 a month that caters to 300,000 subscribers. Anything more than this will require a customised plan.

9. Kumulos (by Optimove)

Kumulos (which has now been acquired by Optimove) lets you run automated campaigns for mobile apps using push notifications, in-app messaging, web-to-app banners, SMS, and email. It seeks to help you optimise all the opportunities just sitting there in your app by tapping into user and program data. 

It is award-winning and was built by developers, for developers. It is currently being used by brands such as Jillian Michaels, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, and Network Rail.

Pros and benefits:

  • Has powerful, personalised messaging solutions for brands of any size and offers white label solutions
  • It provides you with accurate data and smart insights that allow you to deliver precise messaging and campaigns for the right people
  • It helps you leverage web traffic by providing you with tools that would keep your audience engaged 

Cool awesome features:

  • It lets you create rich and interactive mobile experiences with the use of rich media, videos, and templates
  • Can trigger location-aware experiences by using Geofences and Beacons, and segments customers based on demographics 
  • Has built-in audience,  retention, conversion, and engagement analytics that let you make data-driven decisions and provide you with actionable insights that can help increase the impact and delivery of your campaigns
  • Includes permission overlays and soft prompts such as bells and alerts that give your audience the option to opt-in, and has customisable web-to-app banners


Kumuos only offers personalised pricing, so you would need to contact the company to get a quote. Having said that, plans will now fall under Optimove since the platform hasbeen acquired.

10. Swrve 

Swrve is a great customer experience platform that prioritises mobile customers in its engagement. The company has been successful in delivering results to companies for over 10 years now and continues to be trusted by brands such as Emirates, Conde Nast, Warner Bros, and Sony.

Pros and benefits:

  • It gives you access to real-time data so that you can anticipate customer wants and needs in any given moment
  • Allows you to reach millions of users with ease, across different channels, platforms, and devices
  • It aims to help you company drive growth at all levels of the conversion funnel and business cycle

Cool awesome features:

  • It lets you design and automate onboarding workflows, optimise monetisation opportunities, and drive customer satisfaction by using customer data to pinpoint exact openings
  • Integrates with your backend technology to create customer experiences using a wide range of data across your tech stack
  • Provides you with the capacity to target, deploy, and measure in-app surveys accurately
  • Offers a sophisticated UI/UX A/B testing that will help you target users with the best possible messaging in a manner that is individually relevant to them


You can directly get in touch with Swrve to get a quotation for your company.

11. Push Woosh 

Push Woosh is a cross-channel marketing and push notifications service that helps brands enhance their customer engagement using push notifications, in-app messaging and email campaigns. It is largely mobile driven and currently caters to over 80,000 companies including Deloitte, Unilever, Adidas, and Avianca.

It was created to integrate with your shop’s software, so it works with Flutter, Adjust, Wordpress, Salesforce, Android, and iOS among others.

Pros and benefits:

  • Has proven, branded testimonies of how the software has helped increase sales, customer retention, and revenue.
  • Lets you do all push marketing efforts from one platform, from engagement to retention.

Cool awesome features:

  • Splits your audience into groups and segments based on their different attributes, notification preferences, and actual behaviour. You can then personalise messages to your customers by use of their names, local language, and time zone
  • Lets you use Rich Media and Custom Sound to make your notifications richer and more immersive
  • Has a customer journey builder which gives you complete control of your interactions with customers at every stage in their journeys. You could set communication sequences and triggers that would ensure they get notifications and messages after certain action points
  • Keeps a record of your push notification performance and provides you with data so you can properly assess and plan your marketing campaigns. You can see your click-through rate, the number of notifications delivered and opened, and just how far your customers have gone through the conversion funnel
  • Has an easy-to-use editor that lets you edit templates for appealing in-app messages, which can reach even customers that have not allowed for push notifications


Push Woosh offers various plans, and guarantees transparent pricing, but how this price will look for your company can only be determined after a consultation and demo.

12. Leanplum 

Leanplum was specially created for app-first companies, and it’s the only solution that provides personalised capabilities for all engagement opportunities including push notifications. It is used by companies like TED, Tesco, Big Fish, and Pixowl, and claims to be the only company that focuses on optimisation for gaming, subscription, on-demand, and mobility apps. 

Still, the software is also largely used by mobile retail and finance. It currently ranks as the number one tool for mobile app optimisation on G2.

Pros and benefits:

  • Specifically created for app-first companies and thereby provides you with solutions that cater to your industry.
  • Produces measurable return on investment as experienced by former customers, as can be seen through case study articles and testimonials on their website.

Cool awesome features:

  • Allows you to personalise CRM messaging and remote config so that you can deliver holistic brand and experiences to customers
  • Let's you run industry-standard A/B testing so you can iterate faster with statistical confidence. You can also analyse the downstream impact of tests on metrics retroactively, applicable for onboarding, re-engagement, upgrade nudges, and promos
  • Offers audience segmentation at scale to help you understand your different market demographics and optimise personalisation opportunities that would increase your engagement, retention, and conversions
  • Has the option for delivering messages based on triggers across mobile push notifications and in-app notifications, with additional email capabilities and SMS integration
  • Can schedule recurring campaigns and gives you control over your messaging with real-time prioritisation and optimal time delivery


The pricing of Leanplum will depend on how many monthly customers actively use your app. 25,000 people will cost you $330 every month, 50,000 people will cost you $660 a month, and then this goes on following a similar pricing pattern. However, having over 125,000 users will require you to acquire a personalised plan.

13. Localytics (by Upland)

Localytics is a leading marketing and analytics solution, and it lets you deliver mobile app campaigns that drive customer engagement and loyalty through the use of data. It uses push notifications via web and app and in-app messaging to connect with customers, and is used by companies like HSN, Go Pro, Verizon, and Comcast. 

It is great for scaling and has the capacity to track up to 100,000 active users and 12 million data points.

Pros and benefits:

  • Caters to the needs of different industries, so the software would work well for your business regardless of what it focuses on
  • Places an emphasis on personalised customer experiences, which means that your push notifications would appeal to your customers on a deeper level
  • Is part of the Upland ecosystem which has other products that would complement your mobile app marketing efforts, such as mobile messaging and emails

Cool awesome features:

  • Provides you with in-app and external customer data by combining layers of behavioural and historical analytics. This would help you discover what drives your retention and engagement and will assist in planning for future campaigns
  • Lets you target customers based on location, behaviour, and other similar audience segments
  • Uses preventive analytics that would help you know the triggers and behaviours of customers who suddenly drop off or abandon their cart, which then provides you with the opportunity to step in
  • Provides a user dashboard through which you can view interactions, funnels, users, campaigns, sessions, and events in detail


Pricing will depend on the size of your company and the number of users you cater to, so you would need to set up a demo with Localytics to get a quote.

14. Clevertap 

Clevertap is a user retention platform for mobile marketing apps, and it’s largely used by companies to help in building loyalty and audience. One of its capabilities is push notifications, with an emphasis on enhancing the user experience. It is used by global brands such as Disney+, Hotstar, and Domino’s.

Pros and benefits:

  • Provides resources and customer support that would help your company grow with the platform
  • Lets you build an omni channel customer experience that helps with customer retention
  • Fairly easy to set up and integrate with existing platforms used by your business

Cool awesome features:

  • Has the capacity to send media-rich notifications that would help re-engage customers who are currently not using your app. You can send out nudges to complete registration or check out app features, reminders for schedules and events, and promotions for deals and sales
  • Lets you customise any part of your message, including the username, location, or product mentioned, thereby leading to a more personalized experience
  • Provides A/B and multivariate testing that lets you test a variety of different copies, captions, and call-to-action buttons, along with the option for split delivery
  • Allows for the segmentation of messages based on customer locale or location and lets you engage users based on their action or inaction through the use of deep links
  • Has a campaign reporting capacity that lets you monitor and analyse click-through rates, conversions, and deliveries. It also lets you track revenue goals for specific campaigns


Plans will depend on the requirements of your company, and you would need to request a demo with Clevertap to get a specific quote.

15. Push Push Go 

Push Push Go is a push notifications platform that supports startups and corporations alike in their web campaigns. It manages various scenarios including cart abandonment, segmentation, and cross-selling, and provides insights into customer behaviour and preferences.

The company was awarded as the best sales generating tool in 2019 through the Laureate of E-commerce Germany awards, and the software is currently used by companies like Pandora, McDonald’s, and Travelist.

Pros and benefits:

  • Incredibly easy to set up and use, thereby making it accessible for beginners and pros alike
  • It has a user guide and video tutorial that will walk you through the setup and use cases of the platform, thereby ensuring that you can take advantage of its capabilities
  • Can increase your return rate and save abandoned carts, effectively increasing your sales and revenue

Cool awesome features:

  • It lets you send mass notifications to any amount of customers within a few seconds, but you also have the option to schedule the campaign for later.
  • Allows you to tag customers in a way to segment them into different categories, which can be added and removed as needed. You can then send out notifications to select users depending on their tag. You may also choose to limit campaigns from specific groups of people from campaigns by excluding certain tags.
  • It gives you the room to create different scenarios and triggers for customers and then sends personalised, automated campaigns depending on their visited categories, date of the last visit, cart values, and so on. The platform will also provide automation reports on the number of people who followed the intended action flow.


Push Push Go costs $20 per month for up to 2,000 subscribers and $39 per month for up to 5,000 subscribers. Anything more than this would require an enterprise plan which comes with a customs charge.

16. Catapush 

Catapush is a real-time push notification service that takes pride in its reliability, consistency, and timeliness of delivery. Because it has a push notification gateway that stands alone from Android FCM/HMS and Apple APNs, it is able to run its own connection with devices using XMPP protocols. This means that it is able to deliver notifications regardless of the situation, should there be a breakdown with other software, and it does so twice as fast.

It is trusted by establishments such as Uni Credit, Fineco Bank, Bocconi University, and Zucchetti Hospitality.

Pros and benefits:

  • It offers faster delivery service than other platforms, and the seconds saved are important if you are delivering critical messages with time constraints
  • It makes your push notifications traceable but still with complete privacy as it has end-to-end encryption 
  • Incredibly easy to use and integrate with zero maintenance windows

Cool awesome features:

  • Provides you with detailed delivery information for each message sent, including time sent, delivered, clicked, and opened. It also has retry mechanisms that would ensure the delivery of your notifications at all times
  • Lets you transmit rich media and data objects that would give users a more enhanced experience, along with the personalisation and integration of their data in the messages
  • Allows your customers to reply to push notifications via in-app messaging with just one click, thereby increasing the interaction and engagement between your business and the customers
  • Has an SMS fallback option that you could use if you encounter server errors but have really important push messages that need to be sent out without delay


Catapush has a free trial for up to twelve months, with a limit of 100 monthly active users. The pro plan, which allows for unlimited push notifications, core messaging features, and standard support is priced at $0.025 per monthly active user, with a discount starting at 10,000 users. Meanwhile, the enterprise plan which provides all advanced messaging features has a white label, and is given access to dedicated customer support will be priced according to your company size via a personalised quote.

17. Push Engage

Push Engage calls itself the best mobile and web push notification software, as it is used by over 10,000 businesses and sends out over 10 billion messages and notifications every month. It is known in over 150 countries, with customers such as Harvard Business Review, Wordpress, Glamour, and Ajio.

Pros and benefits:

  • Powerful and multifunctional but user-friendly and easy to navigate 
  • You can run push messages across Chrome, Safari Firefox, and others.
  • Offers an easy set-up in less than ten minutes and can be installed with a WordPress plugin, Shopify app, or a code snippet
  • Has branded success stories with exact percentages of impact and increase on their website

Cool awesome features:

  • It gives you full control over your notification design, including title text and messaging, image size, call-to-button text, and more. It also lets you personalise messages with geo-location, language, and time zone and even mention individual names
  • Comes with segmentation options for any action or attribute that you want to highlight or work with. The software itself can automatically segment customers based on the page they subscribed from, their location, the kind of device they’re using, and more. You can then set up trigger notifications based on expected behaviour
  • Provides advanced analytics such as push notification opt-in numbers, subscription data, geo-location stats, browser breakdown, sales, revenue, and engagement. You can even see the return on investment based on any goal you set for your campaigns, including cart abandonment reminders and cross-sell campaigns
  • Sets up drip campaigns by letting you send a series of push notifications at fixed intervals or triggers, depending on what you’re strategy is


Push Engage has a free plan for up to 200 subscribers. There is a business plan that starts at $9 per month, with prices varying on how many subscribers you have. 1,000 subscribers is at $9, 10,000 subscribers is at $39, and 100,000 subscribers is at $129.

18. Smart IO Labs 

Smart IO Labs is basically an all-in-one business messaging and notifications solution that uses web and mobile push notifications, Facebook notifications, Viber notifications, Telegram, and emails to reach your audience. It can send out alerts for nearly any type of event or trigger, such as new posts, back-in-stock notices, and events announcements.

It is currently rated at 4.55 out of 5 stars as a Wordpress plug-in, and it has five stars all the way on Capterra.

Pros and benefits:

  • Supports multiple platforms including iOs, Android, and Windows, and all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera
  • It can be localised to your context, which means that you can just download a PO file and translate it to your language
  • Focuses on issuing notifications to customers through various means and saves you money from having to go with different service providers

Cool awesome features:

  • Provides different ways to request for push permissions, which means that your visitors are sure to encounter one at some point
  • Gives you the option to run one campaign across all the platforms that are available to you and your customers, thereby streamlining the release and execution of your marketing push strategy
  • Gives you analytics stats for each campaign that you conduct on every platform
  • Lets you filter and segment subscribers based on their information, such as name, age, and country, and you can even target subscribers based on their location on the map
  • Has a web notification live preview so you know exactly how your messages are going to appear to your customers


Smart IO Labs has three different plans: The starter plan at $99, the personal plan at $149, and the elite plan at $600 – all to be paid at once. The starter plan only has access to 3 months of support, the personal plan has access to 2 years of support, and the elite plan has access to lifetime support.

19. Quickblox 

Quickblox basically lets you build the messaging solution that you need. It uses chat, video calling, and push notifications to reach your market, and would work with any existing software system. With how it is set up, its functionalities should then be able to address any need in any business industry. 

It is used by over 30,000 software developers and organisations, with over 75 million messages sent per day. Some of these brands include Unilever, Bosch, Samsung, and Yahoo.

Pros and benefits:

  • Works out of the box but has a 100% customisable user interface. No need for coding
  • Provides chat, notification, and video call solutions for any type of business in every industry
  • It will be designed to work specifically for your business and needs

Cool awesome features:

  • Push notifications can appear as real-time alerts and badge counters and can be targeted for all users, a segmented group, or even just a specific person
  • Lets you run recurring notifications set at a time interval, or you can choose to send out notifications using scheduling
  • Allows you to run a two-way live chat at all times to help enhance the engagement and experience of your customers. This can be done via public or private chat
  • Built on an encrypted platform to ensure that your data will remain secure, and the software is GDPR and HIPAA compliant
  • Lets you save all previous messages so you can review them and measure their performance


Quickblox has a free basic plan that can work with up to 500 users with a 1-month data retention. Meanwhile, the starter plan at $99 a month allows for up to 10,000 users with a 3-month data retention and the growth plan at $249 a month allows for up to 25,000 users with a 6-month data retention. Any more than this and you have to go for the enterprise plan, which will be personally quoted for your company.

⚡ Frequently Asked Questions ⚡

Which is the best push notification service that you recommend?

Many of the platforms mentioned I recommend looking into further for your business. If I only had to pick three of them as preferences, they would be Intercom, Catapush and Onesignal. All of them are feature-rich and come with awesome personalisation, targeting and customisation capabilities.

Which service providers for push notifications are free or have a freemium plan?

Most of the push notification tools I’ve talked about have at least a free trial or freemium plan. The apps with the best free plans are Quickblox, Push Engage, Pushbots, Countly, and OneSignal.

What are the different types of push notifications?

There are five (5) primary types which are web-based notifications, in-app notifications, desktop, wearables, and of course, mobile. Through these various placements, there are multiple types of push notification campaigns that you can run, for example, reminder notifications, flash sales, coupon codes, time-based, abandoned cart, shipping/logistics, event-triggered, and many more.

Are push notification apps easy to install?

Yes and no, it comes down to the complexity of notifications you want to send, as well as what CMS you use. If you’re on Shopify, installing push notifications usually is pretty straightforward, especially if you’re installing an app from the store. For SaaS startup businesses or mobile apps, your platform is usually custom-development, so developers will need to be involved. As a non-technical founder or marketer, you need to have the ability to design, set up segmenting/targeting and trigger when you want push notifications to send.

How much does running push notifications in your app or eCommerce store cost?

Usually, it’s pretty cost-effective. Many of the plans highlighted through each of these tools have set monthly pricing depending on the volume you want to send per month or specified time period. For example with Push Engage (post the free plan), you only pay $9 for 1000 subscribers and unlimited campaigns. This is just one example of many of the tools mentioned, so it’s evident it’s a good investment to explore for your business.

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