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12 Best PPC Automation & Google Ads Tools to Scale Accounts (2024)

Over the years I typically have run PPC and Google Ads accounts and campaigns without really any tools, aside from reporting integrations. However, the landscape has changed in the 2020's. Lots more competition and pressure to scale accounts, whilst keeping a good ROAS and ROI. I talk about some of the top tools I've used that have helped me and clients.
June 9, 2022
Dan Siepen
January 2, 2024
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Author: Dan Siepen (Founder & Editor)
I've been a Growth Marketer for 8+ years (eCommerce/DTC 6+ years), and love developing strategies and executing channels for eCommerce/Shopify brands. I've used hundreds (and hundreds) of software tools to help execute on key strategies for eCommerce growth, and I'm here to help highlight which tools, software and apps can help you scale your store.
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No matter what industry you’re in, the Google Ads and PPC ad networks have never been more fierce when it comes to competition. 

I’ve been in this game for a long time now, and it’s only becoming more expensive to compete and get cut through with targeting new customers or prospects. 

It’s even more costly if you don’t have the right tools or processes in place to help you manage everything from; 

  • Budget management and fluctuations
  • Click Fraud
  • Ad optimisations
  • Competition analysis 
  • Bid management

You name it. 

As you can see, there’s a lot to factor in for any marketer or founder. Even for experienced PPC and Google Ads marketers who’ve been doing this for years need the right tools in place in order to optimise campaigns and drive results. 

Which tools are great for beginners, to advanced PPC marketers, to manage successful Google Ads campaigns that can scale with a good ROI and good ROAS?

These are my top recommendations that I’ve tested and used for different use cases over the years. 

1. Madgicx

Madgicx provides companies with numerous ways to leverage multiple social media platforms through a no non-sense advertising platform. Data-driven advertisers can take advantage of Madgicx’s all-in-one advertising system that allows them to quickly optimise the results they see using marketing strategies powered by AI technology. The AI helps ensure optimal results by learning what works with your audience and what doesn't.


  • You can instantly deploy powerful social media ad automation tactics and streamline ad-buying workflows straight from its user-friendly dashboard.
  • Develop creatives with confidence of winning and scaling, where you can directly integrate creatives into the platform which gets matched with many possible audience variations to help you create epic campaigns that produce results.
  • The Creative Insights feature is an absolute winner. It allows you to see in-depth which among your ad creatives or content perform well across multiple audiences.
  • Customer service is on point. Basically, Madgicx is not just the software itself but you’ll also have access to a team of expert ads specialists to help you if you’re new to ad automation.  

Plans and Pricing

Madgicx offers a free 7-day trial of their platform. After which, you can opt for their Monthly Plan ($49), Quarterly (priced at $44/month), or Annual Plans (priced at $39/month).

2. RevealBot

Revealbot is another useful tool that provides you with advanced automation of Google Ads and other social media channels such as Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads and even Snapchat Ads. It can track several metrics while having the ability to programmatically pause, restart or adjust the direction of specific ads based on their performance. It automatically tracks ROAS, CPA, and other metrics to optimise your running ads.


  • No need for advanced scripts within your Google ads accounts.
  • Optimises ads based on custom rules, conditions, and actions that you set.
  • Provides insightful reports on standard metrics, tracks CPA, and automatically calculates ROAS.
  • Easily automates the management of ad campaigns while keeping tabs on daily and weekly progress.
  • Setup the ability to pause, boost or schedule automations in minutes. The standard is 15 mins, but you can customise further for more real-time tracking.
  • And the final feature I love if you don't want to be in the ads account all time is the Slack and email notifications. You set the triggers and rules of when you want to be notified. Let the automation handle everything whilst you power on with other important tasks.

Plans and Pricing

Revealbot allows users a 14-day free trial period. Then you can choose between a monthly billing plan priced at $99/month, or a semi-annual plan priced at $83/month.  

3. Morphio

If you are unsure where to turn when it comes to tracking negative or fraudulent trends from your marketing campaign, then you may want to take a look at Morphio. It displays data from all of your digital marketing platforms through a single view, so monitoring conversions and making strategic decisions is quick and easy. You'll also receive alerts whenever something doesn't seem right, meaning you have an extra security layer in place protecting your ad campaign 24/7.


  • The functionality of Morphio’s KPI calculator is a must-try. Using your past performance data, helps you calculate reasonable goals to come up with relevant key performance indicators.
  • You can prevent anomalies from happening in real-time using Morphio’s AI-powered tracking tool. It can accurately identify any fraudulent clicks that may negatively impact your ad campaign goals.
  • The platform also offers a very useful PPC audit feature that allows you to increase or decrease ad spend for specific Google Ads and Facebook campaigns.
  • Has a very responsive support team and even offers an onboarding call to new clients to help you navigate your way in Morphio.

Plans and Pricing

Offers a 14-day free trial, and 3 price plans: Entrepreneur ($49/month), Advertiser ($120/month) and Agency ($280/month),


As part of the Perion Network, is the company’s social advertising platform that makes it easy for performance marketers to advertise on social media by combining the power of AI and the technical know-how of actual digital advertising experts. Paragone helps businesses generate demand for its brand by having audiences engage and share content organically and efficiently.   


  • Features an Actionable Performance Monitor (APM) that allows you to observe paid social advertising activities in real-time.
  • Has an automated campaign management platform and dedicated digital advertising experts that combine powerful features of Paragone AI with human expertise.
  • Signing up for the service also includes a comprehensive overview/audit of your business performance across all channels, markets, and multiple brands.
  • They also as part of their product suite have attribution, which integrates directly with GA. You can choose which attribution model you prefer for your reporting and optimising of ads. Definitely rate the UX.

Plans and Pricing

Since publishing this article, Paragone has not made its pricing information public. Though they offer a 3-months, “risk-free” trial for you to test their services once you book a demo and sign up.

5. TapClicks (previously AdStage)

The next candidate on our list of best PPC automation platforms goes to TapClicks. Its strength lies in its ability to deliver a comprehensive dashboard that brings together all of your marketing data and metrics in one place. This allows you to complete your digital marketing campaign at any given moment at the convenience of one comprehensive dashboard. As such, it helps marketers make sense of the enormous amounts of data generated by their campaigns from across social media channels.


  • Perhaps the best feature of TapClicks is its dashboard and its ability to keep all your data in one place, pulling from multiple sources and platforms.
  • Allows you to customise your reporting depending on your goals and that of your client.
  • Customisation of third-party integrations is simply superb. From ad networks to data out connectors, the level of customisation and access to a library of integrations is outstanding and virtually limitless.
  • Customer service is very responsive as well. They have a pretty good grasp of their platform’s capabilities and how it can integrate with your marketing campaigns and goals.

Plans and Pricing

There's a 14-day trial period. From thereon, they offer various sets of automated marketing solutions powered by your data – from their Analytics, Reports, Orders, and Workflow. Though pricing starts at $79/month, the range of customisation that you require may require you to schedule a demo.

6. TrueClicks

TrueClicks has made a reputation by being a leader in PPC monitoring services. When you use TrueClicks, you're not only getting access to multiple tools and features to help monitor your pay-per-click campaign, but you also get actionable recommendations that help you detect click fraud and other anomalies. It's like having an extra pair of watchful eyes to keep your data and reports authentic.


  • TrueClick’s Prioritisation Framework AI allows you to address which issues you should address first to help you organise opportunities and concerns by impact and urgency.
  • I personally like how it provides an in-depth health check analysis so you can know what potential and ongoing problems your campaigns would go through.
  • Their recent interface upgrade is a great time-saver. It allows you to monitor dozens of accounts in one dashboard without going through those accounts one by one.
  • TrueClick takes pride in its unique and unbiased recommendations versus that of Google’s Optiscore

Plans and Pricing

There’s a free trial period of up to 6 weeks where you can give TrueClicks a try. Then pricing starts at $99/month or $79/month when you opt for annual billing.

7. Opteo

Opteo leverages the data provided by Google Ads to provide optimisation recommendations based on its continuous account monitoring. The easy-to-use user interface allows you to spend less time crunching those performance data, and more opportunities to devote your time to other tasks that directly drive conversions and sales.


  • Allows you to build a library of smart keywords of high performing keywords.
  • You can create optimised text ads with its built-in user-friendly writing tool.  
  • Allows you to split test an ad creative to determine performance and underperforming ads.
  • Its ability to exclude bad traffic by ensuring that ads only receive traffic from reputable sources is a big plus.

Plans and Pricing

You can give Opteo a try for free for as long as 1 month, then you can choose from any of the following price plans: Basic ($99/month), Professional ($199/month), Agency ($399/month), and Enterprise ($799/month).

8. Adzooma

Using machine learning and data science to drive business growth, Adzooma is another AI-powered platform that promises to deliver relevant marketing data out of your online campaigns. Much of the workload is automated, so you can focus more on running and growing your business while creating and managing your marketing content.


  • The SEO and web visibility analytics of Adzooma is a very useful tool for PPC advertisers.
  • The Web Metrics score is another plus for me so you can get a clear view of where your business is at the moment.
  • Adzooma’s intuitive campaign builder allows you to create new online marketing campaigns in just a few clicks.
  • If you're running Google Ads or even Facebook Ads, the automation rules are particularly helpful.

Plans and Pricing

The platform offers free lifetime use of some of its features. It encourages you to upgrade to its Plus version (£69/month or around $90/month) if you wish to unlock all of its powerful features.

9. AdScale

AdScale is an Israel-based automation platform that is another AI-driven software designed to seamlessly automate PPC management across advertising and e-commerce platforms. AdScale guarantees more than 30% ROI while reducing your data management time to as much as 80%. Pretty damn awesome if you ask me. It can help manage alerts, AI insights, bid optimisation, and overall reporting.


  • Allows you to create winning ads thru automated ad creation, optimisation, and even SMS updates to avoid human error.
  • As an AI-powerhouse, it can single-handedly manage to remarket, retarget and drive ad campaigns on multiple platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Offers many levels of customisation that is focused on being automated and hands-off from the user as much as possible.
  • This platform does a great job with setting automated bidding and budgets. Plus, its keyword search function is at par with leading platforms in the market.
  • A customer support team is always available to provide you with a personalised service that ensures your e-commerce business is fully connected to your accounts.

Plans and Pricing

Similar to Adzooma, AdScale comes with free lifetime use of some of its Business Intelligence (BI) features. When you upgrade to a fee of $149/month, you’ll get full access to their Ads and SMS Management features, including the entire slate of BI tools.  

10. Adchieve

The next entry in our list is a class of its own. Awarded as the Best PPC Management Software Suite in the European Search Awards, Adchieve takes pride in its world-leading PPC management and search automation tool. It's specifically designed for large scale advertising, where its effective synergy of data science, talented experts and AI automation makes it easy for advertisers to hit their marketing KPIs.


  • Includes Keyword Insights from Google Smart Shopping that allows you to spot new possibilities while keeping a close eye against competitors.
  • Adchieve’s Profit on Ad Spend (POAS) allows you to look at your ROAS target in contrast to your ROAS target.
  • It also includes the Fashion Monitor that helps you capture data on current trends in the fashion industry.
  • Its keyword research and bids management features are specifically designed for large-scale marketing with a global reach.

Plans and Pricing

As of press time, Adchieve does not publish its pricing information over at its website. Though you are encouraged to get in touch with them to schedule a demo.

11. Smartly

Awarded by G2 as 2022’s leader in social media advertising, Smartly is a Finnish tech company that offers a fully AI-powered platform that automates all aspects of social advertising. With an impressive client base worth $2B in annual ad spend combined, the data that they have gathered creates an authoritative benchmark of marketing performance. Smartly takes care of the marketing cycle from planning, creating, product launching and learning so you can have more time to prioritise other aspects of your business.


  • Features a holistic cross-platform approach that enables marketers to reach audiences across all stages of the buyer’s journey.
  • Provides a smarter cloud solution that unifies all of your creative media data across multiple platforms.
  • Automatically creates highly personalised as in minutes.
  • Capable of launching a centralised campaign across platforms in one dashboard.

Plans and Pricing

Smartly does not provide an exact pricing fee upfront but offers a fee percentage calculation based on your projected advertising expenses. You may also get in touch with them for a free demo.


Last in our list, but definitely not the least, is another award-winning AI-powered ad automation software in the form of Adext. Awarded by International Business Times as one of the top AI startups in 2021, Adext offers a best-in-class AI solution that works specifically with Google and Facebook.


  • Adext features an easy-to-use user interface powered by AI optimisation. It uses innovative algorithms that work best with Facebook and Google.
  • The software can also predict which micro audience would perform better every hour so you can identify which among your audiences is the most profitable.
  • The tool also combines the power of machine learning and human expertise so you can get the best results for each of your campaigns.
  • Enables you to enter a larger and more competitive market share that with less effort and time on your part.

Plans and Pricing

Adext offers a 14-day free trial and offers four different pricing plans: Starter Plan which is billed annually at 16.59/month; Venture Plan priced at 99/month; the Core Plan billed at 299/month; and a more customised Enterprise solution.

⚡ Frequently Asked Questions ⚡

What is the best way to learn Google Ads?

It comes down to the level of experience you have as a marketer, but I believe one of the best ways to learn is by watching YouTube video tutorials and signing up to free basic courses. There are a plethora of tutorials that exist to help you go from beginner to advanced. A good channel I recommend to check out is Surfside PPC. Additionally, courses are great to help get you started. A good course to look into is the Google Ads for beginners course on Skillshare.

What is the best tool to find keywords for Google Ads?

The good news is that within the ads platform itself, you will find a tool called “keyword planner”. This feature is pretty good as it is, but for more advanced keyword analysis, I recommend looking to tools like Semrush, SpyFu, and Wordtracker.

What are the best tools to prevent click fraud?

The two top options in the market to look into are Clickcease and PPC Protect. Both platforms are feature-rich and help prevent fraud clicks, bots just randomly clicking your links, competitors who may try to click your ads multiple times, as well as prevent charges to your spend with users who are not intending to engage. If you’re spending large budgets at a startup where every cent counts, or work for an agency that manages big accounts, I would definitely look into both solutions.

What tools can help you manage budgets for Google Ads?

There are a few ways you can manage budgets, but an efficient and automated way of doing it is using scripts and integrating it into Google Sheets. A really great platform, which I use often with clients, to help you achieve automated budget updates in sheets is Supermetrics. One of the top rated reporting tools available for marketers.

What is the most cost-effective PPC tool you recommend?

It comes down to what you’re trying to achieve, but I really like the ‘slide’ pricing options of Revealbot and Magidcx. They are both tools that are packed with amazing features and you only pay when you grow. In other words, the more you spend, the more you pay, rather than one large monthly fee.

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