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9 Best (Free & Paid) Pinterest Analytics & Scheduling Tools for 2024

If you're wanting to drive faster growth for your Pinterest profile, which leads to greater brand awareness and sales. I've helped and seen for myself many eCommerce brands do incredibly well on this platform, but in order to achieve their growth, you need to include analytics as part of your strategy so you can effectively measure and optimise. Here are my top recommendations I've used as part of my strategy.

24 Best Free & Paid Facebook Ads Automation Tools For Scaling (2024)

Successfully scaling Facebook Ads that produce awesome ROAS/ROI performance is becoming more of a challenge than ever (compared to previous years). As the world of ad networks progresses (and constantly changes), as well as factors in the current paid media climate around more competition, rising costs (CPMs), and depletion of audience targeting options, performance/growth marketers and brands have to quickly adapt their workflows and processes to “feed” the ad machines to quickly test, optimise and scale performance. Luckily, new paid media automation and Facebook Ad AI platforms have now made it easier to target, split-test, automate, report data, attribute performance, and also produce more creatives (videos + imagery). So if you’re looking for a solution to help you manage and scale your Facebook Ads performance, you’re going to love researching and checking out these automation solutions.