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70+ Best eCommerce & DTC TikTok Profiles from Top Brands I've Seen (2024)

I had a lot of fun curating and highlighting some of the top TikTok profiles in the world of eCommerce and DTC that are doing really well when it comes to content, strategy, tactics, and overall growth on the platform. There’s a lot to learn from each of these brands, and I am more than confident (regardless of your budget and company growth stage) that you’re going to get some awesome lessons and takeaways that you can apply to your company.
Dan Siepen
March 22, 2023

There are some incredible brands in the world of eCommerce and DTC that are doing a fantastic job when it comes to their TikTok content and strategy. 

That’s why I’m excited to introduce and show you many brands within this mega guide who are absolutely nailing it when it comes to viral content and videos that get serious traction.

In fact, many of these brands have managed to achieve millions (and millions) of views and rapidly build up an engaged audience in a short period of time. 

So, why did I curate these accounts, and why am I sharing them with you all?

Well, I’ve been working with a couple of brands recently with their TikTok strategy, and one of the key things I did personally when I first started was explore and research what other brands are doing, regardless of whether or not they’re in the category of the brand I’m working with.

And ta-da! These are the many accounts I’ve been tracking for some time now that do an astounding job when it comes to their TikTok game. I know you’re going to love going through each of them for your own inspiration and research (I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process myself). 

What’s included for each of the accounts I’ve shared?

Goal of this guide: This is a taste-tester guide, not a full breakdown/super detailed audit. I simply want to introduce you to brands that are doing an amazing job on the platform. When it comes to the ‘analysis’ for each profile, I didn’t go into deep detail (there’s a separate resource/guide that will come later which goes deeper for certain brands). For this guide, I simply wanted to give a taster and introduction to amazing brands that you can explore further and do your own deeper analysis. 
Oh, and quickly - the numbers of total followers, total likes, and the number of views of their most popular videos on each profile WILL change. Many of these companies are growing really fast on TikTok, so the numbers will likely be outdated for most of these brands due to the nature of how fast they’re growing. The numbers that I’ve shared should just be used as a guide to help you see which ones have done a great job in their earlier stages of growth within their chosen category.

I structured each of them and included key summary items, including: 

  • Background about the company (and what they sell)
  • Total followers and total likes (at the time I wrote the guide - naturally, total followers and total likes would have increased)
  • Descriptions
  • High-level comments about the content they produce (e.g. something I noticed they tend to focus more on)

When it comes to the categories, there are 10 categories I share the top profiles of.

Naturally, there are a lot of other brands on TikTok that have done an incredible job when it comes to growth and producing awesome viral videos, but I wanted to focus on the amazing brands within the eCommerce and DTC world across key categories. 

(By the way, if you don’t see your category here, don’t worry! I’ll add more categories and profiles over time).

What are the key factors and things to look out for in order to identify what the best brands do when it comes to being successful on TikTok?

When it comes to exploring this guide and getting as much value out of it as you can, it’s important to have a small checklist of key learnings and takeaways that you should be looking out for. 

Here’s the list of items and questions I use to help with research for learnings that I can apply to myself/brands I work with:

  • How many followers and total likes do they have on their profile?
  • What’s the average engagement of their views? In particular, what’s the average amount of views across a profile’s videos?
  • What’s written in the bio and what’s the CTA? Where does the CTA link go to?
  • What type of video content are they producing? Do you notice anything particular about their video strategy?
  • What type of target audience are they producing content for? A younger audience? A nice-specific audience?
  • Have they incorporated an influencer marketing strategy? Such as UGC (user generated content) videos with notable creators/influencers? If so, what are the nature of these videos? Reviews or product unboxing?
  • When it comes to videos, what types do they primarily focus on? Educational interviews, Q&A’s, funny videos (like dancing)?
  • Do they participate in dance challenges or any sort of TikTok challenge?
  • Do you notice any certain trends in terms of the editing of their videos?
  • What hooks do they use (i.e. the first 3 seconds)? How do they go about drawing the attention of people scrolling that makes you want to watch the video?
  • Have they done TikTok live before or any sort of streaming content?
  • How is the brand voice communicated within the videos they produce? 
  • Are they producing many videos that include trending music and sounds? As well as trending edits?

So, this is the main checklist of items I use when it comes to assessing account success. Of course, you may have other specific questions/things you look out for depending on the industry/category you work in. 

Either way, I hope this helps create some structure for you to do your own ‘auditing’ and analysis. 

Now it’s time to get stuck into these amazing brands that are nailing TikTok. :) 

Recommended Reading: On top of going through these profiles and the small checklist I shared, I actually created a big guide on the top TikTok marketing strategies & growth hacks that marketers and brand owners need to know to help with growth. I share the key strategies that have worked with some of the brands I work with, and also many that I’ve noticed some of the really top brands use to help with explosive growth.

Food & Snack Brands

1. OffLimits

OffLimits is a cereal brand that is fun, quirky, and absolutely healthy. Think: all the good flavours but without the unnecessary additives. The cereal comes in four different flavours, each one branded with its own persona. 

They’ve done incredibly well with their growth which is evident on their TikTok page, which has over 200,000+ followers and nearly 2+ million likes.

  • The brand has a consistent person running the videos, and she engages with the audience by doing TikTok trends and creating fun videos.
  • OffLimits is currently running a campaign wherein they’re looking for Emma Chamberlain superfans to model for their upcoming shoot.
  • Their most popular video has over 3.7 million views, showing how they checked out their cereal on Fairways (great video, by the way).

2. Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is one of America’s most popular meal kits, wherein the company will deliver fresh ingredients with recipes to its subscribers on a weekly basis. People can choose their preferences when creating their unique plans, and prices will depend on the number of meals and serving size per order.

They’ve built a TikTok community that has 23,000+ followers.

  • Most of Hello Fresh’s videos show off their ingredients and recipes, very similar to how food vlogs are typically run.
  • There is a dominant use of light green across their videos, which is their primary identifiable brand colour.
  • They also run videos with a host, presenting cooking hacks and doing street interviews where they ask about cooking challenges.

3. Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is a food company that maintains a farm-to-folk approach, with a leaning towards fruits and vegetables. Everything is grown on organic soil, and the smoothie mixes and harvest bowls costs are pretty awesome in terms of price.

They have over 100,000 followers on their page (and it’s climbing).

  • Their most popular video has 1.4+ million views, and it’s a hop on a viral trend on TikTok.
  • They like to use the eyes, nose, and lips outlines on their videos as a comedic approach to their content (which certainly helps them stand out).
  • They have a male host that runs the account, and he introduces their products in various ways that are engaging (great at the hooks).

4. Dream Pops

Dream Pops is a frozen desserts brand that uses plant-based ingredients to create healthy alternatives to the usual ice cream. They come in the form of pops, bites, and crunch.

They're doing incredibly well on TikTok with 200k+ followers (and growing pretty fast) and 5mil+ likes.

  • Their page features a lot of behind-the-scenes videos showing how they make the ice cream in their factory.
  • They also reshare social proof and testimonials made about their product.
  • Dream Pop’s most popular video has 2.2 million views, where the track of a viral soundbite played a role (using trending sounds works).

5. Ben and Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry’s is a classic household ice cream brand that was founded in 1978 best known for its Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, among other rockstar flavours (I mean, who doesn’t know and love Ben & Jerry’s, right?).

They have 336,500+ followers on TikTok, with an amassed 7.1 million likes.

  • Ben & Jerry’s most popular videos average around 40 million views each, usually featuring new launches.
  • They show off their different flavours through POV videos.
  • The brand recently released an ice cream line for dogs, so their feed is full of dogs eating desserts (smart move as everyone loves dogs).

6. Doughp

Doughp sells raw cookie dough that comes in different flavours, such as cookies and cream, brownie and choco chip, and sprinkle and frosting. They come in bundled packs and individual containers, and they can be eaten raw or baked as desired.

The brand has over 47,000 followers on TikTok and over 1 million likes.

  • Doughp’s content is full of unboxing videos, with posts on how the cookies look when baked.
  • Their most famous video has over 3.5 million views, and it shows how the cookie dough is made. Pretty amazing to get view numbers like this with a product-relevant video (great for buying intent).
  • The brand has gone on Shark Tank twice, and this is a story theme they share through a series called “fun facts about Shark Tank.”

7. Magic Spoon

Have you ever heard of grain-free cereal? If not, meet Magic Spoon. The company creates cereals and bars that have significantly fewer carbs and sugar than their counterparts, and their best-selling bundle go gangbusters with sales. Massive fan of the content the Magic Spoon team produces.

The brand has over 12,000 followers and nearly 100,000 likes on TikTok.

  • Their top performing videos on their feed have over 30,000+ views.
  • They have a host who does fun videos on eating the cereal as a reward and ‘seeks justice’ for the lack of popularity of certain flavours.
  • Their video thumbnails include a mix of short and long lines of text to capture engagement and help increase CTRs.

8. Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon is a collaboration between Marley Spoon and Martha Stewart. The company sells meal kits with more than 45+ recipes that would cater to every possible taste and preference out there. Portions are reasonably priced, and shipping costs around the US are pretty good too. 

Marley spoon has 12k+ followers on the platform (and growing quickly).

  • All of Marley Spoon’s content has to do with cooking tips and recipes.
  • They always use a simple, black-and-white text box to introduce what they’re showing in the video.
  • Their most popular video has over 230,000+ views, and it shows how to make a steak crostini.

9. Blue Apron

Blue Apron considers itself America’s original meal kit, as it has been around for over 10 years now. People can order meals one by one, or they can just join the subscription program being offered by Blue Apron.

Blue Apron has over 60,000 followers and 250,000 likes.

  • Blue Apron’s videos focus on recipes and food hacks in alignment with their brand.
  • Their most popular video has 5.8+ million views, and it’s all about citrus fruits and how to properly use them.
  • Some of their videos don’t have text boxes or captions at all. However, most of them do have titles that have a description box marking what the post is all about.

10. Muddy Bites

Everyone knows that the bottom tip of a waffle cone is the best part, so that’s what Muddy Bites set out to market. They pack up just the tip of the waffle cones and fill it with chocolate. They currently have 3 flavours - dark, milk, and white.

The brand has over 130,000+ followers on TikTok and over 4 million likes.

  • Muddy Btites provides content on the different ways people can eat the product, for example, making it into a cereal and using it as a dessert topper (some of the use cases they mentioned).
  • Their most popular videos have around 2.5+ million views.
  • They also reshare review videos on their account from happy customers.

11. Milk Bar

Milk Bar is a dessert shop that was founded by award-winning pastry chef Christina Tosi. They sell cakes, pies, cookies, and ice cream, with gluten-free options.

Their page has over 200,000 followers and 3.6 million likes.

  • Many of their videos give a look into their baking process, and they also provide tips for aspiring pastry chefs.
  • They also provide fun content, like turning their newest flavour into album covers and doing ASMR with their products.
  • Their most popular video has 3.5 million views, and it shows off their build-a-cookie bar (which is great video content, in my opinion - must-watch!).

12. Goodles

As their slogan says, Goodles is noodles but ‘gooder’ (love it). The company basically makes the classic mac and cheese we all know and love, yet does so using healthy ingredients and packs it with nutrients. It comes in 6 flavours and each 4-packs.

Goodles have over 13,000+ followers on TikTok and 125k+ likes.

  • Their most popular video has 680,000+ views.
  • They even had the likes of Gal Gadot come in and make a video every so often, as she is one of the company's investors (pretty awesome).
  • The videos they produce are really great in terms of what’s possible with mac and cheese. 
  • They also post quite a few videos from their ‘HQ’ with their staff doing videos. Great for company culture! (They look like a lot of fun to work at).

13. Chubby Snacks

Chubby Snacks produces better and healthier snack options by pre-packaging whole wheat bread that has been filled with single-ingredient peanut butter and jellies. They sell 8-pack varieties, as well as subscriptions.

They have just a little over 1k+ followers on TikTok, with over 40,000+ likes.

  • They seem to have several people from their team run the account, with a new host taking the reign of many of the videos after a certain amount of time.
  • They have some pretty good videos with decent view counts (100k+), with one in particular being 600,000+ views.
  • Lots of content that involves the product of Chubby Snacks, including unpacking vids and how the snacks are made in the factory.

14. French Squirrel

French Squirrel was founded by an American named Sydney, who was inspired by her French grandmother’s love for good food. The brand sells chocolate berets and stuffed dates at awesome prices for their multi-pack bundles.

The brand currently has 1.5k+ followers on TikTok with over 44,000+ likes.

  • Their account is mainly run by Sydney, where she shares new food and restaurants she’s discovered.
  • The most popular has over 38,000+ views, and it’s Sydney attending a Persian wedding.
  • Interestingly enough, there is little trace of the brand’s product within the various videos, and more so Sydney’s experiences.

Home Goods, Furniture, Indoor Plants & Decor Brands

15. Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer is a popular home and lifestyle brand that originated in London in 1884. They specialise in home care, clothing, beauty, and food products, with some of their branches focusing on certain lines.

They have over 28,000+ followers and nearly 10x more likes (awesome engagement ratio).

  • The account has many videos that have reached over 1 million views, and the most popular one has 18.6 million (wow).
  • Their page has a lot of clothing ideas and beauty hacks.

16. Ruggable

Ruggable is a rug brand that creates carpets and mats that are easily washable, comfortable, and beautiful. The price will depend on the size and design, with prices starting at less than $100.

They have over 64,000+ followers on their page, with 1.4 million+ likes.

  • Their content features home aesthetic inspiration, new designs, ‘behind the scenes’ of ‘Ruggable shoots’, and rug cleaning videos.
  • The Ruggable account doesn’t seem to follow a consistent strategy around the topics of content, with random videos popping out here and there without a certain content theme. (Of course, this isn’t a bad thing, as it’s clearly working).
  • Their most popular video has over 3 million views, and it shows off the versatility of their rugs.

17. The Sill

The Sill was established in 2012, and it has a simple goal: to spread the love of plants and knowing their benefits. The company sells plants, planters, equipment, and bouquets, with prices starting from around the $30 mark for their beautiful plants.

The brand has over 13,000+ followers on TikTok and nearly 100,000+ likes.

  • There is the dominant feature of green in their videos, whether that’s through plants or text boxes.
  • The Shill shares a lot of fun facts and tips on how to care for plants.
  • Their most popular video is about the Norfolk Pine, and it has 1.8 million views.

18. Pattern Brands

Pattern Brands is a company that has different product brands, all designed to make the home a beautiful and restful place to live in - from organisation items to kitchen tools to custom home goods.

They currently have 51,500+ followers and over 1.1 million likes on TikTok.

  • They share a lot of social proof of spaces with users that love and have their products. Really amazing UGC content.
  • The company leans into presenting itself as an aesthetic brand, using relaxing videos to show off its items.
  • They use different-coloured text boxes per video, which adds to the vibrance of their profile.

19. Zara Home

Zara is famous as a fast-fashion clothing brand that produces classic pieces, and Zara Home is their product line for home goods. Their profile has nearly 75,000+ followers.

  • Their posts fit a certain aesthetic that aligns with their brand positioning. The product shots for each of the thumbnails looks really slick.
  • They run a series called “Zara Home Recipes” to help them provide a resource in the industry.
  • Compared to some of the other profiles I’ve listed, they rarely use layover text on their videos.

20. Bed Threads

Bed Threads is a homeware brand that makes bed sheets, sleepwear, and table clothes from 100% flax linen. These come in solid, classic colours and people can build their own set of complementary colours as desired.

The brand has over 70,000+ followers and over 1.6 million likes on TikTok.

  • Bed Threads’ content heavily features their bed sets, all draped out to appeal to their desired target customers.
  • Their most popular video has 3.1+ million views, and it shows their custom set builder.
  • They engage with their audience on TikTok by answering their questions through videos. This is a really powerful strategy that I’ve seen work really well for many of these companies (especially eCommerce).

Lifestyle & Beachwear Brands

21. City Beach Australia

As the name implies, City Beach was founded in Australia. The company has been around for nearly four decades and is a fashion retailer that centres on skate, surf, and street gear for both men and women. This means clothing, sports items, and accessories.

Their TikTok has over 120,000+ followers and 444,000+ likes.

  • Their videos focus on showing fits and try-on hauls of their clothing.
  • They reshare a lot of social proof on their page, particularly the ones of “what I ordered vs. what I received” kind - really love this (and certainly something to take note of).
  • Their most popular video is one showing off their latest products, with 1+ million views.

22. Monday Swimwear

Monday Swimwear is a swimwear brand, as you can probably take from the name. They are known for their eco-friendly fits and long-lasting quality wear, with each piece priced at reasonable prices.

They have over 10,000+ followers on TikTok, with 41,000 likes.

  • Their feed features a lot of social media influencers wearing their items, which typically works really well in this category (a super competitive category, as many of us know).
  • Their most popular video is a behind the scenes preview of their model shoot along the beach.

23. Bask Suncare

Bask Suncare is just two years old, but it is quickly becoming known in the skincare industry for its award-winning lightweight formula. It comes in lotion and spray forms, priced at around $20 per bottle. 

They already have over 10,000+ followers on their TikTok account.

  • They have a lady from their team running the account, and she’s always wearing a brand cap or hat.
  • They also do informational posts on their page, like details on why sunscreen is important and ingredient facts - really awesome content.
  • Their most famous video is a promotion that they did where they gave away a free spring break flight, with over 100,000+ views.

24. Speedo

Speedo is an internationally known swimwear brand that has been around since 1912. The brand is recognised for its high-quality, high-performance suits, goggles, and gear used by athletes and hobbyists alike.

Speedo has over 10,000 followers and 140,000+ likes.

  • A lot of their posts target athletes, with reference to coaches, training, and swimming techniques.
  • The account replies to questions and witty comments through videos, which helps them keep customers engaged.
  • Their most popular videos have an average of 600,000 views. 

25. Billabong

Billabong is a famous Australian company known for its snowsports clothing and equipment, but they have since branched out to swimwear as well. From wetsuits to bikinis, the brand offers a wide range of gear to choose from.

Billabong has over 25,000+ followers and 300,000+ likes.

  • They show a mix of water and snow sports on their page, catering to both audiences.
  • Their most popular videos have around 250,000 views and feature athletes doing impressive stunts (amazing videos to watch - I got addicted, haha).
  • Most of their videos don’t explicitly promote their products and are focused on the sport, save for the select few that include product drop announcements. They are a pretty established brand already, so these types of video and strategy makes sense for Billabong's audience.

Beauty & Skincare Brands

26. Ultra Violette

Ultra Violette is a sunscreen brand based in Australia. While fairly new to the game, they are already becoming known for their lightweight formulas that work well alongside skincare and makeup. They have different formulas for various skin types and preferences at great prices.

They’re still growing an audience on TikTok, with over 12.8k+ followers.

  • The brand centres on emphasising the importance of wearing sunscreen daily through funny videos and trends.
  • They share social proof by showing influencers using their products and reposting testimonials.
  • Their most famous video has over 300,000 views.

27. Haus Labs

Haus Labs was founded by Lady Gaga in 2019, and they’re known for their vibrant and saturated lip, eye, and face makeup products. For instance, their best-selling foundation has 51 shades and is reasonably priced.

The brand is quite popular, with over 300,000+ followers (and growing quite fast) and 2.3+ million likes on TikTok.

  • The videos are mostly of makeup tutorials, tips, and product launches.
  • They use the in-app labels on their videos which really do stand out and catch the user’s eyes when scrolling through the feed + they use great hooks within each of their videos to capture the viewer’s attention.
  • Their most famous video has 3.3+ million views and features an influencer swatching the different lippies shades.

28. Frank Body

Frank Body is a vegan body care brand that uses natural ingredients native to Australia, and it's best known for its coffee body scrubs priced at around $20 each. It is also famous for its facial scrub and ‘vitamin c’ moisturiser under its skincare line.

The brand only has over 25,000+ followers on TikTok with a whopping 1.5+ million likes.

  • They heavily feature social proof from influencers and customers who love their products.
  • The brand heavily leans into the colour pink, using it either on the layover text or the background.
  • Their most popular video has over 200,000+ views, and it shows how the packaging of one of their products can be reused as a coffee cup (super cool video actually that I recommend watching).

29. BeautyPro

Founded in 2010, BeautyPro is a skincare brand best known for its award-winning face sheet masks and under-eye retinol masks.

They have just over 300 followers and 4,000 likes on TikTok.

  • The brand has a consistent social media team member who runs the account, and she talks about the products, runs giveaways, and engages with followers.
  • They run a series that provides facts on different skincare ingredients they use in their products.
  • Their most popular video has over 30,000+ views.

30. Vida Glow

Vida Glow is a natural beauty company founded in Australia, and they’re known for producing marine collagen powder that has benefits on the user’s skin, hair, and nail health. 

Their TikTok has around 8,500+ followers and 25,000+ likes.

  • Their most viewed video has over 50,000 views and features their giveaway of $1,000 worth of products.
  • Their account seems to be run by the whole team, as they take turns posting themselves using their products in different ways.
  • They also show behind the scenes of product tests, shoots, and product launches.

31. Mecca

Mecca is an Australian beauty retailer known for their offering of luxurious brands and highly coveted products. From the latest skincare devices to the newest launches, Mecca sells products from brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Drunk Elephant, and La Mer.

The company has quite the following, with 100,000+ followers on TikTok.

  • They do swatches, product previews, and reviews on their account.
  • Their most popular videos have upwards of 2+ million views.
  • They also have videos made in partnership with famous beauty influencers, which has really catapulted their view and follower growth.

32. Dermalogica

Dermalogica is a famous and reputable skincare brand most known for its serums and moisturisers. They have multiple product lines targeting different areas, as well as kits catered to specific skin types.

The brand has over 65,000+ followers on TikTok.

  • They do a lot of skincare tips and tricks to serve as a resource to their followers.
  • Dermalogica also does brand and product promotions, like announcing rush sales or sudden restocks.
  • Their videos have predominantly shades of blue, white, and grey colours, including labels/thumbnails, their products, and more, all reflective of their brand identity.

33. Tula

Tula is a skincare brand that has a really strong TikTok presence, with over 450,000+ followers and over 3+ million likes on the platform. They are known for their gentle yet effective probiotic formulas, and a good number of their items are award-winning, including their 24/7 moisturiser, eye balm, and cleansing milk.

  • They do a lot of informative posts about skincare on their account, alongside brand promotions.
  • There is a considerable number of videos that show social proof from their followers and influencers.
  • Their most popular videos have 1-2+ million views, all of which are included in their “if our products were dating profiles” series.

34. Starface

Starface is a beauty brand with over 1.5+ million followers and 27+ million likes (damn, wow!). The brand is best known for cute pimple patches that come in cute designs and a mirror case. 

I have to say that Starface has absolutely nailed its branding for its target market. Really impressive.

  • Starface’s most popular videos have over 3+ million views, all of which just playfully show off their star stickers on people’s faces.
  • They share a lot of social proof on their page, with many people showing off their star-plastered faces.
  • Their overall aesthetic fits the Gen Z look that channels the 80s and 90s (everyone loves retro!).

35. Credo Beauty

Credo Beauty is a beauty retailer that hosts over 130 brands and 2,000 products to meet the needs of various customers. They feature brands like Tata Harper, Kinship, and Kosas and have haircare, skincare, bath and body, and fragrance items.

They have over 3,000+ followers and over 20,000+ likes on TikTok.

  • They feature different items that they sell in their store through product videos or testimonials.
  • Their most popular video has 1+ million views, and it’s a tutorial on contouring.
  • Lots of content focused on tutorials, which are always a great content choice for many eCommerce brands as they’re always value-driven for followers (which keeps them engaged).

Beverage Brands

36. Ugly Drinks

Ugly Drinks is a sparkling water brand that was established in the UK in 2015. They are known for their zero sugar, zero calories drinks, and these come in different flavours such as Fruit Punch, Mango Soda, and Birthday Cake.

Their account has over 16,000+ followers and 90,000+ likes.

  • They have several videos that share the “ugly truth” behind other soda and beverage brands.
  • They heavily use the blue background text box in reference to their brand colour.
  • Their most popular video has over 25,000+ views.

37. Mud\Wtr

Founded and made in America, Mud\Wtr is a coffee alternative made from mushrooms, along with other organic ingredients, formulated to give people that caffeine fix without the crash. 

Mud/Wtr has over 10,000+ followers and 21k+ likes.

  • The Mud/Wtr account shares resources and facts as to why coffee is NOT a good idea.
  • They also share different breathing exercises and patterns for different settings, anchored on the brand’s desire to help people relax.
  • Their most popular videos have around 10,000+ views.

38. Liquid Death

Liquid Death easily has one of the most popular pages on this list, with 2.9+ million followers and 14.6+ million likes (insane numbers). The brand sells fresh mountain water in still and sparkling forms.

  • Their account features celebrities and influencers endorsing their product.
  • A good number of their videos have reached at least a million views, and their most popular one has over 8+ million hits.
  • As their brand appears, they make their videos seem edgy and really do ‘reel in’ audiences. (I was addicted watching a lot of their videos).

39. Sunwink

Sunwink is a clean, plant-based drink that has great health benefits and can be enjoyed by anyone. Their drinks have no artificial sweeteners, yet they come in a myriad of flavours, in both tonic and powder form.

Their page has over 11,000+ followers and over 50,000+ likes.

  • They use the light blue text box in their videos, aligned with their brand colour.
  • A lot of their videos are very product-centric, with their drinks and their branding being essentially seen in each of the videos.
  • Their most popular video has over 300,000+ views, and it shows them mixing three flavours into one beverage.

40. Hydrant

Hydrant always designs its products with one goal in mind: to beat dehydration. They do this in the form of electrolyte powders which address different issues, such as insomnia, lack of energy, and low immunity.

They have over 4,000+ followers and 35,000+ likes.

  • The brand frequently shares the advantages of its drink and why it’s a better alternative to other counterparts.
  • Hydrant focus a lot of their content around hydration tips and tricks. 
  • They also run a series called Thirst Report, where they talk about celebrity news.
  • Their most popular video has over 30,000+ views.

41. Young Henrys

Young Henrys is an independent brewery that has been crafting alcoholic beverages in Sydney since 2012, selling canned beer, gin, and whisky for the greater market.

Young Henry’s has nearly 6,000+ followers on their account.

  • They share a lot of variety and types of videos, including the likes of recipes and mixes of different drinks, which their products can be used to make.
  • Their most popular video has over 200k+ views, which features another influencer chef named @natswhatireckon, who has a big following himself. No doubt this video would have been shared around a lot. Influencer takeover videos always perform well.

42. Soylent 

Soylent uses soy protein as the base to craft drinks that offer consumers complete nutrition in every bottle. These come in powder and liquid form.

They have 2.5k+ followers.

  • They share different recipes that their products can be used with. Really good use of labelling on the thumbnails to make them stand out in the feed.
  • Their most famous videos have an average of 150,000 views.
  • They also share company updates, tips, how-to videos, and POV/UGC influencer videos.

43. Golde

Golde sells powdered formulas powered by superfoods and natural ingredients for the best taste with the best nutrition. The brand is known for its lattes, but they also sell matcha and fruit variations.

They have nearly 30,000+ followers and 400,000+ likes on TikTok.

  • Golde shares different drink recipes on their page, matched with their powders.
  • There is a predominant focus on their matcha offering over other products on their feed.
  • Their most popular video (and recipe) has over 700,000+ views.

44. Pique

Pique is a healthy beverage brand that sources the best ingredients from around the world, from nations such as Japan, China, and Italy. The brand anchors its products on herbal solutions that are science-backed, so it weaves everything together through high-performing teas.

The brand currently has a whopping 8+ million likes on TikTok, with over 200,000+ followers.

  • For each of their tips-based content (which is most of their videos), they use really good hooks for drawing in viewers.
  • They share food tips, recipes, and healthy food ideas on their feed. This also includes some of their highest-viewed content pieces.

45. Super Coffee

Super Coffee markets itself as the delicious coffee brand to go to for those who enjoy sugary mixes and drinks, using natural ingredients like Coconut and Hazelnut. They have ready to drink bottles, grounds, and pods for those with different preferences.

The brand has over 45,000+ followers on TikTok.

  • They do random Q&As with people on the street about sugar, energy, and coffee.
  • The account shares a behind the scenes look at their teams, along with company culture.
  • Their most famous video has over 4+ million views - “teach me something in 30 seconds to win a free coffee”. Such a simple video concept, yet incredibly effective.

46. Brightland

Brightland crafts cold-pressed vinegars, olive oils, and honey using only the best harvest and authentic ingredients. They come in different mixes with great prices.

They have over 5,000+ followers and 100,000+ likes.

  • Their account features macro-focused food and drink recipes that use their products.
  • They frequently use the face graphic overlay on their videos as a humorous approach (I see more accounts lately following this editing trend).
  • The account takes the customer on a personal ride by showing ‘behind the scenes’ of the company - not often, but it’s a good strategy to do from time to time to show authenticity.

47. Bulletproof

Bulletproof was established in the UK as the original Keto coffee, using only clean ingredients for their products. The brand has since branched out to supplements, protein bars, and oils, and everything is free from soy, gluten, and dyes.

They have over 12,000+ followers on their page.

  • They share several ways to drink their products, with matching recipes.
  • Their most popular video has 6.6+ million views, and it shows a woman making iced coffee.

Women's Health & Personal Care

48. Bondi Sands

Bondi Sands is impressive, with over 500,000+ followers and 1.4+ million likes on TikTok, though this isn’t a surprise as they are one of the best-known self-tanning brands in the world. Founded in Australia, they also offer suncare and skincare.

  • Pretty much all of the content they post is UGC-lead. They do a really good job overall with the intro hooks for each of these UGC videos.
  • Their most popular video has over 37+ million views (insane numbers) - it's based on a tutorial for 'bronzing'.

49. Tula Skincare

Tula Skincare is another popular brand on TikTok, with over 450,000+ followers and nearly 3+ million likes. It is a skincare company that anchors its formulas on probiotic extracts designed to give balance to the skin for all skin types.

  • There is a prominence of light blue and pink on their posts, through either text boxes or featured products (and backgrounds).
  • They give skincare FAQs and ingredient knowledge to their followers, along with routine advice.
  • Their most popular videos have an average of 1.3+ million views.

50. Moonjuice

Moonjuice is a beauty and lifestyle that sells adaptogen-based supplements and products for health, skincare, immunity, and mood. They come in tablets, powders, drinks, moisturisers, cleansers, and just about anything you can associate with self-care items.

The brand has over 3,000+ followers on TikTok and many likes.

  • Moonjuice share a plethora of videos related to their product items on their feed, from hair care to tablets to face masks.
  • Their most popular video has over 100k+ views.
  • They also provide drinks recipes.

51. ZitSticka

ZitSticka is famous for its, well, zit stickers that do more than just remove pimples from the skin. Their patches are multi-functioning, with a variation that even helps scars fade with patches at affordable prices. 

They have over 8,000+ followers and 50,000+ likes on TikTok.

  • The account delves into acne care and shows users the satisfaction of removing a pimple using the patch.
  • They share a lot of POV/storytelling videos from real people. Great organic UGC approach that is relatable to target audiences.
  • Their most popular videos have around 200,000+ views.

52. Maelys

Maelys creates beauty products, including the likes of serums, face care, and body care.

  • They largely promote their products on TikTok, with videos on how they work and their benefits, along with social proof.
  • Lots of UGC and product-tutorial vids.
  • Their most popular video has 3.5+ million views.

Footwear & Unisex Fashion Brands

53. The Iconic

The Iconic is a fashion retailer with markets in Australia and New Zealand, known for its wide range of brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein.

They have nearly 33,000+ followers and over 120,000+ likes on TikTok.

  • The brand does a lot of haul videos, shows BTS shots from their fashion shoots, and fashion inspirations.
  • A lot of their videos sit around the 100's and low 1000's mark, but they do have a few winning pieces of content, with one of their top performers reaching over 500,000+ views.
  • Many of their content topics lean towards the latest fashion trends and commentaries on outfits in award shows.

54. Venroy

Venroy is an Australian company that has been making high-quality clothes since 2011, using linen as their main fabric for beachwear. They have since branched out to other natural fabrics and clothing lines.

Their TikTok account has 7,000+ followers and over 150,000+ likes.

  • Most of their videos have tens of thousands of views, and their most popular one has 900,000+.
  • Their videos largely feature their products, done in humorous-styled videos.
  • They have several people running the account, showing off their latest fits and drops.

55. Allbirds

Allbirds claims to make the world’s most comfortable apparel, made with sustainable materials and natural fibres such as merino wool and cotton. They are best known for their footwear, but they actually also sell socks, tees, accessories and other clothing items.

They have over 2,000+ followers on TikTok and many likes.

  • Most of their videos show off their footwear.
  • They incorporate bright colours in their videos through clothing, text boxes, and product features.
  • Their most popular video has 7,000+ likes.

56. Asos

Asos is an internationally known fashion and beauty retailer, so it’s unsurprising that they have 1.5+ million followers and over 14 million likes on TikTok. They offer self-labelled and other branded products, like Olaplex, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Calvin Klein.

  • They do a lot of product previews and drops on their account, along with outfit ideas and style inspos.
  • They show their company culture by posting about their social media team, running marathons, going on outings, and hanging out with influencers.
  • Some of their most popular videos go upwards of 11+ million views each.

57. Boohoo

Boohoo is a British fashion retailer that started out in 2006, known for its trendy and fashionable clothing for both men and women. They celebrate individuality and diversity, and they have a recent partnership clothing line with Kourtney Kardashian.

Their profile has 1.3+ million followers and 11+ million likes.

  • They do a lot of posts that show off their outfits, as well as makeup and beauty tutorials.
  • They like to post about their social media team, with videos that follow them through fashion weeks and behind the scenes on shoots.
  • They have 4,000 views on average per video, but their most popular ones go around 1+ million views.

58. Abercrombie and Fitch

A brand that practically needs no introduction, Abercrombie and Fitch is a household name when it comes to fashion. They’ve been around since 1892, and they continue to be known for their casual wear, such as shirts, shorts, and loungewear.

They have over 38,000+ followers and 60,000+ likes on TikTok.

  • They mostly post outfits of the day, BTS on photo shoots, and promote their products.
  • They run a special series on their denim line, with multiple videos on how to style their jeans.
  • Their most popular video has over 400,000+ views.

Women’s Fashion

59. Selfawear

Selfawear is an Australian brand that sells clothing and jewellery that have positive and encouraging quotes printed on them.

The brand continues to grow, with over 10,000+ followers on TikTok.

  • They generally post encouraging messages that are reflective of their brand.
  • Given their following, it’s interesting to note that a lot of their videos hit the 300,000 views mark, which is a good sign they’re posting content that you should be checking out for inspiration.

60. Farfetch

Farfetch is an online luxury retailer that hosts designer brands like Tom Ford, Jacquemus, and Stella McCartney. Their prices easily hit thousands of dollars, and they cater to a particular market.

Their TikTok has over 15,000+ followers and ten times as many likes.

  • The aesthetic of their posts is very high fashion, with shots of fashion shows and designer releases.
  • They feature models and celebrities on their page, using and showing off luxury products.
  • Their average post has 3,000 views, but their most popular ones hit 7.5+ million views.

61. Aje

Aje is an Australian luxury designer brand known for its feminine yet modern silhouettes. The brand was founded in 2008 and is now recognised for being a contemporary fashion trendsetter. 

The brand has 4,000+ followers and over 12,000+ likes on TikTok.

  • They post about their fashion week events and shows, with models showing off their designs.
  • They also do a lot of social proof by posting about influencers, actresses, and magazines that make use of their outfits.
  • They barely use any text in their videos, with a focus on their high fashion appeal to do the talking.

62. Knix

Knix sells high-quality, comfortable intimates, from wireless bras to seamless underwear. They come in multiple colours designed to match a wide range of skin tones.

The brand is quite well known, with over 143,000+ followers and nearly 7+ million likes on TikTok.

  • They make their advocacies clear with their content, with mentions of individuality, breast cancer awareness, and self-love.
  • Knix provides facts and information on women's care and intimate issues.

63. Skims

Founded in 2019 by Kim Kardashian, Skims is a shapewear company that offers diverse and inclusive sizing and colours for humans of all sizes. They are also known for their comfortable loungewear and underwear.

The brand has 900,000+ followers and 11.5+ million likes on TikTok.

  • They show off women wearing their different Skims products on their accounts.
  • The colours are predominantly neutral throughout their account, with a smidge of colour every now and then.
  • Their most popular videos go upwards of 10 million views, and it’s normally featuring Kim Kardashian wearing her products.

Men’s Skincare & Fashion

64. Supply

Supply is a male grooming company that centres its products around the act of shaving. This means razors, creams, and washes. They sell their products in bundles, with a set for skincare and another set for shaving.

The brand has 500,000+ followers and 8+ million likes on TikTok.

  • Supply focus posting videos of men shaving and grooming, facts about male self-care, and shaving tips.
  • Their most popular videos have an average of 1.5+ million views.
  • Each and every one of their videos show the act of shaving. A simple video production formula, yet a great example of what you can produce on a low-budget. And as we can see, it’s proving to be quite effective for the guys at Supply.

65. Vacay Swimwear

Founded in Australia, Vacay Swimwear is a resorts wear brand made especially for men. They have shirts, shorts, and trunks in classic colours and designs. (I’m a massive fan of their board shorts myself).

Their TikTok account has just over 4,000+ followers (which is growing).

  • Their videos have an average of 500 views, but their most popular one-hit almost 200,000+.
  • They have a variety of posts that include the likes of styling tips, outfit inspo for men BTS videos of their warehouse, and special promotion vids.

66. Disco

Disco is a men’s skincare brand that uses science-backed ingredients in its premium formulations. From acne to dark circles to razor burns, they have crafted products that address male care needs. They also have skincare kits which are great value.

Their page has over 26,000+ followers and over 275k+ likes.

  • They have a male host running the account, sharing skincare tips and FAQs for men.
  • Many of their videos have large black text and white box overlay, with a selfie video of the host.
  • Their more popular videos have an average of 150,000+ views.

67. War Paint For Men

War Paint For Men is an award-winning makeup and skincare brand that caters to male skin. They have primers, eye creams, brow gels, makeup removers, foundations, and even bronzers! 

They have 4,000+ followers and over 40,000+ likes on TikTok.

  • Their videos average around 300 views, but their most famous one has 43,000+ views.
  • Their posts address the stigma of men wearing makeup, and they encourage vulnerability through testimonials.
  • Really good mix of topics, including likes of stories, tips, POVs, and product-focused vids.

68. Pair of Thieves

Pair of Thieves is a male apparel company that designs long-lasting basics. They started out with socks and have since branched out to clothing and underwear. 

They have an impressive 1.4+ million likes on TikTok, even though they only have around 38,000 followers.

  • All of their videos show men wearing their products and promoting them in a humorous way.
  • They share social proof videos on their account, especially ones of famous influencers.
  • Some of their highest performing videos are in the millions, with some reaching 2.5+ million views.

Vegan Foods & Products + Plant-Based Items

69. Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat was founded in LA in 2009 as a company that provides plant-based meat substitutes. This means burgers, ground meat, chicken, and jerky alternatives - all healthy and non-GMO.

They have over 180,000+ and 1.5+ million likes on TikTok.

  • Beyond Meat share a lot of recipes and meal ideas on their account.
  • Their most popular videos and recipes average 3.5 million views.
  • Nearly all of their videos use the green text colour, aligned with their primary brand colours.

70. Partake Foods

Partake Foods is a company that makes desserts and mixes without the most-known allergens to ensure a yummy yet safe sweets experience. They sell cookies and pancakes and baking mixes at great prices.

They have over 1,000+ followers on TikTok.

  • Every video shows either the product itself or the packaging.
  • They share healthy dessert recipes on their account.
  • There are videos of the founder sharing lessons she has learned about being a CEO and a parent to a child with many allergies.

71. Proper Wild

Proper Wild creates clean and healthy energy shots in different flavours at an average of $3.99 per shot (cheaper if you subscribe or buy multiple at once). It has more caffeine than having a morning shot of espresso (wow) and uses 100% plant-based ingredients (how awesome!).

Their page has 3,000+ followers and over 10,000 likes.

  • A female host runs the account, and she shares how she combats a lack of energy in different situations.
  • They predominantly use red text overlays on their videos.
  • Their average video has 200 views, but their most popular one has over 40,000.

72. Touche

Touche is a brand that uses vegan silk to craft sleep care items such as pillowcases, eye masks, and bedding for the ultimate, luxurious relaxation experience. These are sold individually or in bedding bundles.

They have over 40,000+ followers on TikTok, with 500,000+ likes.

  • They share numerous video posts on the facts and information on why vegan silk is important.
  • There is a predominant use of the colour light green in their videos, similar to their brand colour.
  • They promote their products through aesthetic videos, product unboxing’s, and social proof UGC.

73. Bao

Bao is an organic skincare brand based in the UK, with each product crafted with traceable ingredients. Their best seller is their recovery face cream.

The brand is quite niche, with just over 300 followers on TikTok.

  • They do a lot of videos highlighting their product offerings, along with their benefits.
  • They have an average of 300 views per video, but their most popular one has 13,000+.
  • The cream / beige colour is very evident in their posts, which is aligned to their overall branding style and colour.

⚡ Frequently Asked Questions ⚡

Who are the most successful brands on TikTok in this guide that you recommend all marketers and founders need to analyse further?

Whilst I believe pretty much all the brands I’ve spoken about in this guide are really good, there are certainly some standouts that keep producing epic TikTok content for their audiences. If I had to narrow it down to 7 of them that have done a really good job when it comes to executing creative and engaging videos, they would be; Beyond Meat, Daily Harvest, Mecca Beauty, Magic Spoon, Liquid Death, Bulletproof, and Eat Dough. This is, of course, my opinion, but when you check them out, you’ll see my reasons why.

Who are the most followed TikTok companies in this guide, and what types of videos and content strategy do they normally follow?

In no particular order of view counts or followers, these are the most followed brands on TikTok within this guide that have a really great video strategy in place (within their respective categories) - Supply, Disco, Golde, Frank Body, City Beach Australia, Ben & Jerry’s, Hello Fresh (US), Off Limits, Ruggable, Bed Threads, and Zara Home. When you go through each of these brand’s accounts, the types of videos they produce that have helped them get to the huge follower and view counts they’ve achieved include producing educational videos, comedy-based and humorous videos, Q&A videos, exclusive interviews with key folk in their specific categories, relatable videos that their audience understands and gravitate towards (so storytelling, etc.), unboxing videos, product reviews, and just any type of entertaining content (i.e. dance challenges, dancing videos, etc - all using the latest trending music, sounds, and edits). A key standout that many of these brands follow is focusing on producing short form content that doesn’t go longer than 30 seconds (or 45 secs at best). As many of us know, you can produce TikTok content that lasts for a few minutes, but if you want to try replicate the success of these other companies, then it’s best to focus on producing short form videos.

What are some of the most important attributes when it comes to creating viral TikTok videos, and how can you create consistent success?

To achieve virality on the platform, it’s all about trial and error. Whilst we’ve seen a lot of brands and creators go viral and have multiple viral pieces of content that get millions of views, it’s not realistic to expect that every video is going to go gangbusters. Especially, if you’re just starting out on TikTok. In fact, if you scroll towards the early days of a brand’s TikTok feed, you’ll see they started off with some humble numbers. Yet, the way they helped themselves go viral, and produce more videos that had a stronger chance of going viral, was that they did a lot of trial and error. Yes, it’s all about testing and seeing what aspects you can then replicate to create your ‘own recipe’ when it comes to producing epic content that can get serious view counts - remember, they all had to start at ground zero. In terms of the specific attributes that go towards creating top-notch TikTok videos, they include; ensuring you’re using the latest sounds and music from ‘on trend videos’ that are performing well (I recommend using an app called TrendTok), using trending hashtags that are relevant (and make sure to include your own brand specific hashtags), have a great first 3 seconds (also known as the hook), post at random times (i.e. not on the hour as that’s when everyone else posts), and ensuring you interact/engage with your TikTok comments (and responding to them as fast as you can to keep the engagement momentum up - the TikTok algorithm loves that).

What are your top 3 tips and recommendations when it comes to formulating a successful TikTok strategy like some of these brands whilst on a lean budget?

There’s naturally quite a bit that goes into formulating a marketing strategy for TikTok. However, I’d say 3 key recommendations stand out the most for me that many of these brands follow in order to really scale their ability to produce videos that do really well (which in turn gets millions of views and followers) that you should absolutely focus on and ensure it’s a core area of your strategy. The first tip/recommendation is nailing the ‘hook’ for each of the videos. You need to stand out from the beginning when you do your videos - i.e. say something potentially contrary to normal beliefs or thoughts within your industry or perhaps a controversial point of view on a particular ‘hot take’ (this, of course, needs to be done within reason). The reason why I point out the ‘hook’ as the number one thing to remember is that it can play a key role in terms of the content you produce (and the strategy that you’ll follow). If you think about the types of hooks that you will produce, then that will play a role in helping you create quality videos that are engaging from the start, so that you have a good chance of getting high view counts. Honestly, some amazing videos I’ve seen have low view counts not due to the fact that the video is bad, it’s just that the intro (first 3 seconds) is strong enough to get people interested and ‘hooked’ to watch the rest of it. The second tip/recommendation is actually a key reason why I created this guide in the first place - curate inspiration from your industry and do your own audits. Do a competitor analysis and explore what your competitors are producing on their TikTok feeds (keep track and take screenshots). Look at the types of titles and videos that are getting more engagement over others. If you do an audit first, this will help you a lot on refining content that you should focus on. The third main tip I recommend focusing on is working with content creators/influencers (or even relatable brands) for collab videos. One of the best ways to grow your TikTok profile is to leverage the networks and followings of others that have already done the hard work of building their audience. You can do UGC product review videos, perhaps an interview series on a particular topic, or even do a UGC competition. You’d be surprised with the right outreach approach and offering, that you can do this quite cost-effectively. To round out the tips/recommendations I’ve suggested, these are 3 that have worked well for brands I’ve seen. Naturally, there are many other factors that go into formulating a winning strategy, but these 3 for me are certainly key to consider.

Have you had much luck with TikTok Ads, and do you encourage brands to explore further if they're not doing ads?

Yes, I’ve had some really good recent success with ads on the TikTok platform, and I certainly encourage brands that if they’re not doing ads on the platform that they should seriously consider it as a new channel outside of the typical ad networks (e.g. Facebook/Instagram). Since doing ads on the platform, we’ve seen cheaper CPMs and relatively good CPA overall. CPMs, in particular, have been really encouraging for us to continue investing in as a channel. I know TikTok is releasing new features and more efficient ways of using the ads suite, which is great to see as a performance marketer, so I’m excited to see the new developments and features that will be rolled out (and no doubt announcements of new placements).

Note: All these examples are publicly accessible, and I’ve been collecting them as part of my personal swipe file for my own learnings and inspiration. When I share these examples and publish them, they're available as is on the date I publish a guide. Some information, such as ads, page designs, links to resources, prices or anything I mention related across these resources may/will change, so do let me know if you can’t access a resource, or something isn’t correct. Just get in contact with me as I want to make sure things are fresh as they can be. Thanks for reading and enjoy. 😊
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