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11 Best Sports, Fitness & Recreation Shopify Themes I Like in 2024

For sports enthusiasts, fitness instructors and health-focused entrepreneurs looking to build a Shopify store, I’ve collated some of the top sports and fitness Shopify themes to help you build sites so you can get to market faster.
Dan Siepen
November 18, 2023

Within this curated guide, I’ve put together my fav sports/fitness website design templates, which are perfect for anyone just starting out with Shopify and wants to quickly get a site up to sell products (whilst making sure their site looks great at the same time). 

These aren’t just randomly selected - I’ve taken into my years of experience building/optimising Shopify sites. 

Each of them possesses great UX, nice UI (which can easily be edited in the backend), and good eCommerce store best practices for visitor flows. 

Author note: the way this guide is written is to highlight important sections of design sections I like, whilst also stating the motivation of the design elements and how they can help motivate shoppers/visitors. 

1. Taiga

Taiga is a fast, minimalist, and modern theme with more than 10 video sections to make it unique. 

Key components/sections I like about it

  • Using a video snippet in the header is ideal to give a more realistic perception of a product(s) you’re selling. Easily upload your product in action, and it will be rendered/optimised properly for desktop and mobile.
  • Different collections are displayed in blocks side-by-side with high-quality images.
  • The testimonials section utilises a dark background with white fonts to bring attention to the SKUs. 
  • The “you may also like” section on product pages provides a nice horizontal scroll (a great way to cross-sell). 
  • On the cart page, there’s a sticky note that encourages individuals to spend more for free shipping (an effective AOV tactic). 

2. Enterprise

Enterprise is built for speed and higher conversions with tailored popups, flash messages, and sticky add-to-cart to drive revenue. 

Key components/sections I like about it

  • The Enterprise theme has a rotating banner that clearly flashes awesome deals to ensure site visitors convert. 
  • Site visitors can instantly see the different product options in real-time by clicking the buttons. 
  • Displaying a product up-close with expandable buttons makes it interactive to learn about its unique features.
  • The compare feature on the collections page quickly provides a product features comparison side by side. 
  • The “goes well with” section on the product page shows multiple relevant products to help boost AOV. 

3. Finedive

Finedive is specifically built for diving stores with a Shopify visual builder and a customisable homepage with ready sections to improve the shopping experience. 

Key components/sections I like about it

  • Hovering over the products gives you the option to either add to the wishlist or quick view for optimised UX.
  • It uses interactive logos to display the categories while catching the eye of site visitors.  
  • The “your favourite brands” section leverages a stunning background image relevant to scuba diving while showing the retailer collabs (perfect for simply replacing the collab logos with brands you work with). 
  • Each category comes with a relevant description to give visitors a better understanding of the SKU. 
  • A cart button on the collection page enables shoppers to quickly and seamlessly add products directly to the cart. 

4. Ksport

Ksport is an elegant theme for fitness, gym, sportswear, and other relevant categories with six header styles, five homepage variations, and unlimited mega menu layouts.

Key components/sections I like about it

  • The “recent sales” notification popup is an easy way to convince your visitors to stick around and see ‘social proof’. 
  • The Instagram section shows UGC and encourages individuals to follow social media accounts.
  • There’s a section in the middle of the homepage to embed a video (whether about a particular product or about your business).
  • The product page shows a real-time “stock bar” to help create FOMO/urgency. 
  • Mentioning the advantages of shopping just below the product is sure to convert visitors. 

5. Roam

Roam offers sticky CTA buttons on product, collection, and cart pages and is tailor-made for mobile devices for a great UX. 

Key components/sections I like about it

  • The smart search bar gives not only relevant product suggestions but also blog posts.
  • Each product features a review element section to quickly help site visitors make a buying decision. 
  • Hovering over the product image shows the products (in this case, surfboards) in use to show the product in action. 
  • The product pages are well-organised and include key elements such as descriptions, FAQs, related products, and more.

6. Latitude

Latitude is a clean, minimal theme for luxury streetwear fashion brands to help them show their products aesthetically. 

Key components/sections I like about it

  • Easily hover over the product images to see a dynamic view of the SKU.
  • Each collection block shows relevant images in high resolution.
  • The newsletter section uses basic fonts with a clear background, optimised to gather more email addresses. 
  • A “you may also like” component to highlight potential complementary items on the product page can help with AOV.
  • The collection page provides a ‘filter’ and ‘sort by’ UX, which is great for visitors/customers to narrow down search results - this is particularly great if you have, or plan to have, numerous SKUs. 

7. Aero

Aero is a sports gym and fashion theme that’s fully responsive on every device and provides 24/7 professional support. 

Key components/sections I like about it

  • Having a “shop the look” section inspires individuals to buy the same items to create the same look. 
  • The “why should you trust us” section is a great way to highlight your competitive advantages.
  • An entire block shows product(s) up close with expandable buttons to view the shoppable product images next to it. 
  • Showing “featured products” on the blog page is a clever way to promote products.
  • Interested buyers can directly add the item to the cart by hovering over the image and clicking the add-to-cart button (seamless UX). 

8. Responsive

Responsive facilitates stores in focusing on their products and brand with full-width imagery, image zoom, and videos. 

Key components/sections I like about it

  • The navigation menu has a smart search bar and currency switcher that provides a nice UX.
  • Showing one of the top products in one block with colour and size options and an add-to-cart button helps boost conversions. 
  • You can embed videos to help individuals understand the product in a digestible way, which is fantastic. 
  • Hovering over the product on the collections page enables you to instantly add the SKU to the cart with the “quick-shop” button. 
  • Love the layout of the product page as well on this theme.

9. Sport Vibes

Sport Vibes offers the most powerful and useful features and is just one click installation away.

Key components/sections I like about it

  • The “about us” section uses a vibrant colour scheme, enticing icons, and a bright shop-now CTA.
  • There’s a carousel at the bottom of the homepage, which highlights the different brand mentions it has received. 
  • The product page comes with a relevant reviews section to make the buying decision process hassle-free.
  • The wishlist page helps interested buyers in reminding themselves of the product(s) to generate future sales. 

10. Steps

Steps is a fast, flexible, unique, and minimalist theme that helps businesses sell every pair of shoes. 

Key components/sections I like about it

  • Promoting one of the primary product SKUs right within the header, with clickable buttons, helps direct visitors to the main product page. 
  • The “bestsellers” section has various categories, which are ideal for helping indecisive customers or new customers coming across a brand for the first time. 
  • All the products mentioned on the homepage feature an add-to-cart CTA to provide a seamless way to add products to the cart without going through various pages.
  • I really like the collections page layout/UX, which features all the filters relevant to shoes for a happy shopping journey. 

11. Streamline

Streamline is an attractive, mobile-first theme with a proven modern and flexible design and a plethora of template features for store owners. 

Key components/sections I like about it

  • Keeping the cursor on the product image presents a short slideshow for better product/SKU understanding. 
  • The “shop the look” feature is an amazing way to inspire visitors to buy complementary products alongside the primary SKU. 
  • The smart search bar automatically shows suggestions, which provides an enhanced UX (great for mobile too). 
  • The collections page provides quick and straightforward filter options. 
  • The “low-stock alert” component on the product page helps create FOMO for visitors (CRO-tactic).
Note: All these examples are publicly accessible, and I’ve been collecting them as part of my personal swipe file for my own learnings and inspiration. When I share these examples and publish them, they're available as is on the date I publish a guide. Some information, such as ads, page designs, links to resources, prices or anything I mention related across these resources may/will change, so do let me know if you can’t access a resource, or something isn’t correct. Just get in contact with me as I want to make sure things are fresh as they can be. Thanks for reading and enjoy. 😊
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