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11 Best Home Goods & Furniture Brand Examples on TikTok in 2024

If you’re a social media/eComm marketer within the industry and space of home goods products, or perhaps in the world of furniture, you’ll love these awesome brands on TikTok who are doing an epic job.
Dan Siepen
November 19, 2023

I’ve been doing eCommerce growth marketing for a long time, and over the years, I’ve seen brands in the home goods/furniture space really take their content game and marketing to the next level - and you can certainly see this in action just by exploring these furniture and home goods brands on TikTok. 

So, let’s dive into these brand profiles below! :)

Author note: The goal of these guides is purely to provide some inspo for home goods/furniture brands that I come across. 
I share some high-level notes with some quick points. Of course, there’s a lot more you can go into/discover and analyse. The notes simply serve as a quick intro as part of the curation.
You can quickly find these brands via TikTok’s Creative Centre, which is open-sourced for everyone to view. 
You can even see I’ve selected “Home improvement” below. 

(Image credit: TikTok Creative Centre)

1. Temple & Webster

Headquartered in New South Wales, Australia, Temple & Webster aims to help every home in Australia to effortlessly create beautiful spaces they absolutely love.

They’ve got a great social media content game across their profiles, and really like their TikTok account which has more than 130K likes. 

Quick notes/takeaways about Temple & Webster’s profile:

  • Their top video has more than 1M+ views and shares three “cake hacks” using one of their containers (which shows food-based videos still rain supreme when it comes to engagement ha). 
  • The other 1M+ video is a product of theirs in action, which is a fold up long table which then compacts into a small coffee table (pretty cool!).
  • Every single video comes with well-researched/branded hashtags.
  • Their main video content categories include everything from furniture tips, cozy room makeovers, and household hacks to showing off its collection.

2. Koala Furniture

Koala Furniture, a well-known Aussie furniture brand, changes how people buy and enjoy furniture by combining customer-centric products, world-class technology, awesome customer service, and social good.

Their TikTok account has over 7.5K followers, and 25K likes.

Quick notes/takeaways about Koala’s profile:

  • Koala’s most-watched video has over 650K views, which is a video that shows the assembling of its timber bed base.
  • They’ve always been pretty creative with how they show/promotes its furniture pieces with their audience. They’ve always had a pretty good content game across their various socials.
  • Most of their videos consist of individuals unboxing their packages, assembling various furniture pieces, and decorating spaces with their products.

3. Blueland

Love the mission Blueland is on, where they take traditional products in cleaning and personal care, to help eliminate the need for single-use plastic packaging.

They do this through offering reusable and refillable products (like hand soaps, laundry products, and more).

Blueland’s account is growing quickly with over 95K followers and 3M likes.

Quick notes/takeaways about Blueland’s profile:

  • They have a well-curated playlist, including videos from UGC influencer collaborations, and videos focused on eco tips to product collections.


  • Their top video has over 2M views that raises awareness about how conventional laundry pods are bad for the environment. 
  • You will find lots of POVs, co-workers featured in the videos, and super relatable and funny videos.

4. Castlery 

Based in Singapore, Castlery is a digital-first furniture lifestyle brand that creates quality and stunning furniture pieces to facilitate its customers in creating inspiring spaces.

Castlery’s account has more than 12K followers and 80K likes.

Quick notes/takeaways about Castlery’s profile:

  • Their TikTok content strategy mainly consists of POVs, décor inspirations, room tours, and unboxing videos.
  • The top video has over 2.5M views, which shows its innovative storage bed, flaunting tons of features.
  • They tend to make videos more interactive and ‘eye-catching’ in the feed by adding lots of text overlays on their thumbnails, and also at the start of their videos (good way to quickly hook/engage those discovering their videos across the network).

5. Bed Threads

Bed Threads deals in 100% pure and top-notch quality French flax linen and curated home essentials that don’t compromise a good night’s sleep due to high cost or low quality.

Their TikTok profile is growing rapidly with more than 120K followers and 2.5M likes.

Quick notes/takeaways about Bed Threads’s profile:

  • The bio uses a CTA to drive profile visitors’ actions and encourages them to click on the embedded LikeShop link. 
  • They have well-organised playlists, including categories such as bedding inspo, home tours, build-your-own bundles, tips and tricks, makeovers, and more.
  • Their videos are quite appealing to the eyes by showing off its bedding and other pieces in an elegant way.

6. Sheet Society

With more than 13.5K likes on TikTok, Sheet Society creates bed sheets using only the best natural fibres and are available in trend-driven colours, designs, and fabrics that you can mix and match to create a perfect set.

Quick notes/takeaways about Sheet Society’s profile:

  • Their videos include makeovers, room tours, funny videos related to sleep/bed sheets, and spend-a-day-with-employees.
  • They use a lot of show-based memes - perfect for creating relatable content.
  • Every video comes with hashtags relevant to the content pieces. 

7. The Sill

I love the The Sill as a brand which sells plants (and was founded on the assertion) that make us happier, healthier humans and offer a huge variety of plants and planters.

I’m a big fan of their socials and this account, and the results are showing, where they have over 13K followers and 95K likes.

Quick notes/takeaways about The Sill’s profile:

  • You don’t even have to read its bio to understand what this brand is about, as you can quickly tell with its all-green, lush content. Perfect for new visitors that come across and discover their profile. 
  • Rather than solely creating promotional content, you can find lots of humorous videos related to various plants, and the plant community. 
  • Whether it’s spring, National Pet Day, Mother’s Day, or Christmas, this brand doesn’t miss out on relevant seasonal content, which makes a lot of sense given their sales would go up depending on the seasonal occasion. 

8. Brosa Design

With more than 25K likes on TikTok, Brosa Design adheres to quality, choice, value, and accessibility by revolutionising the furniture and homewares industry.

Quick notes/takeaways about Brosa’s profile:

  • Their top video has more than 75K views which is a light-hearted, creative video. 
  • They utilise trendy sounds for all its videos (which is key strategy when it comes to content production on TikTok). 
  • Most of its videos contain readable text overlays, which is great for those scanning the feed to find content they want to watch (and help new viewers). 
  • You will find a plethora of POV videos on its account, which is a content format that usually performs quite well (based on what I’ve seen many brands utilise).

9. Ruggable

Ruggable is a Los Angeles-based eCommerce company that deals in cutting-edge residential and commercial rugs without compromising affordability, style, and convenience.

Love their account and the content they produce, and they’re doing a good job with over 75K followers and 1.5M likes as a result.

Quick notes/takeaways about Ruggable’s profile:

  • They have playlist categories incorporating videos like design trends, room transformations, ASMR unboxing, and rug size guides.
  • Every video comes with readable text overlays that quickly give context to the video. 
  • Ruggable always stays relevant to the occasion/season, like fall, summer, holidays, or back-to-school. 

10. Burrow

With more than 1.5K likes on TikTok, Burrow is on a mission to build the furniture company of the future by setting a new standard that focuses on a modular platform, function and fashion, and an investment in experience.

Quick notes/takeaways about Burrow’s profile:

  • From room makeovers to interviews with the employees and POVs, this brand keeps a fine balance between sales-y and entertaining content.
  • In addition to using its branded hashtag, they also use other hashtags relevant to their videos, in order to help with reach (and new audience eyeballs).

11. Parachute Home

Parachute Home makes top-notch quality home essentials that don’t cost a fortune while integrating smart design and comfort. 

Parachute’s profile has over 15K followers and 70K likes.

Quick notes/takeaways about Parachute’s profile:

  • Parachute’s top video has more than 145K views that shows its different style beds, and engages viewers with a question in the caption.
  • Most of its videos revolve around ‘making the bed’ or showing the various bed styles - all with a key focus on their bedding products in action.
Note: All these examples are publicly accessible, and I’ve been collecting them as part of my personal swipe file for my own learnings and inspiration. When I share these examples and publish them, they're available as is on the date I publish a guide. Some information, such as ads, page designs, links to resources, prices or anything I mention related across these resources may/will change, so do let me know if you can’t access a resource, or something isn’t correct. Just get in contact with me as I want to make sure things are fresh as they can be. Thanks for reading and enjoy. 😊
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