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10 Best Food & Snacks Shopify Themes I Like in 2024

If you’re a food store owner, cafe entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur wanting to sell food/snacks and looking to build their first store, I’ve put together these awesome Shopify food and snack template designs that you can potentially use to get a kickstart.
Dan Siepen
November 18, 2023

Shopify templates are awesome for accelerating the pace of building and getting a new online store live, in particular if you’re short on time, short on budget/resources, and want to test something to market first before you go for a bigger investment. 

In this guide, I’ve included the key things to look out for and elements of the template site/design I like, which are already pre-built in. 

Enjoy the read below of some of my fav food/snack templates. :) 

Author note: I wrote this theme guide to highlight some elements/components which can help with CRO/UX - you'll see through the notes I've written.

Oh, and before you dive in, I actually put together some of my favourite food and snack sites, which are live by awesome brands that possess amazing design practices, great user experience for visitors, and beautiful UI/graphics - really awesome to get some inspiration. 

1. Local

Local is tailored for the food industry with really beautifully designed elements and features, with many pre-built pages.

Key sections/components I like about it

  • You can highlight common ingredients that individuals are allergic to, which are mentioned below the product image in icons. 
  • Each product comes with reviews built-in to instantly help build trust for visitors.
  • The “Shop by lifestyle” section is ideal for driving relevant traffic to each collection page based on individuals’ dietary preferences. 
  • The bottom of the collection page features its competitive advantages with enticing images. 
  • Incl.'s social media sharing buttons on the product page make, as well as clear table for pick-up times based on deliveries.

2. Bakermax

Bakermax is a stunning and highly interactive theme for cafes, bakeries, and online food shops, with several eCommerce features and smart navigation. 

Key sections/components I like about it

  • Hovering over the product images shows them from different angles - great for better customer UX. 
  • The category block features high-quality, ‘eye-watering’ images.
  • The “brands” section comes with logos to convey to customers the brands a business deals in (you can easily replace these images). 
  • The collections page lists all the categories on the side for hassle-free navigation. 
  • Love this as part of the theme - for the products unavailable, interested buyers can click “notify me” to secure sales down the road.

3. Crave 

Crave (one of my faves) is a visually striking theme featuring bold colours and distinct shadows with advanced customisation options. 

Key sections/components I like about it

  • The entire homepage uses a light-coloured background with colourful sections - great for grabbing site visitors’ attention.
  • Comes with a GIF in the middle of the homepage, which shows how quick a recipe is to make - you can easily swap this out for your own GIF. 
  • There are separate blocks to highlight the press mentions.
  • Really nice recipes page, which is a great way to promote food/snack products. 
  • The collections page comes with a short, relevant description at the top to clear site visitors’ expectations and a great grid layout across desktop and mobile.

4. Groceries

Groceries is designed for various grocery products and comes with functional features, including product zoom, product comparison, and mobile layout. 

Key sections/components I like about it

  • Great smart search bar in the main nav menu is really slick - perfect for users quickly find products they're looking for.
  • Each category comes with relevant, high-quality images in a block. 
  • Love that you can highlight products on sale which comes with a countdown timer (perfect for FOMO-based sales). 
  • The price filter on the collections page is a nice UX, so interested buyers can search accordingly. 
  • The product page features a live “people are viewing this right now” timer to keep the visitors hooked. 

5. Canopy 

Canopy is a highly customisable theme with a powerful cart and an Amazon-inspired header to help you skyrocket sales. 

Key sections/components I like about it

  • It has a sticky cart bar on the side pre-built in, which helps buyers keep their cart in check while enhancing the shopping experience. 
  • The products come with a low-stock tag to create FOMO. 
  • Easily embed a product/company video in the middle of the homepage in the “about us” section.
  • The lifestyle section on the product page makes it easier for individuals with specific dietary preferences to decide what to buy. 

6. Popshop 

Popshop has a clean design to highlight your products and includes different useful elements and effects. 

Key sections/components I like about it

  • The theme includes a live shopping notification, which keeps popping up on the side of the homepage to pique the curiosity of visitors. 
  • Great UX when you hover over the product image - easy for visitors/customers to swiftly add items to cart. 
  • Includes the ability to embed relevant product videos on the product page, which helps give a better understanding of SKUs to visitors. 

7. ShowTime 

ShowTime is a navigation-focused theme for large stores and food/snack entrepreneurs who are looking to build for scale. 

Key sections/components I like about it

  • The drop-down collapsible menu on the white space is a really nice UX. 
  • You can see the different colour options in real-time by hovering over the colour buttons. 
  • The deal section is equipped with a countdown timer to ensure visitors leverage it while it lasts. 
  • The “recently viewed” section on the product page makes it easier to revisit products visitors have viewed recently. 
  • There’s also a gift card page, which is a great strategy that encourages individuals/customers to purchase for their friends (and even referrals), which helps promote/boost brand recognition. 

8. Apparelix 

Apparelix is a theme for those who sell health-oriented food products that has a bright UI design (which I love), and offers advanced customisation options that you can keep building on over time. 

Key sections/components I like about it

  • You can type keywords into the smart search bar, which instantly gives relevant product suggestions. 
  • All the categories mentioned on the homepage utilise high-resolution and vibrant images to catch the eye.
  • The “best sellers” section helps indecisive shoppers pick a top-selling product.
  • Hovering over the products on the collections page gives you various handy options like add-to-cart, quick view, and add-to-wishlist. 

9. Combine

Combine lets you sell more with bundles, upsells, cross-sells, and kits, and you can achieve any look with over 25 section options. 

Key sections/components I like about it

  • It features the top three products on the homepage with large pictures, ingredients, allergens, and prices. 
  • You can embed a short video about your brand, which brings first-timers closer to the brand. 
  • The smart search bar provides product suggestions and makes navigation a breeze. 
  • The product page has a section built-in to help you easily customise and share the unique selling points of your brand.

10. Organica

Organica is a nature-inspired and feature-rich theme that helps you improve your eco-conscious customers' experience while showcasing healthy food items in the best, user-friendly way. 

Key sections/components I like about it

  • The space above the navigation menu shares store reviews, which is a great CRO tactic to help boost credibility. 
  • You can embed your company’s video in the middle of the homepage to highlight/showcase better brand understanding to new visitors/customers. 
  • The “about us” section uses enticing visuals and bold fonts in a readable layout to highlight its USPs. 
  • The blog page cleverly promotes featured products to visitors who come to the page. 
  • Good “related products” layout section on the various product page is nicely designed - great way to cross-sell. 
Note: All these examples are publicly accessible, and I’ve been collecting them as part of my personal swipe file for my own learnings and inspiration. When I share these examples and publish them, they're available as is on the date I publish a guide. Some information, such as ads, page designs, links to resources, prices or anything I mention related across these resources may/will change, so do let me know if you can’t access a resource, or something isn’t correct. Just get in contact with me as I want to make sure things are fresh as they can be. Thanks for reading and enjoy. 😊
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