Product Bundling

39 Best eCommerce & Shopify Product Bundling Examples for 2024

Incorporating a product bundling strategy is one the best initiatives you can do as a brand. Product Bundles are great for a variety of reasons as most of us know, but who does bundling well? What can you use as inspiration to apply to your business? Luckily for you, I’ve curated some of my favourite brands and what they do, and I’ve found some really impressive examples that you’re going to love.
Dan Siepen
October 28, 2022

If you’re in eCommerce, you know the importance of increasing average order value. 

So, what’s one of the best strategies to increase AOV? You guessed it! Product Bundles.

I talk about the benefits of product bundles for your business, but I share more of my thoughts and tips later in the article. 

Let’s get right into what you’re here for (and get inspiration from) - the examples.

As you’re here to see, I’ve curated some of the best worldwide and Australian eCommerce brands doing an exceptional job when it comes to product bundling strategies. 

Before going through them, here’s something below which may help you.

What key elements should be on product bundle pages to boost sales and drive more conversions?

When going through these product bundling examples, I’ve put together a helpful, high-level checklist of key elements to look out for, which you can use as a bit of a benchmark for your own store. 

  • What sort of bundling strategy or type do they use? Do they do mixed bundling, cross sell bundling, upsell bundles, time limited bundles, or any sort of promo bundles?
  • Do they offer subscription bundling? I talk about at the end of this guide why you should certainly look at this option for your eCommerce brand.
  • Do they have specific reviews related to the offering?
  • Do they have price saving strategies they’re incorporating as an offer? Such as ‘buy one, get one free’? Or, do they have some sort of offer to get people across the line?
  • What’s the quality of the imagery? It always needs to be high-quality. 
  • What about types of imagery? Mix between lifestyle and product shots?
  • Do they have any UGC?
  • How are the USPs communicated? Are there illustrations or icons?
  • What do the collection pages look like with the product bundles?

This isn't an exhaustive list by any means, but it's a good structure to follow and have in mind for what you should be looking out for.

Note: You can head to the product bundle example references via each of the links included under the brand images. 

Alrighty, let’s dive into this examples guide. I’m excited for you as eCommerce marketers. founders and enthusiasts to explore and hopefully get some awesome takeaways. 

1. Aesop

Aesop was founded in Melbourne in 1987, but it has since made a name for itself in countries across the globe. The company produces hair and body products of the best and most sustainable, high-quality ingredients filled with rich vitamins and minerals. Most products average around $70, and they are most known for their Parsley Seed line and facial treatments. 

Overall, the Aesop website is epic in terms of UX, copy & design. Definitely up there as one of my personal favourites.

As a visitor, you can discover their products better through their bundles. Here’s a quick look:

  • A show of 16 bundles, with a matching kit description and mention of contents.
  • A good use of white space, to make the product images stand out while still looking clean, sleek, and true to the brand.
  • A plug of their video consultation service, through which customers can talk with a consultant in case they have a hard time selecting products for themselves.

2. Twice

Twice is a dental hygiene company founded on holistic systems and principles. This means that all of their products are made with clean ingredients, and their formulations are still backed by science and experts. Their toothpaste at $6.39 is their bestseller, though some of their products cost a little over $20.

Their complete oral kit bundles all these items together:

  • The value of the kit is at $81.44, but the bundle only costs $73.95, highlighting to the customer how much they can save and the awesome value they’re receiving. If purchased with a subscription, there’s even an additional 20% discount and free shipping on every order.
  • The consistent use of yellow throughout the product page, and numerous amounts of product photos scattered, reinforces the brand identity and social proof.
  • 1,360 reviews, some with photos. This just speaks to itself how this helps with conversions.

3. Stojo

Stojo is a sustainable brand that produces collapsible and portable food and drink accessories, from bowls to cups to straws. They’re still most popular for their collapsible, spill-proof cups that started it all, sold at an average of $20 each. But if customers want to try out their other key offerings and receive the fill experience of Stojo’s products, they can also check out their bundle options. Here’s what I like about it.

  • Highlighting how people can save 15% off accumulated product value by purchasing a bundle.
  • A feature of all their existing bundles, with a particular promotion of their timely, best-selling back-to-school bundle.
  • The page consistently uses bright items and light images, giving colour and life to the customer experience and reflecting the overall theme and approach of the brand.

4. Feastables

Feastables is a chocolate snack brand created using only organic ingredients. Think of your favourite mainstream chocolate bar, except healthier as each bar has only five ingredients: grass-fed milk, cocoa bean, cocoa butter, sugar cane, and vanilla powder. At $30 per flavour pack, it’s a pretty good alternative.

You can also explore all their five flavours with their bundle:

  • Free shipping, and comes with a free shirt worth $29.99.
  • A good number of reviews randomly appear on the screen, similar to the motion of a slot machine. Such a good way to provide trust signals.
  • The entire page has bright colours like blue, purple, pink, red, and yellow, with barely any whites or neutrals. This reiterates the idea that the brand is fun and festive. I love what these guys have done with their branding.

5. Fable Pets

Fable Pets is known for its innovative, aesthetic, yet very practical accessories for pets. Everything is crafted with your convenience and your pet’s safety and comfort in mind. They’re known for their award-winning crate, but they still have a plethora of products just as worthy of attention, as can be seen in their bundles.

This is a great example to check out which is a great ‘build your own bundle’ experience. Really smart strategy and the execution from a UX point of view is epic.

  • Fable Pets has a create-your-own bundle, where the discount increases for every additional item you add. The more you buy, the more you save.
  • The option to filter for products that would work best for your pet in particular.
  • A set of FAQs addressing questions about their different products.

Honestly, I’d be saving this inspiration and sharing with your team to get learnings.

6. Stuff

Stuff creates stuff for human hygiene, which means that they create stuff for your face, stuff for your head and body, and stuff for your pits. No, really, that’s the names of their products. Their head and body wash is their bestseller, with all of their individual products selling for less than $15. They also have bundles, though, that has all the stuff (pun intended) for your body care:

  • Save up to 25% off by purchasing product bundles than by purchasing them individually.
  • Choose from a plethora of bundles, curated for specific needs, with their short yet witty copy descriptions.
  • There are no actual call-to-action buttons on the page, which means that customers are encouraged to scroll through all the images and go to the redirect links via the images.
  • Great placements of reviews, which is a nice nudge for visitors to emphasise that people are loving their stuff (damn, I can’t help myself with these puns haha). This also helps with CTRs.
  • The images themselves are also just really awesome.

7. Rootless

Rootless is a brand that props up seaweed as a central ingredient, given its considerable health benefits. Their team worked incredibly hard to find a way to make the ingredient appealing and has since released three product flavours that make seaweed seem like a dessert. In reality, it serves as a daily supplement. For visitors who are just beginning to discover this particular food landscape, their starter kit may be a good place to start:

  • Get a month’s supply of their Daily Bite, with a free countertop tin for every order.
  • Multiple sections explaining the product benefits and how it works, complete with photos and neat icons.
  • The colours orange, green, brown, and red are used throughout the page, in reference to the different flavours included in the kit.

As you can see, starter kits are a great strategy for new customer acquisition. Personally, I’ve had great success with ‘starter’ or ‘welcome’ kit bundles with Facebook ads remarketing for new customers (i.e. never made a purchase before).

8. Rae

Rae is a wellness solution company that produces vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free supplements. They have different products for specific needs, the most famous of which are their Stress and Hormone lines priced at $14.99 for a 30-day supply. Another way to try their products is by purchasing their best-selling set.

  • Save $5 for a single purchase of the set, and save $9 if you’re going to subscribe. Either way, it comes with free shipping.
  • Long sections dedicated to product information and the scientific credibility of the brand, with lengthy text and minimal images and icons.
  • Three featured reviews, one for each product type in the kit.

9. Facile Skin

Facile Skin is a skincare brand with a focus on cosmetic dermatology. Unlike other brands that push multiple steps, Facile encourages simple and uncomplicated regimens that would address each user’s specific needs. Their basic and foundational products are their best sellers, priced at an average of $25 each. You can also try them all by purchasing their core bundle:

  • Save $9 when you purchase the kit instead of just buying each product individually. You could save 15% more when you subscribe.
  • A carousel showing product photos and videos of people using them, with a button on the right that says “scroll” in red, their brand color.
  • A show of the three latest reviews, all spaced out widely.

10. Character

Character is a brand that helps even the most inexperienced beginners take on DIY and home improvement projects by giving them access to supplies with matching tutorials from experts. Individual tools cost an average of $15, but you can also get them in kits:

  • Save $4 when you purchase the Faucet Set over the respective individual items, plus receive a 30-day free trial of their professional support, on demand.
  • A complete guide explaining how to install a faucet, illuminated in different shades of green. The product page also has a plethora of FAQs, tips, and tricks covering the installation of a faucet.
  • A show of all the 29 reviews the kit has received, with some including photos. Good layout of reviews they’ve received with most being 5-stars. 

11. Airsign

Airsign is a modern vacuum and home appliance company, known for their impressive-looking products. They believe that functionality and design are not mutually exclusive and that well-built products should be within the reach of the masses. So, they engineered their now famous HEPA vacuum, a powerful cleaner priced at $295. Of course, it will need new filters, which is where their bundles come in:

  • Save $20 when you purchase the refill kit, with free shipping, free 30-day returns, and a 2-year warranty.
  • Sections dedicated to explaining Hepa filtration and how it functions, in neutral colours to balance out all the blue on the page.
  • A plug of the HEPA vacuum at the bottom of the page - the very tool you would use these filters on.

12. Cheers Health

Cheers calls itself the leader in alcohol-related health, as it sells supplements that aid people’s well-being even as they consume alcohol. All their products are third-party tested, and have been used in toxicology reports to prove effectiveness. 

Their Restore product, an after-alcohol aid, is their best seller at $35 per bottle. These are also sold in kits, for all the regular drinkers out there:

  • Includes 12 full doses for $40, all in single-serve packets. Love the use of USPs underneath the cart button.
  • Whole sections and tables explaining the science behind the product, all in different shades of blue and periwinkle.
  • It’s worth noting that save for the initial “add to cart” button, there are no other call-to-action buttons on the product page. This shows that the company is dedicated to just using science and product benefits in selling their items - no real marketing tactics here, but it must be working well for them.

13. Absolution

Absolution is a French beauty brand dedicated to botany, ecology, quality, and honesty. Their certified organic products are designed to maintain and protect the skin’s natural ecosystem, even amid the dirt and grime of the city. They are best known for their serums and facial washes, costing an average of €40 each. They also have great skincare bundles:

  • Save €32 when you purchase their After-Sun Skincare bundle, as it’s worth €107 but costs only €75.
  • A set of three recent reviews under the product description. This is a unique, yet smart positioning because interested site visitors will immediately see social proof.
  • All sections use neutral and basic colours, which looks really clean and helps the main product images stand out.

14. Koala

Koala is a famous Australian furniture brand, best known for their mattresses and sofas. Most of their best sellers are priced $1,000+ above, though they do have bundles and saving options for discounts:

  • They highlight the actual pricing if you were to purchase the bundles.
  • The bundled products are divided into three categories: For the bedroom, dining room, living room and homewears.
  • A contact section at the bottom of the page, showing three different ways to reach the company. 

15. Sound

Sound is a sparkling water brand that uses organic ingredients with no artificial sweeteners. They currently have six flavours bundled in 12 cans per order at $30. Let’s take a look at their sampler:

  • Try all flavours for $32, and you can save 20% more if you subscribe.
  • Two separate sections on the product page are dedicated to the 44 reviews the product has received - one in the middle of the page and one near the end.
  • A dominant use of tea green throughout the webpage, with just a few product photos between sections to serve as visual breaks.

16. Culture Kings

Culture Kings is a premium streetwear clothing brand that started in Australia but has since gained a following worldwide. They are most known for their customer experience, as they have live DJs spinning in their stores. There are also random entertainment and games setups, where customers have a chance to win exclusive merchandise. 

Understandably, most of their products are priced well in the hundreds, but they have bundle deals that could help you save:

  • Save at least $50 when you purchase bundles, and you could choose your own product variations.
  • Each bundle shows the % of the money you get to save on the product page and the featured image.
  • There is minimal use of white space in their web pages, which can make them seem cluttered.

17. Then I Met You

Then I Met You is a Korean-inspired skincare brand founded on the concept of jeong; that is, the belief that you can build a deep connection between places, people, and things. It is intentional and mindful, and as a brand, they only came out with their own line of foundational skincare pieces averaging $40 apiece. They also have an essentials bundle, meant to create an entire routine:

  • Valued at $198, priced at $168 with free shipping.
  • Sections explaining each of the products, along with a full list of ingredients and FAQs - all set against a background of blue.
  • A show of 63 reviews at the bottom of the page.

18. Bondi Sands

Bondi Sands is inspired by Australia’s most iconic beach and is a brand committed to protecting people with high-quality suncare products. It’s one of the top suncare brands (with over 25,000+ 5-star reviews) in the world, which is reef-friendly and cruelty-free. Their award-winning self-tanning foam is priced at $19.95 per bottle, and they feature their other best sellers in bundles:

  • Save at least 20% when you purchase any of their product bundles.
  • There are no call-to-action buttons when you scroll through the page. When you hover over each featured image, an “add to cart” option is displayed.
  • At the bottom are blue icons showcasing other benefits when you purchase from their online store.

19. Organik Wellness and Co.

Organik Wellness is an award-winning brand founded in 2016, though it was known as Organik Babee until 2021. They create natural beauty products for babies, teens, and mothers alike, and they have a line for each demographic. They are most known for their baby and tween skincare, at an average of $25 per product. They also have bundles accordingly:

  • Save at least 15% when you purchase their products as a kit and get free shipping when you spend over $59.
  • The bundles, including notable products, have the corresponding award-winning logos on the featured image.
  • The overall look is really clean and minimal, which makes navigating the website a pleasant experience.

20. Made to Milk

Made to Milk is a mother care brand founded in 2017, offering lactation support products for those who are breastfeeding. Their bestselling lactation cookies cost $24.95 for 12 cookies, though they also offer other milk-inducing crackers, drinks, and mixes. These are also sold in bundles:

  • Save at least 10% when you purchase their bundles.
  • There is no shop now buttons on the page, so customers will need to check out each bundle separately before adding to the cart.
  • The entire colour palette is full of whites and pastels, appealing to their intended market.

21. Esmi

Esmi is an Australian skincare brand known for its vegan and cruelty-free makeup. They only use the highest quality ingredients and recyclable packaging, helping make their hyaluronic acid and facial oil become bestsellers, among others. These products are highlighted in their skin bundles:

  • Their call to action button on every bundle is “configure” instead of “add to cart,” and clicking it will just lead to the corresponding product page.
  • The brand alternates between using actual product images and drawn-out product icons, which makes for a good visual treat.
  • Overall love the UX and layout of their collections page.

22. Keep It Simple Skin

Keep It Simple Skin aims to do exactly what its brand name says: keeping skincare routines simple while still achieving optimal results. They focus on top-performing ingredients and minimising fillers, and allow clients to customise their own regimen. They only have six basic products, and each costs $49. You can get them in a bundle:

  • Save $15 by purchasing the bundle - you choose which four products you want. You could also get an additional 10% off if you subscribe.
  • A section showing the perks of each product using scientific icons, in colours matching the product.
  • There is a section for customer reviews at the bottom of the page.

23. Will and Co

Will and Co is an Australian specialty coffee roasting company founded in 2013. They are known for their A-grade coffee, as well as their ongoing collaborations with local artists and talent. They have branches across the nation, but they also sell their products online, with 1 kilogram of coffee coming in at $55. They even sell them in product bundles:

  • Save at least 10% by purchasing a bundle - your choice of flavour.
  • All of their bundles are marked with a sale tag because they automatically come with discounts. However, technically speaking, this is their price all year long.
  • When you hover over the featured image of each bundle, some will have another image appear over it. A good tactic for increasing CTRs.

24. Partake Foods

Created in 2016, Partake Foods aims to make good desserts available even to those who have multiple dietary restrictions. So, all their products are gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and have none of the top nine allergens (including nuts, milk, egg, and soy). They have made quite a name for themselves, particularly through their famed chocolate chip cookie starting at $14.99. It also comes in variety packs:

  • There are filters and categories on the left side of the screen, so customers can choose the variation that they want from the get-go.
  • There are best-seller stickers on their most popular bundles.
  • Subscribe and save 10% on every order, and get free shipping for orders over $39.

25. Happy Healthy You

Happy Healthy You is an Australian-based wellness solution designed to address women’s hormonal disorders. Their products cost an average of $40 each, but you can save more by purchasing their bundles:

  • Save 10% to 15% when you purchase a bundle.
  • The bundles are separated in their own squares. When you hover over one, the square moves and the add to cart button is highlighted, making the website more interactive for the customer.
  • There are over 11,000 reviews at the bottom of the page, and many of them come with photos.

26. Jambys

Jambys is a company that started out by making boxers with pockets - the perfect hybrid between briefs and basketball shorts. They have since branched out to loungewear, but are still best known for their comfortable and affordable Jamby shorts at an average of $35 apiece. You are also given the option to create your own bundle:

  • Save up to 25% off by buying things in bulk.
  • A photo showing seven Jamby shorts in different colours - the most allowed in this bundle.
  • This bundle builder covers the entire page and is meant to draw people to click on the “Build Your Bundle” button.

27. Eigenhain

Eigenhain is a skincare brand that mixes science and nature, designed to produce better skin and skin conditions. They have four skincare lines in serum and lotion but are best known for their pro line, at an average of 50 euros per product. All of these are also sold in bundles:

  • Save 10% when you purchase the bundles and experience a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Each set indicates the skin type it would work best on the featured image.
  • A header section showing product advantages using clean typography, small icons, and a lot of white space, making it look almost clinical. 

28. Nick’s

Nick’s was founded by a man named Nick, who believed that earth needed tasty, no-sugar treats. So, he formulated a no-sugar ice cream, which eventually branched out to other food such as cookies and protein bars. They’re still best known for their ice cream though, priced at an average of $10 a pint. You could their most popular flavours in this bundle:

  • A quick, straight-to-the-point product description, where the product benefits are only shown through icons.
  • A show of the six flavours in a carousel. When you hover over each flavour, the respective calorie count and carbs are shown.
  • 38 reviews at the bottom of the page with ‘verified buyer’ tags. Reinforces proof that people love them.

29. Biom

Did you know that most wet wipes contained plastic? Biom exists as an answer to that, as the company creates 100% plant-based, biodegradable wet wipes. They only sell refillable dispensers and refills in bundles:

  • Whether you need all-around wipes or hand sanitising wipes, they have a kit for you.
  • Refills are advertised immediately following the feature of the starter kits.
  • Three product advantages are shown at the bottom of the page, with matching icons.

30. Duradry

Duradry is an underarm care brand that targets the issue of excessive sweating. Their stick and body spray are their best sellers, with many of their top products selling at $10 a piece (pretty good value by the way). Their three-step system is recommended for maximum protection:

  • Save when you purchase the bundle and get an additional 20% off when you subscribe. Both options come with free shipping. Great example of subscription ecommerce. 
  • A carousel of users doing videos of their reviews, followed by over 600 typed-out reviews. The videos in particular are genius in my opinion, so engaging and really cuts through. Written reviews are always great, but this just takes it to another level. 
  • Apart from the basic black and white, they only used the colour red on their entire product page.

31. Florence by Mills

Florence by Mills is a clean beauty brand that maximises botanicals and antioxidants in its products. Their face wash variations, with great value prices, are their best sellers. However, they have other products worth noting as seen in their Mini Essentials kit:

  • Includes 6 mini products in a reusable bag, allowing customers to test which ones work for them without committing to full size just yet.
  • A section showing nearly 300 reviews, and some include images.
  • Small icons of product highlights in the colour lavender.

32. Hanni

Hanni is a razor company built for women, by women. It is designed to minimise razor burns and ingrown hair, to make the shaving experience more enjoyable. Their award-winning weighted razor goes for $42, and it’s made of 100% metal. You would need to get blade refills, though, so going for their shave set may be the better idea. 

This is one of my favourite bundled examples worth highlighting to learn from.

  • An inclusion of the Allure Beauty Awards sticker on the feature image. Great for social proof. 
  • UGC feed towards the bottom from their Instagram profile, as well as ‘other top-rated’ products section, which is great for cross-selling.
  • Seemingly raw sketches showing how to use the product.
  • A section featuring 270 reviews - great feed of reviews with images attached by real customers.
  • They also have a reminder at the end of the description of their buy now, pay later option with Shop pay. 

33. Happy Hour

Happy Hour is a tequila brand that uses real juice and minimal sugar in its mixes. The company has released four flavours, with an 8-pack costing $22. You can try all flavours at an awesome price when you get their variety pack:

  • You will be asked to enter your zip code before you can add the bundle to your cart.
  • A section clearly showing the nutrition facts for each variation, albeit a bit crowded.
  • There’s a carousel that is designed to show reviews, but right now it’s only showing one.

34. We Are Wild

We are wild seeks to make skincare fun yet still effective. To add to the cleansing experience, all their products are solid in form - even their moisturiser. This seems to be effective as a selling point since their solid cleanser is award-winning and their solid toner is always sold out. You could try out some of their great products by purchasing the new Recreation Kit though:

  • Save $12 by purchasing the bundle instead of individual products.
  • A video under the product description that introduces the company as a whole.
  • Great use of images and a “similar products” section. 

35. Larq

Larq is an innovative company that seeks to make clean water more accessible for people. To do this, they came out with products that improve water quality - starting with their renowned water bottle that starts at $99. They have since come out with other product lines, including a pitcher with the same purifying ability, priced at $168:

  • Save 20% when you bundle it with the filters at a subscription.
  • Long, detailed sections explaining how the technology of the product works, complete with a video comparison of a Larq filter vs a regular filter.
  • An “as seen in” position showing the labels of magazines and brands the product has been featured in, which is great for increasing confidence of users considering making a purchase.

36. Karst Stone Paper

As the name suggests, Karst makes paper out of stone. This means fewer cut trees, more sustainable paper, and waterproof journals. They are best known for their premium plain journals priced at an average of $25 each, but they also have unique variations. Some of them can be seen in this Praxis Method bundle, designed especially to encourage mindfulness among users:

  • A list of all product selling points underneath the call to action button, with the option to expound on each one.
  • Multiple sections explaining the Praxis method, typed out against coloured backgrounds similar to the journal covers.
  • A carousel explaining why rock paper is better than tree paper, in different shades associated with rock.

37. Nowhere Bakery

Nowhere Bakery was founded by a former model who believed that decadent treats can be had without having to resort to unhealthy ingredients. The result is a dessert that is free from refined sugar, grain, soy, and even nuts. All their products start at $34 per box, but they are most known for their chocolate chip cookies. You can give this and the others a try by going for their Mini Sampler Box:

  • Save 10% when you subscribe to a weekly dessert delivery.
  • Numerous, mouth-watering photos featuring what’s included in this bundle.
  • Over 100 reviews from verified customers.

38. Joi

Joi was founded with the intent of mass-producing high-quality, delicious plant-based milk. The company only started in 2015 with an almond milk line, but they have since grown to multiple product options and collections. Their bestselling bases cost $19.99 per 15 oz., and these come in bundles for double the fun and flavour:

  • Save 10% when you subscribe to any bundle.
  • Quirky, colourful icons that show why you should purchase their products.
  • A carousel displaying social proof images that have been tagged on their Instagram page. Hovering over each image will show the respective caption.

39. Hydrant

Hydrant is a company centred on one goal: battling dehydration. So, they came out with a line of products that makes electrolyte products accessible and flavourful. They have since then branched out to other enhancements of their products, with some being infused with vitamin C for immunity, while others with chamomile for better sleep. A 30-pack of any of these is priced at $32, and you can save more when you purchase their bundles:

  • Get at least 20% off by purchasing a bundle. Step 1: just choose which bundle you want.
  • Step 2: After clicking on either bundle option, all available flavours will appear as you scroll down. You can also filter the flavours by purpose.
  • A large image showing and explaining how to use the product, with matching icons.

⚡ Frequently Asked Questions ⚡

Why is product bundling important for brands, and can it help increase average order value?

The primary advantage and reason for adopting a product bundling strategy for your eCommerce business is to increase your AOV (i.e. average order value). What does this mean? Well, when you increase your average order value, you increase your total profit margins, which then you can then invest back in the business for growth and expansion. Alongside the primary reason of increasing AOV, the other clear benefits include inventory clearance through special bundled promotions, reduce waste from old stock, decrease distribution/shipping costs (as you make more margin from the transaction), and ultimately, product bundles are a smart strategy for brand new customers to get introduced to the brand. In many ways, like a brand new experience (for example, welcome kits, which you see brands offer). Of course, the same applies to existing customers with upselling, which can help improve CLTV as well.

What are some of the more popular product bundling strategies that top eCommerce brands implement?

There are a few strategies and types when it comes to bundling products, including the likes of subscription bundles (which I spoke about the power of above), mix and match bundles, welcome kit bundles, cross sell bundles, special offer upsell bundles, pure bundles, gift bundles, new product bundles (great for product launch campaigns), and inventory clearance bundles (getting rid of dead stock). The good news is that this isn’t a finite number of ideas. There are numerous ways you can incorporate product bundles into your overall strategy to increase sales.

What are some example psychological tactics and strategies used to help improve the conversion rates of selling bundles?

This is a great question that I speak about with numerous store owners. Here are some of my favourites that I’ve seen work effectively time and time again. Firstly, personalised recommendations for cross-selling. If you use Shopify, there are some great apps to help you implement recommendations engines in product pages, collections pages, pop-ups, 1-click upsells, as well as ads targeting (i.e. Facebook Ads dynamic remarketing). Secondly, running campaigns for launching new products, old stock, as well as special promo gift bundles. These mainly speak for themselves. It’s a great way to get customers and visitors excited. You can increase the level of ‘FOMO’ and scarcity by adding limited-time and limited-stock copy, which helps with conversions. Thirdly, highlight on the specific product pages of how much customers save. Finally, have a ‘welcome pack’ (or whatever you prefer to call it) to have as an offer for brand new visitors and customers. This works really well from my experience. If you combine it with a great offer, whether it be a discount, time-limited offer, free sample attached (etc), then you’re onto a winning combination.

Which Shopify product bundling apps are cost-effective, easy to install and friendly user experience to create bundles?

I have three personal recommendations of apps I often choose for stores I work with for bundles which are ‘Bundle Builder’, ‘Selleasy by Logbase’, and ‘Bundles upsell by Pickystory’. They all have a good amount of 5-star reviews and overall good user experiences. Each is cost-effective as well. If you go onto the Shopify store, you’ll see many other viable options worth exploring.

How effective are subscription bundles for eCommerce stores?

I’ve talked about it a few times now about why subscriptions can be a massive growth driver for brands, but what happens when you combine the power of subscription eCommerce and product bundling? Well, in short, it’s very effective for revenue growth and helps with your overall profit margins - it’s an optimal position to be in. On the one hand, subscriptions provide a predictable revenue stream, which is great for CLTV. Whereas selling product bundles, as we know and have spoken about, helps with improving overall AOV. So when you combine both, you get the best of both worlds, which is the dream for many store owners and brands to execute on. In terms of examples that I’ve spoken about, check out the likes of Joi, Larq, Happy Hour, and Duradry.

Note: All these examples are publicly accessible, and I’ve been collecting them as part of my personal swipe file for my own learnings and inspiration. When I share these examples and publish them, they're available as is on the date I publish a guide. Some information, such as ads, page designs, links to resources, prices or anything I mention related across these resources may/will change, so do let me know if you can’t access a resource, or something isn’t correct. Just get in contact with me as I want to make sure things are fresh as they can be. Thanks for reading and enjoy. 😊
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