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37 Best eCommerce & Shopify About Us Page Examples for 2024

Do you feel that your ‘About Us’ page can do with an upgrade? Or maybe you’re currently writing and designing one, but what you’ve done so far is currently lacking your own expectations? I mean, that’s probably why you’ve come across this guide I’ve put together. So, guess what!? You’re going to love (and devour it, I’m sure) this epic guide of the best ‘About Us’ pages for Shopify and eCommerce that all founders, marketers and designers should check out. Trust me, you’re going to get quite a few good learnings that you can apply to your page after you go through these examples.
Dan Siepen
November 8, 2022

Most of the time, ‘about us’ pages often lack a bit of love or are simply not prioritised in terms of importance. However, it's funnily enough a page that you should take seriously as it plays a role for both new and existing audiences. I mean, from my experience, it’s actually one of the top-visited sections of the site. In fact, many times, I’ve seen it in the top 5 most visited pages, even on sites with thousands of unique visitors per month. 

Why many eCommerce businesses don’t prioritise these types of pages is because they’re not seen as usual product pages, or aren’t seen as ‘converting’ pages that can help with customer acquisition. However, I argue against this view. 

Ultimately, the about page’s purpose is to get people ‘buying’ into your brand, mission and vision. In a world where competition is high (and only going to get more competitive), it's more important than ever to make first impressions count, and get people excited about what you stand for as a business. This is particularly something to think about if you’re an early-stage online store, as you can use it to your advantage against larger players.

What are some of the primary traits that make the best ‘About Us’ pages you’ve seen?

Where the challenge comes in for ‘about us’ pages is that there’s not really a consistent ‘best practice’ when it comes to design, copy and how a page like this should be laid out. 

So, how do you know what’s a good standard when creating these pages? Or, what is the best or most creative examples that people love talking about, that can lead to shares and, ultimately, help with conversions?

Well, to help with answer those questions, that’s why I’ve curated these references to be inspired by, so you can get some learnings that you can then apply to your business. 

Just before we dive into them, here are some quick tips and characteristics you should look out for when exploring through the references.

  • How do they represent the company story in terms of tone, voice and storytelling? Is it first or third person style?
  • Do they share the founder’s story? Or co founders? What info do they share?
  • What headlines do they use? How creative are they?
  • Do they an engaging have animated or people-focused video on their page? If so, what’s included in the content?
  • How is the page design laid out? What do you notice with the structure? What does the visitors scroll experience work? (some have done a great job with focused areas they want site visitors to pay attention to as they scroll).
  • Do they communicate the mission and vision statements?
  • How do they customer pain points? Do they do something similar for the industry as a whole?
  • Is the team ‘behind the scenes’ included?
  • What type of imagery do they use to visually convey their products and what they’re all about? 
  • How do they show off their most important elements, such as how they build credibility through social proof? Therefore, logos of where they’ve been featured, customer testimonials, etc.
  • Do they include any CRO elements, such as links to their products, aligned with the company’s history?

You can see where I’m going with these tips, and they are just as a heads up of what you can use as a mini-benchmark against your own about page, or what to look out for if you’re in the planning stages.

Okay, sweet as everyone, it’s time to jump into these examples.

1. Three Ships

Three Ships is a natural beauty brand that only uses effective, useful ingredients with no fillers in all its products. To prove this, they have an ingredient glossary on their website, along with a skin quiz that would help customers discover what would work best for them. Here’s a look at how they prop themselves up:

  • Introductory header copy that lets customers know what they’re working towards as a business.
  • After the main headline is a section highlighting their different selling points in different tabs, along with the close-up image of a woman with real skin texture. A great shot showing their products in action.
  • A video that introduces the founders, who talk about the brand further. Really clean editing and video really brings the the page to life.

2. Myro

Myro is a brand that creates clean, vegan formulations for body care. This means deodorants and body washes in sustainable packaging and refill options in a variety of different scents. Starter kits start at $15, with reusable cases and a refill included. 

They make their mission evident throughout their website copy, particularly on their company mission page:

  • An image of a woman comfortably dressed down, laughing in her natural state, with accompanying headline copy. 
  • Love the layout of this section. A collage of images showing the scale of the plastic problem the business is trying to address, with multiple facts about plastic and how it relates to humans.
  • A display of the eco companies they have partnered with, along with an explanation of what it means for the organisation and customers.

3. Dr. Jart

Dr. Jart is a skincare business known across nations from around the world, but it actually has its roots in Korea. By combining innovation and playfulness, the brand was able to set itself apart in different countries, including the skincare capital of the world. They are most known for their Cicapair line among acne-skin users, but they also sell other notable products as clearly displayed on their About page:

  • A show of their product lines, made distinct by a background of different colours.
  • A GIF explaining how their name came to be - Dr. Join Art, as the business is a mix of science back formulas and artful packaging.
  • A preview of their immersive retail experience in South Korea and an explanation of what they aim to achieve with it.

4. Great Jones

Great Jones creates fun and functional cooking plus baking tools, along with other products classified that fit within kitchenware and cookware. I love what they’ve done with their site, and the products look amazing. Definitely of high quality, and love the ‘homey’ appeal of their items and products which are consistent across each of their categories.

Here’s how they introduce their brand through their website:

  • An image of a very vibrant kitchen, with a small section on the left that shows their selling point thanks to a great headline.  It makes the business feel more personable to their target audience.
  • A timeline of how the company came to be, with a fairly interactive setup as you have to drag right in order to see the rest of the story.
  • A roundup of some of their team’s favourite products, which helps reminds customers what they’re all about. It’s a good place to add, especially as users scroll to capture them in the moment of being sold into their vision.

5. Ugmonk

Ugmonk is a minimal lifestyle business that sells curated clothing, notebooks, pens, and other workspace and home items. 

I absolutely love the hand-written note approach from the founder, Jeff. So much more personable and feels genuine. 

Their heart is tied to slow living, taking a thoughtful approach to all the things they do - business included. This means high-quality products designed to last a lifetime. It’s interesting to see, and here’s how he, and his business Ugmonk, illustrate it:

  • A black and white header image with straightforward copy that encapsulates the brand for customers.
  • A sticker that says “Used by over 10,000 people,” though it would be better if the sticker was a little larger to be read.
  • Long body of text from the founder, appealing to the emotions and explaining what he wants to achieve with the brand and what this means for customers. Such a simple, yet effective approach that feels authentic.

6. Better Battery Co.

Better Battery Co. is a company that developed and sells one of the best innovation products I've seen lately, which is the first ever certified carbon-neutral batteries. These can easily be recycled through an integrated system that would ensure less waste and more sustainability for their rather pollutive industry. 

Pretty nifty what these guys have done - it makes buying batteries ‘exciting’ to me. 

Here’s a little more about them (and what they’ve included on the page):

  • A GIF header showing what the batteries look like, with great intro copy that is just enough to incite curiosity while presenting and illustrating what the business is all about.
  • A show of product benefits, with interactive icons and graphics, and internal links to relevant pages for more information.
  • A quick plug to their product at the end of the page.

7. Upwest

Upwest is a sustainable clothing business that uses recycled textiles and natural fibres for its products. They are best known for their affordable basic pieces. Big fan of the overall UI and functionality of their site, and they’ve also done a great job with their about page: 

  • The use of a common adage (‘progress over perfection’) applicable to their brand, making them relatable.
  • A feature of their business foundation, including a tidbit on how every purchase incurs a donation.
  • A quick rundown of their other sustainable measures, along with an opportunity for donations that is extended to customers.

8. Munjoi

Munjoi is a shoe brand that believes it’s possible to make sustainable choices when it comes to the industry - not just in terms of shoe longevity, but also in terms of material and manufacturing. So, they came out with their best-selling Dai shoe, priced at $98 and available in different colours.

It was made with these brand values in mind:

  • A two-part section that explains the issues the company is combating, and how they’re playing a small part in resolving it.
  • A loop video showing how the product works.
  • A show of partner companies, with an explanation of why they’re important.

9. Then I Met You

Then I Met You is a Korean-inspired skincare label that believes routines should be intentional. So, they only have one product available for each skincare step, foregoing the typical approach of multiple product lines. Each item is pretty affordable compared to others in the industry, and are all created with their company principles. 

This is definitely one of the top about pages I’ve seen. Regardless of whether or not you’re in the beauty or skincare sector, you should check this out:

  • The introduction of a company tenet, based on a Korean concept. This makes their values and intent clear to customers, especially as a Korean-inspired skincare business.
  • A highlight of three values, along with corresponding links to relevant pages.
  • A Korean-style artwork showing different skin colours, communicating that they’re inclusive of all skin types. 

10. Created Co.

Created Co. is a drink ware brand (mugs and bottles) that believes in quality and creativity. This means well-designed classic and printed ceramics, meant to last for a really long time. Here is how they tell their story through their website:

  • A chronological timeline of their story that site visitors can swipe through to read, with matching images.
  • A section that explains how they are more than just a mug business, showing images and text expressing community.
  • A preview and redirect to the water charity they have chosen to support as a company.

11. Fulton Insoles

Fulton Insoles claims to make what is, in their words, the world’s most comfortable and supportive insoles. They are best known for their classic insole. Still, all their products are made with their process and values, as they explain here:

  • They open up their about page with a direct headline mission statement, stating what they’re trying to do as a business. Then they unfolded their narrative throughout the rest of the page.
  • Next, they have a section on the story of how the company was started, as explained through images, copy, and arrows. As people scroll down, readers pick up more about the mission that the business serves.
  • A layout of their three core values, with lightly drawn icons. Love what they’ve done here.

12. De Soi

De Soi is the wellness drink line by Katy Perry and Morgan Mclachlan. They create non-alcoholic aperitifs that are filled with natural adaptogens, making for tasty and healthy cocktails. The best part is that it is vegan and contains no artificial colours or flavours, so you can enjoy the treat drinks all night long without worrying about getting too tipsy. Here’s how they sell and communicate the vision and mission of the product:

  • A header that features the images of the founders, obviously banking on Katy Perry’s star power. There is small text copy there that speaks of the business, but it’s not as visible because of the contrast against the background.
  • A quick preview of their product selling points, with drawn icons and thin lines.
  • A feature section that redirects to a page that lays out their entire ingredient list.

13. Dagne Dover

For the most part, bags these days are either incredibly stylish but not functional or functional and durable, but not stylish enough. Well, Dagne Dover is a bag brand that aims to mix function, style, and durability together. Here’s how they show what sets them apart from their competitors:

  • Great intro copy and a reel of images that show different people using their bags in different settings. This is followed by an image of a woman showing the inside of her Dagne Dover bag, with lots of pockets and compartments.
  • A section that explains how serious they are about sustainability, followed by paragraphs clearly explaining what they do for the environment.
  • A video showing the step-by-step process of how they design and create their bags.

14. Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf is a lifestyle label that sells clothing, accessories, homeware, and even pet accessories! They’ve been in the industry for 21 years at this point and are known for just doing their own thing - selling beyond what’s trendy at all times.

This is how they introduce themselves:

  • Large intro text with a graffiti-like smiley, matched with long paragraphs telling their story.
  • Four long sections of corresponding large images and text, spanning the entire about page.
  • An ending border with the text, “Keep It Weird,” plays into the their quirkiness, which I love.

15. Brevite

Brevite is a bag org that is best known for its backpacks, though they also sell great belt bags and crossbody bags. Their bags have a variety of compartments, all placed smartly and are meant to make your life easier. They also offer lightweight options in different colours, and they’ve done an awesome job with the quality of their backpacks. 

Here’s more about them:

  • A headline of their mission, with quick links to their story, contribution, and values. This immediately solidifies their business as a company with purpose.
  • A quick story about how they started, making them more personable.
  • A section showing how the brand supports charities that are directly advantageous to both people and the planet.

16. Great Heights

Great Heights is a diamonds company that is on a mission to produce and specialise in producing top quality engagement rings. Given the nature of their business, prices go well into the thousands, but it’s totally worth it given the quality of diamonds and rings they have up on their site. Here’s what’s included on their about page:

  • The headline of “pure beginnings”, which is stated on the top of the page immediately, is there to help give customers peace of mind that the diamonds are sourced responsibly, keeping in mind environmental factors, as well as being conflict-free.
  • A lot of customers try to choose between the best quality of diamonds, so this section below reassures them that no matter what they choose, they’re getting a good deal when it comes to quality.
  • With an emphasis on their 100 years of experience, they are able to prop themselves up as a leader in the industry.

17. Rae Wellness

Rae Wellness is a supplement brand that aims to address different lifestyle and health needs. From skin to digestion to stress, the company has multiple supplement offerings depending on what customers are looking for. Most of their single-product items sell at the price of $14.99 for a month’s worth of tablets, which is pretty good. You can also save by getting one of their bundle products or getting on their subscription plan. 

Here’s how they present all you need to know about the company:

  • A video ad embedded on the page with an explanation of the featured campaign.
  • An introduction of their qualified partners who helped formulate the products, proving their legitimacy and safety.
  • Icons showing the selling points of their product, though perhaps it may have been better to have also added descriptions for clarity.

18. Beautiful Kitchenware

Beautiful Kitchenware is an organisation founded by Drew Barrymore, built upon her love of good food and lovely items. They have a list of recipes up on their website, as well as a large, curated collection of, well, beautiful cooking items. The quality of the items is superb, and I love what they’ve done with the branding and UX of the online store.

Here’s how they introduce themselves:

  • A video of Drew Barrymore talking about the brand.
  • A short note about what their goal is, and why they came to establish it.
  • Bright and vibrant images of their items in use, alternating with images of Drew using the products.

19. Oh La La Macarons!

Oh La La Macarons is an award-winning dessert business that creates, as the name implies, stunningly delicious macarons. Each piece is handcrafted and designed, using only the highest quality ingredients. Given how popular they are among high-end brands, it’s good to know that the price is fairly affordable.

Here’s what you need to know about their rise to success:

  • Short, yet strong descriptors of the company’s founding mission, with a quick introduction about the founder.
  • A story of how they were just catering to private parties, yet word got out about their quality, so they eventually went on to service luxury clients. The fact that they didn’t even look for success tells the customer that they must just be that good.
  • A section with different call-to-action buttons, depending on the customer’s need.

20. Clarity Blend

Clarity Blend is an aromatherapy org that is best known for its essential oil products. Their starter sets are a great price, and includes oils, diffusers, and salts, depending on what you’re looking for. 

Here’s what their about page looks like:

  • An image of a person meditating or doing yoga on the side, with a focus on the essential oil products at the back. This automatically speaks to a specific audience. 
  • A section on their product selling points, itemised and labelled.
  • A plug for their wellness club and email subscription list.

21. Girlfriend Collective

As the name implies, Girlfriend Collective is a brand primarily for women, though they also have select products for men. They are a clothing business that places an emphasis on community and ethical consumerism, as the things we choose to buy and wear also affects the world around us in some way. 

Here’s how they communicate those values through their website:

  • An image with copy that immediately implies community, and a welcome paragraph that ends with “we’re glad you’re here,” making them feel personal.
  • Multiple sections containing an image and long paragraphs of text, explaining their ethical process. Transparency like this is something that many consumers love and builds trust quickly.
  • Blatant and detailed transparency throughout the about page.

22. Kaffeeform

Kaffeeform is a sustainable brand that creates coffee cups and tumblers out of used coffee grounds. It took them over five years to master what was needed for their production, but once they had it, they created a new avenue for the environment and industry. They have since expanded to using other waste products for upcycling, alongside their best-selling coffee cup.

Here’s some more info about them:

  • A narration of their story, and an image of a coffee cup made from coffee grounds.
  • A picture of materials used and an explanation of how they work.
  • A plug to their social media accounts.

23. Beyonderway

Beyonderway is a natural skincare product organisation that uses essential oils as their main ingredients. They sell multi-use oils, butters, mists, at an affordable price. They also sell bundled products with their skincare range, which also includes a zipper pouch and some wipes.

This is their process and company explained via the about page:

  • An explanation of their therapeutic science, with matching drawn images and colourful graphics.
  • An explanation of all the ingredients they use in different products, with corresponding drawings that makes the sections ‘pop’. Helps readers better visualise what they’re taking about, and is also helpful for page ‘skimmers’.
  • Graphics and instructions on how to recycle their products.

24. Fable

Fable is a homeware group that sells dinnerware, textiles, decors, and even accessories. All their items are minimal and classic in design, with just five colours: white, pink, green, blue, and gray. Their values are based on timelessness and sustainability, as clearly portrayed on their about page:

  • A header image and copy that communicates what they’re all about.
  • Redirect links to their suppliers and product partners, providing transparency as to where their items come from and whether they live up to their ethics claims.
  • I absolutely love this cost breakdown of how much their items cost to make and their income margin, with a comparison to their competitors. This takes their promise of responsible consumption to a whole new level.

25. Mello

Mello is a chocolate brand that sells classic choco bars infused with adaptogens. These are meant to help their customers relax and boost positive moods. This is something they clearly value, as can be inferred from their website:

  • An image of their chocolate squares, a quick rundown of their nutrition facts, and two lines explaining what the product is.
  • An introduction to the adaptogens they use in their chocolate.
  • Some tips on how to relax, which helps communicate and position them as a thought leader when it comes to relaxation, which then helps sell their product.

26. Stojo

Stojo is one of the best-known reusable coffee cup brands out there, with collaborations done with big brands such as Starbucks and Star Wars. They have since branched out to portable and reusable food ware and straws, among other things. 

These are the highlights of their about page:

  • A story and description of what makes them sustainable, and ensure they are accessible and within the reach of busy and regular people, such as dads.
  • A promotion of their organic company culture, and a plug to their open positions.
  • A feature of their Instagram page with a carousel of vibrant images.

27. Fair Harbor

Fair Harbor is a clothing label that sells items primarily leaning towards beach wear. This means breezy shirts and shorts in pastel and vibrant colours. The heart of the business is to emphasise the wonders of the ocean, hence the name, and they also do that through their advocacies and values:

  • An ‘fun’ and relevant beach image highlighting their clothing in action, and copy that communicates that they’re not just any other clothing label; they are a partner in creating beautiful memories by the beach.
  • An image of a washed-up bottle on the beach, with an explanation of how they use upcycled plastic bottles in their products.
  • A section dedicated to their values, with minimal geometric icons.

28. Wolf and Shepherd

Wolf and Shepherd is a shoe label that makes beautiful dress shoes that can also be used for running and sports. An athlete already won a marathon running in their dress shoes, communicating that their items are indeed true to their claims. These claims are well displayed on this page:

  • An image that shows someone wearing their dress shoes while standing on a soccer ball, implying that these can be used for sports.
  • A host of reviews explaining just how comfortable the shoes are to use, and all the different ways they can be used.
  • A feature story of how their shoes were used to win a marathon, as featured in different sports publications.

29. Bubluv

Bubluv is a bubble tea brand crafted by Diana Chen. She founded the business by channelling her food and drinks life experiences, and combining them with modern-day healthy recipes, where she was able to devise tasty bubble teas that are healthy and refreshing.

This is her company’s story:

  • A personal story on her journey and how the business came to be, with photos of her with the prototypes, making the brand very personable and organic. A great angle that shows she’s come a long way from when she first started, as who doesn’t love a feel-good hustle story that they can relate to?
  • An explanation of why she created this product, with a story that is all too relatable for many bubble tea drinkers.
  • A feature testimonial that reinforces social proof, and a redirect to the product.

30. Jolie Skin Co.

Jolie is a company that creates showerhead filters with the intention of making water everywhere nourishing for the skin. Their about page perfectly explains the problem they are trying to address as a company:

  • After the header, you see their waterdrop logo and a story of how water can affect the quality of your skin, regardless of how good your other skincare products are.
  • A clear presentation of their values.
  • A redirect to their product at the end of the page.

31. Sool

Sool is a drinks company that sells different Korean alcohol products. They lean into traditional alcoholic drinks while making them palpable for the modern taste, like their Soku product, which is a cocktail beverage that has a soju base. 

This is their about page:

  • A typed-out narrative of how the company began and what its products are.
  • Images, names, and positions of people on their team, which makes customers feel they know the people behind the organisation.
  • A running banner of their selling points and offers.

32. Cartwheel Coffee

Cartwheel Coffee is a coffee roastery that is based in Nottingham, United Kingdom. They are known for their rich flavours and sustainable sourcing, making them a beloved brand known to locals. Here’s how they explain themselves:

  • A great headline that clearly communicates what kind of coffee to expect from the brand.
  • An explanation of how their sourcing works and a redirect to their product page.
  • A promotion of their cafe, with a redirect to their locations, hours, and food items.

33. Bario Neal

Bario Neal is a jewellery brand that creates well-designed pieces with quirky, classic, and individualistic lines. Given their product, prices easily go beyond the hundreds of dollars, yet each item is portrayed as meaningful, sentimental, and meant to last a lifetime. They do a great job communicating how they work through their about page:

  • Small redirect tabs to different materials and selling points, explaining how their items are sourced and made. 
  • A show of reputable publications that have featured the brand for social proof.
  • A featured testimonial that emphasises the value of diversity and individualism for the brand. 

34. Hnst

Hnst, pronounced as “honest”, is a clothing brand most known for their jeans and denim products. They are designed to be circular, sustainable, and affordable. Given that they’re meant to last a lifetime, it’s a fair deal when you pick up one of their jeans.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • A show of five different materials in jeans that they made sustainable and environmentally friendly, with a corresponding highlight on where this material is used on the image.
  • An image of their factory and material, explaining that they use recycled denim.
  • A statement on how they lessened their footprint with each product, with a redirect for more information.

35. Lmnt

Lmnt creates an electrolyte drink mix that contains no sugar and is paleo-keto friendly and vegan friendly. They were born out of need for a better solution for hydration for those on low-carb, whole food diets. They come in many different flavours, all containing a good amount of sodium for optimal performance levels.

This is how they talk about their hydration drink and their mission:

  • A video explaining how the brand came to be and the science behind their product.
  • A show of well-known athletes and health leaders that support the brand as social proof.
  • A redirect to their product page, with an image showing quick nutrition facts and witty copy.

36. Juvee

Juvee is an energy drinks company founded Matthew Haag who created 100Thieves (which is super successful), and was a former famous Call of Duty gamer. He’s done incredibly well over his career, and as an avid gamer, it doesn’t surprise us that he’s gone onto creating an energy drinks brand. 

This is certainly up there with one of the coolest sites I’ve come across - love the animations. 

Let’s take a peak at their story: 

  • Big above the fold real estate with floating bubbles (they look awesome). Great title which is aligned to gamers.
  • Next section goes into Matt’s background story and why he created the company. 
  • Then there’s another section that provides an overview of the company’s mission, which includes a mention of the 100Thieves team. 

37. Shimmy

Shimmy is a hand sanitiser system (and portable sanitiser bottle) that leans into cleanliness and environmentally-friendly practices in a bid to get rid of the single-use plastic that is so dominant in this particular industry. Through the use of reusable containers and product refills, the brand then set out to create an honestly cleaner solution. 

I really love what these guys are all about. 

This is how they sell their product in a way that sets them apart:

  • An image showing their sanitiser dispenser, perfectly blending in an aesthetically beautiful home, with a caption that explains how they also value design and convenience on top of their advocacy.
  • A feature of their environmental partners, with an explanation of how each purchase benefits them.
  • Simple geometric icons explaining their product benefits, with a plug for their happiness guarantee.

⚡ Frequently Asked Questions ⚡

What is the goal of an 'About Us' page, and what attributes make it stand out from other generic pages?

The primary goal and purpose of an ‘About Us’ page and why it’s critical for online store owners to get right is because it paints the picture and highlights the purpose of your company, and the very reason why you exist. From my experience, it’s also typically one of the most visited pages for an eCommerce store, so it’s important to make a great first impression. People love buying products they need, and they typically want to buy from a company that they truly believe in. This doesn’t apply to all cases of purchases (as people just impulse buy without really checking as they need something urgent); however, at the very least, this applies to those owners and marketers reading this that want people to keep coming back and buying more of products. So, the attributes you should include that will make your about us page stand out are; having a mission statement, company values section, core values of the founder and/or team, social responsibility section (if this applies), as well as what makes the company unique in the market. This guide possesses some amazing about pages that will help you get inspired.

Which eCommerce companies have the best 'About Us' page examples that others can learn from that you recommend?

I’ve highlighted some really great ‘about us’ page examples in this guide, and to be honest, the majority of them are very good. If I had to narrow down to my favourite five choices, they would have to be Rae Wellness, Better Battery Co, Three Ships, Clarity Blend, and Sool. All are quite different in their own right, but have some really great qualities, including the likes of storytelling, social proof, core values, sustainability statements, mission statements, timelines, team photos, good quality images (etc.) that I really like. They’re all beautifully designed too. Each of these, especially, I believe is worth checking out if you’re looking for optimisations.

What is a great example of an online store with the most creative 'About Us' page that communicates its brand story really well?

There are a few really beautifully designed about pages that I’ve shared in this article, but there are actually two standouts when it comes to creative, through both design and words. Those two are Hnst (clothing) and Beyonderway (skincare/beauty). Hnst is a great example of using great product imagery and storytelling, with a really slick scrolling landing page experience. They share and talk about their mission sustainability efforts and how they produce their denim jeans. As for Beyonderway, they have beautiful illustrations that draw in readers to key sections about what’s in their ingredients, as well as their packaging, process (awesome map), and heritage. Big fan of both, and I’m sure you will be as well when you check them out.

Should eCommerce founders share their personal brand values as part of sharing the company's purpose?

The simple answer is yes, and I don’t think enough brands do this. There are a few reasons why it’s important, in my opinion, and it is particularly important if you sell mid-higher valued items. First, people, especially if they’re fairly new to businesses, want to know more about a company if they're going to make a purchase. Not to mention, important to communicate and share your values to get people ‘bought’ into the brand. Second, once people are ‘bought’ into the brand’s mission and vision, not only is there an increased chance of them making another purchase (and hopefully many more), but there’s a good chance they’re going to tell their friends. Yep, it helps with referral and word-of-mouth marketing (the ultimate form of marketing). The third and final quick reason to mention is that sharing the founder's core values is great for hiring talent as your company grows. Again, this comes back to people being ‘bought’ and invested in the vision. People want to buy and work with people who want to make a difference. It’s that simple.

What are some key ‘extras’ to make an ‘About Us’ page really pop and stand out against the competition?

If you go through all the references I’ve spoken about, you’re definitely going to pick up some really creative and clever things these stores have included. For me, and what many eCommerce stores aren’t doing, is including the likes of user generated content (UGC such as Instagram feed or influencer content), brand personality (many I’ve seen can be ‘stock standard’), video testimonials and reviews, more context to the industry problem and how they come in to change up the ‘status quo’, establish credibility by using logos of publications they’ve been featured in, awards they’ve won, or influencer/famous industry-related quotes, and overall just other social proof elements. If you include some of these elements, whilst optimising or building a new page, it should go a long way to attracting and engaging the right target audience.

Note: All these examples are publicly accessible, and I’ve been collecting them as part of my personal swipe file for my own learnings and inspiration. When I share these examples and publish them, they're available as is on the date I publish a guide. Some information, such as ads, page designs, links to resources, prices or anything I mention related across these resources may/will change, so do let me know if you can’t access a resource, or something isn’t correct. Just get in contact with me as I want to make sure things are fresh as they can be. Thanks for reading and enjoy. 😊
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